(Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Piano) Alon Nechushtan (Francois Moutin, Dan Weiss) - Words Beyond {Buckyball Records br024} - 2011, FLAC (tracks+.cue), lossless

(Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Piano) Alon Nechushtan (Francois Moutin, Dan Weiss) - Words Beyond {Buckyball Records br024} - 2011, FLAC (tracks+.cue), lossless
Alon Nechushtan Trio / Words Beyond
Жанр: Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Piano
Год издания: 2011
Издатель (лейбл): Buckyball Records
Номер по каталогу: br024
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:55:39
Источник (релизер): Собственный рип с оригинального фирменного диска (Darkman)
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. Muppet Shock
2. Different Kind of Morning
3. Spinning the Clouds
4. Dr. Master Plan
5. Spring Soul Song
6. Secret Short / Short Secret
7. Entranced
8. Heartbreakthrough
9. The Traveler
Alon Nechushtan - piano
François Moutin - bass
Dan Weiss - drums
Recorded April 12, 2010 at acoustic recording studio, Brooklyn, New York
Mastered on October 19, 2010
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Alon Nechushtan / Words Beyond
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PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
TITLE "Words Beyond"
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TITLE "Muppet Shock"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "02 Different Kind of Morning.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Different Kind of Morning"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
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FILE "03 Spinning the Clouds.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Spinning the Clouds"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "04 Dr. Master Plan.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Dr. Master Plan"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "05 Spring Soul Song.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Spring Soul Song"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Secret Short / Short Secret"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 00 07:35:05
FILE "06 Secret Short , Short Secret.wav" WAVE
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "07 Entranced.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Entranced"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
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TITLE "Heartbreakthrough"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "The Traveler"
PERFORMER "Alon Nechushtan"
INDEX 00 05:27:55
FILE "09 The Traveler.wav" WAVE
INDEX 01 00:00:00
Customer Review @ Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars - Joy Ride - Words Beyond - May 16, 2011
By: Buzzy J
Pianist Alon Nechushtan keeps his notes floating effortlessly as he creates tightly-rung arabesques and vivacious pirouettes with his keys. He has an instinct for organizing purely improvised energy that requires the audiences' undivided attention. checking out his website on [...] gave me some show dates with this project. His new CD, Words Beyond from Buckyball Records features drummer Dan Weiss and bassist Francois Moutin. As a threesome, their triple layers produce flapping motions that form mind-boggling mazes as the instruments bow and flex at different speeds changing the course of the movements in mid-stream and intersecting lines intermittently. Loved also his previous project with his avant klezmer group TALAT band on Tzadik records [...]
Press for Words Beyond
Israeli pianist Alon Nechushtan has recorded on John Zorn’s Tzadzik label with a klezmer project featuring his originals, nine more of which appear here. The company Nechushtan keeps with Dan Weiss and Francois Moutin, two highly
sought-after sidemen, gives advance notice of his standing. “Muppet Shock” searches playfully for a television theme hook with driving energy and acute punctuations. Weiss injects tee- ter-tot rhythms, and the three dice the beat with tenterhooks.
Nechushtan scatters gemstones behind Moutin on “A Different Kind Of Morning,” the ride is thrilling, everyone is in step and bristling with virtuosity and enthusiasm, the recording hot and loud, Bad Plus-style. The leader’s left hand gets funky on “Spinning The Clouds” before a benign middle section, then he stomps out the riff from Sade’s “Smooth Operator” before some nice a cappella counterpoint. “Dr Master Plan” contains a Thelonious Monk-like percussive quality (as does “The Traveler”), a hint of “Straight No Chaser” in the chromatic line, before it spills into cantering swing and snatches of the riff from “Take The ‘A’ Train.”
Like another expansive pianist, Michiel Braam, Nechushtan revels in boundless eclecticism. “Secret Short/Short Secret” is layered and forceful; “Entranced” is ecstatic rather than bewitched; “Heartbreakthrough” is resolved and confident, and doesn’t lack flashes of poignancy despite not playing for sympathy.
Though, to my knowledge, this trio are not well journeyed together, they share tremendous simpatico. Nechushtan is a talent to watch, with a surfeit of ideas, an unbridled spirit and bold, two fisted sense of architecture.
