2000 Mildred Bailey - The Complete Columbia Recordings {Mosaic} [10CD]

2000 Mildred Bailey - The Complete Columbia Recordings {Mosaic} [10CD]
Дата записи диска:
5 октября 1929 - 5 марта 1942
Издатель (лейбл):

CD 1
01.What Kind of Man Is You? [Alternate Take]
02.What Kind of Man Is You?
03.I Like to Do Things for You
04.Is That Religion? [Alternate Take]
05.Is That Religion?
06.Harlem Lullaby
07.There's a Cabin in the Pines
08.Lazy Bones
09.Shoutin' in That
11.But I Can't Make a Man
12.Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love
13.Doin' the Uptown Lowdown
14.Heat Wave
15.Junk Man [Take 2]
16.Junk Man [Take 3]
17.Ol' Pappy
19.I'd Love to Take Orders from You (Lyrics)
20.I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes
21.Someday, Sweetheart
22.When Day Is Done B

CD 2 - 10

CD 2
1.It All Begins and Ends With You
2.A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid / Old Fashioned Love / Carolina Shout
3.Picture Me Without You
4.It Can Happen to You
5.Now That Summer Is Gone
6.Now That Summer Is Gone [Alternate Take]
7.It's Love I'm After
8.Peter Piper
9.For Sentimental Reasons
10.It's Love I'm After
11.'Long About Midnight
12.More Than You Know (Lyrics)
13.A Thousand Dreams of You
14.Smoke Dreams
15.Slumming on Park Avenue
16.I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
17.My Last Affair
18.Trust in Me
19.Where Are You?
20.You're Laughing at Me

CD 3
1.Never in a Million Years
2.There's a Lull in My Life
3.Rockin' Chair [Take 1]
4.Rockin' Chair [Take 2]
5.Little Joe Jule Styne
6.If You Ever Should Leave
7.The Man Got in My Eyes
8.Heaven Help This Heart of Mine
9.It's the Natural Thing to Do
10.It's the Natural Thing to Do [Alternate Take]
11.Everyone's Wrong But Me
13.Posin' [Alternate Take]
14.The Morning After
15.Tears in My Heart
16.Worried over You
17.Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
18.Just a Stone's Throw from Heaven
19.Loving You
20.Right or Wrong

CD 4
1.I See Your Face Before Me [Alternate Take]
2.I See Your Face Before Me
3.Thanks for the Memory [Alternate Take]
4.Thanks for the Memory
5.From the Land of the Sky Blue Water [Alternate Take]
6.From the Land of the Sky Boue Water
7.Lover, Come Back to Me
8.Lover, Come Back to Me [Alternate Take]
9.Always and Always
10.I Was Doing All Right
11.I Was Doing All Right [Alternate Take]
12.It's Wonderful
13.Love Is Here to Stay
14.More Than Ever
15.The Weekend of a Private Secretary
16.Please Be Kind
17.There's a Boy in Harlem
18.There's a Boy in Harlem [Alternate Take]
20.I Cant' Face the Music [Take 1]
21.I Cant' Face the Music [Take 1]
22.Don't Be That Way [Take 1]
23.Don't Be That Way [Take 3]
24.At Your Beck and Call

CD 5
1.Says My Heart
2.I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart [Take 1]
3.I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart [Take 1]
4.Moonshine Over Kentucky [Take 1]
5.Moonshine Over Kentucky [Take 2]
6.Rock It for Me
7.After Dinner Speech [Take 1]
8.After Dinner Speech [Take 1]
9.If You Were in My Place (What Would You Do?)
10.Daydreaming (All Night Long)
11.A Cigarette and a Silhouette
12.(I've Been) Saving Myself for You
13.You Leave Me Breathless
14.Washboard Blues
15.My Melancholy Baby
16My Melancholy Baby [Alternate Take]
17.'Round My Old Deserted Farm
18.The Lonesome Road
19.So Help Me E
20.Small Fry
21.As Long as You Live [Rehearsal Take]
22.As Long as You Live J
23.Born to Swing

