(Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation, Piano Jazz) Pat Thomas - Al-Khwarizmi Variations - 2013, WEB, FLAC (tracks), lossless

(Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation, Piano Jazz) Pat Thomas - Al-Khwarizmi Variations - 2013, WEB, FLAC (tracks), lossless
Pat Thomas • Al-Khwarizmi Variations

Жанр: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation, Piano Jazz
Год издания: 2013
Издатель (лейбл): Fataka
Номер по каталогу: 4
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Источник (релизер): WEB (спасибо bounb)
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Variation 1 - 4:16
02. Variation 2 - 4:55
03. Variation 3 - 7:34
04. Variation 4 - 8:06
05. Variation 5 - 5:04
06. Variation 6 - 1:28
07. Variation 7 - 6:13
08. Variation 8 - 4:55
09. Variation 9 - 5:47
10. Variation 10 - 1:57
Pat Thomas - piano solo
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FILE: 10 - Variation 10.flac
Size: 9154684 Hash: EA906400330A8313E6C7C1ACCA923CB4 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: A19EDD6DEB136A90C274CA9D74148F38B81F3D13
FILE: 09 - Variation 9.flac
Size: 20335121 Hash: CD85FA0E639137B8BDC8F52435DAC0A7 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: ADE6510791811A99747AB4DA4B8F724847496804
FILE: 08 - Variation 8.flac
Size: 18735677 Hash: 88F57B13D2D134BBEA89DABC68FFD48C Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 6A17ACB94CFECC2C962DDE2A2AE61C427A58C653
FILE: 07 - Variation 7.flac
Size: 31028697 Hash: 0C6C8A680CE1CBCB0638C0F59767EA47 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 02F71EB377EBF955B61BC76D619392BBB5593337
FILE: 06 - Variation 6.flac
Size: 6900583 Hash: A37C96E58C000E43244547134C317F5E Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: BFD8D81A52C41D0AD2BB3A1536E7C34BD46AECC7
FILE: 05 - Variation 5.flac
Size: 24560086 Hash: EF0DD266763F6A74567913288491749B Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 85%
Signature: 450F201F8E404D40976A8D163CC8E4AEBF15B413
FILE: 04 - Variation 4.flac
Size: 36724842 Hash: 267BA47E42E7E3C9761188DC13A7E1B4 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 02473013DBA2E7C37587BA0A548E6F65336F56B6
FILE: 03 - Variation 3.flac
Size: 39908663 Hash: C000D8BCCD076088EF02E08F0563D2CE Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 98A47775105B8E1DC702ACF03D75DB8C4903AE0D
FILE: 02 - Variation 2.flac
Size: 21766397 Hash: 6A94E8D1CA99565FF10CB3EF40F47C62 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: FD73646EA965BD10FE38608603B9D415E66149D4
FILE: 01 - Variation 1.flac
Size: 18985972 Hash: 37B78099CB776C329F6FC6AD2630A25A Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: BA5EC090166BDF146F23858B61AF4CFB715DCCA7
Об альбоме
Al-Khwarizmi Variations is the most recent addition to a select group of albums—the solo recordings of pianist Pat Thomas. It is Thomas's fourth solo outing in twenty years, and follows Nur (Emanem, 2001) and Plays the Music of Derek Bailey & Thelonious Monk (FMR, 2008). Both of those are hard to follow, but Al-Khwarizmi Variations is a worthy successor to them.
Thomas is known to be an adherent of Islam, which may be why the album title name-checks Al-Khwarizmi, the Baghdad-born eighth-century Islamic mathematician credited with inventing algebra. (Continuing the Islamic theme, the cover features artwork from a fifteenth century Mamluk tile.) However, the music within displays no particular connections to Al-Khwarizmi, his writings or to Islam.
Studio-recorded in June 2011, Al-Khwarizmi Variations features Thomas alone at the piano, playing ten "variations" ranging in length from under ninety seconds to just over eight minutes. Despite their titles, the pieces are not variations in the accepted sense—there is no obvious "theme" to vary—but a series of explorations which are independent and very different to each other. Some are clearly improvisations while others seem to include sections of pre-composed material.
Their durations mean that in any single piece there is time to explore one particular idea or technique but little or no variation. Instead, there are considerable differences between them. So, "Variation 2" opens with some quasi-classical flourishes leading into an impressively dramatic accumulation of rumbling chords. In total contrast, "Variation 3" is an extended improvisation inside the piano, including sounds from percussive scrapings and rattlings right through to prolonged passages of delicate melodic plucking and tapping. Simply exquisite.
In the hands of some pianists, such a collection of relatively short, contrasting pieces could be too diverse to hang together well and end up being unsatisfying. With Thomas, nothing could be further from the truth; taken together, the tracks present different facets of him, giving a clear picture of the breadth and depth of his piano playing. Al-Khwarizmi Variations is a major achievement. (John Eyles, AllAboutJazz)
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