Michael Jackson Downbeat Magazine
Israeli-born pianist-composer Alon Nechushtan establishes a loose-tight chemistry with drummer Dan Weiss and bassist Francois Mouton on his second trio release. A New York resident since 2003, his potent partnership with Weiss and Mouton places a premium on group interplay at the same time it encourages individual solo expression. From the playful, Monkish opener, Muppet Shock, to the highly interactive Different Kind of Morning, the off-kilter Spinning the Clouds and the swinging Dr. Master Plan, this stellar threesome blends daring instincts and dazzling virtuosity into organic expression. Other highlights include the engaging jazz waltz Spring Soul Song, the epic Secret Short/Short Secret and the gorgeous ballad Heartbreakthrough, which shifts from Bill Evans-esque delicacy to rhapsodic Keith Jarrett terrain. Bill Milkowski - JazzTimes
Playing jazz can be like driving a car. Sometimes you can sit back, rely on cruise control, and simply revel in a straightforward journey, but more precise maneuvering is often required. Lightning quick reflexes, an ability to comfortably navigate hairpin turns, and a strong directional sense are equally important, and pianist Alon Nechushtan exhibits all of these traits from behind the driver's seat on Words Beyond.
The left-leaning klezmer jazz that Nechushtan delivered with his Talat band mates on Growl (Tzadik, 2006) is nowhere to be found here. Instead, Nechushtan relies on an aesthetic that leans heavily on shifts in the rhythmic sands of time and complex, two (or three) way conversations. Hearing how drummer extraordinaire Dan Weiss solos over a playful, broken bass presence on "Muppet Shock" or soaking in the piano-bass dialog on "Different Kind Of Morning," demonstrates that this is high-level communication of the highest order.
Nechushtan couldn't have asked for more empathetic and appropriate colleagues, in terms of creating a fluid and flexible trio environment that's heavy on rhythmic interaction, than Weiss and bassist Francois Moutin. Weiss' rhythmic mastery, which covers everything from Indian music to modern jazz, and has been at the heart of some of saxophonist David Binney's groundbreaking recordings, is always at the center of these pieces. Moutin can provide walking bass lines on the few, brief occasions that they're called for, but his ability to serve as the go-between for Weiss and Nechushtan is a greater asset. He emphasizes choppy accents with the pianist ("The Traveler") and the drummer ("Muppet Shock"), and cleverly navigates his way through a piece that moves from wonderfully discombobulated soul to sunny environs to menacing, avant-ballroom music and beyond ("Spinning The Clouds"). As a soloist, Moutin is also the standout musician on the album. His blinding speed and supple movements help to create first rate feature spots that enhance every track where he's given room to do his work.
As the man pulling the strings, Nechushtan is never short on ideas for his compositions, or in performance. He can comfortably erect a harmonic edifice around a single note ("Different Kind Of Morning"), deliver straightforward soloing over driving swing ("Dr. Master Plan') and go it alone if his band mates drop out mid-track ("Spinning The Clouds"). While he prefers complex angles to straightaways, the music never strays into inaccessible territory, as he clearly prefers taking people along for a ride to driving solo. Alon Nechushtan's Words Beyond is worlds beyond where most jazz musicians are willing and able to travel, making this album a worthwhile listening journey.
Dan Bilawsky AllAbout Jazz
I seem to like a piano trio that is well marinated in rhythm. No matter how lush - both hands on the keyboard and the sustain pedal pressed - or how spare, if served with that extra dash of flavor, I'm hooked. Alon Nechushtan's 'Words Beyond' hits the spot. From the opening moments of the jaunty 'Muppet Shock', the bass, drum and piano are perfectly immersed and proportioned.
Nechushtan works with the klezmer influenced group Talat, but the straight ahead "Words Beyond" is his debut under his own name. His co-creators are Dan Weiss on drums and Francois Moutin on bass. While the obvious ingredients are the highly complimentary accompaniment and strong melodic tunes, I think that the secret one is his fast and confident phrasing.
The aforementioned 'Muppet Shock' kicks off with a twinkling melody that bounces playfully off the rhythm section. After the Monk-like knot of a melody plays out, the group relaxes into uptempo solos, showcasing their ample chops. Nechushtan's comping is minimal but buoys the proceedings precisely. 'Different Kind of Morning' evolves rapidly into a modern jazz tune, with a straightforward melody and inspired improvisation. Things keep chugging along with 'Spinning the Clouds', but this one features a lithe backbeat and some subtle hard bop inspired riffs. 'Secret Short - Short Secret' is a seven minute excursion that, to me, is the highlight of the album. It features the piano spinning a melody and harmony that makes great use of the lower register of the piano, which then leads into a solo by Moutin that is a joy to follow - I particularly enjoy the piano's comping behind the bass. Even 'Heartbreakthrough', which is the sole ballad of the set, has a tender introspectiveness but contains just enough hint of the spice.
Alon Nechushtan's Beyond Words is a smart synthesis of styles and genres of jazz made modern. Stylistic homages to Monk and abstract quotes dot the playing and compositions. The net effect is a lively work showcasing excellent group cohesion and imaginative playing. Lots of fun!
Paul Acquaro - jazz.newsbeet.com
O's Notes: "Words Beyond" is pianist Alon Nechushtan's debut as a leader. The band is a trio with drummer Dan Weiss and Francois Moutin on bass. The music is a rich blend of traditional formats all composed and produced by Nechushtan. We can hear the influences of Monk and Jarrett in many places. What makes this effort stand out is the integration of the trio. Moutin keeps things together allowing Weiss to take off for brief spurts. The favor is returned when Francois solos. It is a fresh, enjoyable set.
D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Magazine
Here’s a jazz trio you won’t soon forget… 9 masterful compositions by Alon (piano), Francois Moutin on bass and Dan Weiss doing drums. Alon’s keyboard style is “crisp”… that doesn’t mean cut-off or “rude”, it’s just that each of his strokes on the keys are well-defined and the recording seems to emphasize the crystal clarity of the hammers on the strings. I especially enjoyed the bouncy “Spinning The Clouds“… each player has their part to play, and they do it with full verve, yet not “in your face”… the stride on this track just makes it “feel like fun”. If you’re looking for something a bit more soothing, try out the bouncy “Spring Soul Song“…. this one is still full of the vigor of life, it’s just a bit more gentle in approach. My favorite was the (almost) boogie-like (in places) “Entranced“… true talent is demonstrated by each of the players on this one. An all-round great CD that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97 from me. Rotcod Zzaj
Track review of "Spring Soul Song"
Pianist Alon Nechushtan is in the thick of things, amid a vibrant New York City jazz culture that often spawns deviating tangents and inventive ideologies. Indeed, the pianist reveals astounding technical faculties and a far-reaching approach to composition. Nechushtan's jazz-klezmer band TALAT, amid numerous forays into modern jazz and unconventional settings, intermittently gels to the beat of a markedly different drummer
The program conveys Nechushtan's unbounded vision, as he overhauls the tried and true. With the musicians' pristine mode of execution abetted by precision-oriented passages, emotive dialogues and demanding time signatures, they impart a passionate stance and occasionally surge the sinuous flows into the upper stratosphere.
They temper the proceedings on "Spring Soul Song," which is fabricated on ballad-based overtones and a subtle jazz-waltz motif. Here, Nechushtan emits a glistening effect atop the venerable rhythm section's crisp and fluid accompaniment. Moreover, the pianist summons a cheery panorama via a few sharp U-turns and undulating chord clusters. His uplifting storyline, effortless phraseology and acute penchant for suspense are enhanced by zinging harmonics.
Words Beyond is, to a large extent, miles beyond customary piano trio fare, when viewed from a consortium of divergent perspectives.
By GLENN ASTARITA, Allabout Jazz
Words Beyond, from pianist Alon Nechushtan, is a 'straight'-ahead trio outing that is decidedly crooked, full of zig-zagging melodies and jagged rhythms that sustain a tense, restless mood. Although his melodies and chord voicings retain traces of blues and gospel, the complex phrases and forms push the music towards the future. Bassist Fran"ois Moutin and Weiss are well able to maneuver the various twists and turns, acquitting themselves with seeming ease. Moutin, like Charles Mingus, plays with great speed, flash and funk, delivering dazzling solos on "Different Kind of Morning" and "Secret Short/Short Secret", also engaging Nechushtan in an exciting dual/duel on the former track. Weiss sometimes sounds like several personalities at once, as on the opening "Muppet Shock", his easy swinging ride cymbal in one hand, an aggressive snare drum in the other.
by Tom Greenland All About Jazz Magazine
New York-based pianist Alon Nechushtan has worked as a sideman with the likes of Frank London and Baya Kouyate and is the founder of the quintet TALAT, a critically acclaimed jazz-meets-klezmer ensemble. Nechushtan makes a bold statement with Words Beyond, his first release as leader of a progressive trio featuring bassist Francois Moutin and drummer Dan Weiss. The disc is a hard swinging, soulful collection of nine of the pianist's original compositions.
Nechushtan has the ability to reshape a small morsel of melody into imaginative configurations. His ideas flow freely, utilizing both hands to emphasize a punchy, aggressive attack. Right from the opening blues of "Muppet Shock," one can sense influences as diverse as Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett. An unrelenting drive to swing as hard as he can is heard on tunes such as "Dr. Masterplan," with a twisted reference to "Take the A-Train," and the closing McCoy Tynerish "The Traveler."
Weiss and Moutin work well in support of Nechushtan, playing on top of the beat and reacting in accord to the pianist's highly syncopated style. Moutin's rapid-fire, thumb position soloing matches Nechushtan in both technique and intensity. Weiss keeps the grooves crackling with an enticing looseness, especially on the funkiness of "Entranced" and the glistening "Different Kind of Morning."
Exceptional camaraderie and engaging performances make Words Beyond a trio recording worthy of the most discerning listener. John Barron Jazzreview.com
This expressive/progressive jazz pianist like to let it hang in left leaning fashion as you can hear echoes of Monk and progressive Jarrett (without the humming) running through this engaging set that doesn't really like to acknowledge boundaries. Airy, bright and a lot more fun that you would normally associate with cerebral jazz, I guess eggheads need to crack a smile once in a while too. Fun stuff from places you would least expect it and a friendly listen to boot. Check it out. Chriss Spector Midwest Records
Keep (It) Swinging
Monday, March 14, 2011
Alon Nechushtan sets off to a journey beyond words.
A search between a strong programmatic connection between narrative and music. ~ Hans Koert
Recently the Israelian born, US piano player Alon Nechushtan released with his trio a new album entitled Words Beyond. The Alon Nechushtan "Words Beyond" Trio contains Francois Moutin on double bass and Dan Weiss on drums. The album has nine tracks, all composed by Alon Nechushtan. Who is this, in Europe, rather unknown piano player?
Alon Nechushtan was born in Israel and learned to play the piano and studied Classical Composition. In 2000 he moved to the US where he studied Jazz and Big Band at the well known Boston New England Conservatory as a student of the great band leader, composer, arranger and trombone player, Bob Brookmeyer. He also studied jazz piano with great names like Fred Hersch, one of my favourite jazz pianists. Early 2003 he moved to New York where he joined hundreds of gigs in the New York Jazz scene. He founded his own quintet TALAT in 2002 which recorded and played all around the world at festivals in Canada, Israel and Europe. This group plays a mix of all kind of musical styles from klezmer up to Jazz and funk with North African modes and Middle Eastern rhythms.
The music of the Alon Nechushtan Words Beyond Trio as recorded on Words Beyond is a pure jazz record and reminds me to the music of the French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc and, before mentioned, Fred Hersch. Strong, swinging, modern piano sounds that has its roots in the hard bop tradition, but has developed into a personal style. Both Francois Moutin and Dan Weiss know how to fill in the rhythmic base.
In heard Francois Moutin, one of the "Moutin-twins", in February 2002 as part of the Jean-Michel Pilc trio with Jean-Michel Pilc at the piano and Ari Hoenig on drums, which impressed me ............ Francois Moutin left Europe since then and now lives in New York City. Dan Weiss played a few years ago with the Kenny Werner trio at the Porgy en Bess Jazz club in Terneuzen (The Netherlands), I remember.
The Lieder ohne Wörter ( = the Songs Without Words) as composed by Mendelssohn inspired Nechusthan for his compositions. It are little stories without words. Alon inspires the listener by offering him a small poem to help the listener get a little more from the abstractions of the music itself. In the booklet Alon quotes an old Chinese poem, The Traveler, by Ho Hsun, who was a poet in the so-called Yung-Ming style and gives it his own 21st Century interpretation.
Alon told me: Instrumental music (as opposed to vocal music, where the lyrics hold a second layer of meaning) has for me a challenge of conveying a lucid "music-picture", a "sound-scape", a "tone poem" or narrative that gives the music the depths it deserves. The title Words Beyond suggests that too: It suggest a strong programmatic connection between narrative and music.
The titles of the tracks refer to the poem, but don't expect woolly themes or New Ages sounds - no not at all - the music as played by the trio is strong and swinging with a steady beat by a great rhythm section - great music. I liked the opening track Muppet Shock and Dr. Master Plan most - both uptempo tunes - the latter because of his steady bounce and surprising rhythmic paterns. The last track, entitled The Traveler, has all elements in it what makes this album so special for me. This Words Beyond trio swings like hell and never bores - it is an album to play time after time before it divulges all its various layers. Wouldn't it be great to have this great trio on this side of the ocean? Alon told me that he loves to play in Europe and it would give us the opportunity to hear this gifted piano player live. If you're interested to have him in your club or festival you can contact him directly.
You can obtain a copy at Alon's website.
A great album as an introduction to Alon's music ...............
-- Hans Koert
Buckyball Music
Alon Nechushtan has created an energetically fused recording for his first solo outing. Alon is joined by one of the few rhythm sections able to immerse and saunter through his original compositions, inspired sometimes by Mendelssohn, sometimes Thelonius Monk or Keith Jarrett. They make it all seem easy and fun, in a trio recording you can dig into for a long time.
Artwork By [Cover] – Aline Wagnon
Bass– François Moutin
Composed By, Piano – Alon Nechushtan
Drums – Dan Weiss
Engineer – Michael Brody
Mastered By – Jeremy Loucas
Mixed By [Mix Translation] – Justin Balch
Photography – Michael Iannantuono
Producer – Alon Nechushtan
Recorded April 12, 2010 at acoustic recording studio, Brooklyn, New York
Mastered on October 19, 2010
Barcode and Other Identifiers▼
Barcode: 697855002428
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