CD 6
1.Put Your Heart in a Song
3.The Sunny Side of Things
4.How Can I Thank You?
5.Garden of the Moon
6.Now It Can Be Told
7.Jump Jump's Here [Take 1]
8.Jump Jump's Here [Take 1]
9.I Haven't Changed a Thing [Take 1]
10.I Haven't Changed a Thing [Take 2]
11.Love Is Where You Find It
12.I Used to Be Color Blind
13.A-Tisket, A-Tasket [Take 1]
14.A-Tisket, A-Tasket [Take 2]
15.This Is Madness (To Love Like This)
16.Who Blew Out the Flame?
17.With You on My Mind
20.Old Folks

CD 7
1.St. Louis Blues
2.You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
3.Have You Forgotten So Soon?
4.Have You Forgotten So Soon? [Alternate Take]
5.They Say
6.Blame It on My Last Affair
7.I Go for That
8.St. Louis Blues
9.St. Louis Blues [Alernate Take]
10.I Cried for You
11.Begin the Beguine
12.What Shall I Say?
13.Cuckoo in the Clock
14.There'll Never Be Another You
15.It's Slumbertime Along the Swanee
16.'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)
17.'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It) [Alternate Take]
18.Love's a Necessary Thing
19.Love's a Necessary Thing [Alternate Take]
20.Downhearted Blues
21.I Can Read Between the Lines

CD 8
1.There'll Be Some Changes Made
2.Barrelhouse Music
3.Arkansas Blues
4.Gulf Coast Blues [Take 1]
5.Gulf Coast Blues [Take 2]
6.You Don't Know My Mind Blues
7.Prisoner of Love
8.Three Little Fishes
9.That Sly Old Gentleman
10.Tit Willow
11.The Lamp Is Low
12.And the Angels Sing
13.It Seems Like Old Times
14.Guess I'll Go Back Home (This Summer)
15.Moon Love
16.The Florever Blowing Bubbles
17.The Little Man Who Wasn't There
18.I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
19.You're the Moment in My Life
20.You and Your Love

CD 9
1.Don't Dally With the Devil
2.Ain't That Good News?
3.Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
4.Make With the Kisses
5.Make With the Kisses [Alternate Take]
6.Heaven in My Arms
7.I Thought About You
8.Faithful Forever
9.That Lucky Fellow
10.Bluebirds in the Moonlight
11.Blue Rain
12.I've Gone Off the Deep End
13.I Shoulda Stood in Bed
14.Darn That Dream
15.Darn That Dream [Alternate Take]
16.Peace, Brother!
17.Peace, Brother! [Alternate Take]
18.Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
19.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
20.All the Things You Are
21.Hold On

1.Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam) [Alternate Take]
2.Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)
3.Little High Chairman
4.Easy to Love
5.Give Me Time
6.They Can't Take That Away from Me
7.A Bee Gezindt
8.After All I've Been to You
9.Don't Take Your Love from Me [Alternate Take]
10.Don't Take Your Love from Me
11.Fools Rush In
12.From Another World
13.I'm Nobody's Baby
14.Give Me Time
15.How Can I Ever Be Alone?
16.Tennessee Fish Fry
17.I'll Pray for You
18.Blue (And Broken Hearted)
19.Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry [Alternate Take]
20.Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry
21.I'll Be Around [Alternate Take]
22.I'll Be Around
23.My Little Cousin

  • Alec Wilder     Arranger, Composer, Director
  • Buck Ram, Edgar Sampson     Arranger, Composer
  • Gene Gifford     Arranger, Guitar
  • Fletcher Henderson     Arranger, Piano
  • Eddie Sauter     Arranger, Trumpet
  • Chappie Willett     Arranger
  • Jimmy Gemus     Baritone, Clarinet (Bass), Flute
  • Leonard Goldstein     Baritone, Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Alto)
  • Artie Bernstein, Stanley Dennis,  John Kirby,  Truck Parham, Lou Shoobe, Ted Sturgis,Mike Trafficante     Bass
  • Irving Horowitz,Carl Prager     Clarinet (Bass)
  • Benny Goodman     Clarinet, Composer
  • Hank D'Amico, George Koenig, Reggie Merrill, Frank Simeone     Clarinet, Sax (Alto)
  • George Berg, Larry Binyon, Robert Burns, Jimmy Carroll, Izzy Friedman, Herbie Haymer, Jerry Jerome, Maurice Kogan, Charlie Lamphere, Stuart Mackay     Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
  • Buster Bailey, Artie Shaw     Clarinet
  • Hoagy Carmichael     Composer, Piano
  • Jack Palmer     Composer, Trumpet
  • Red Norvo     Composer, Vocals, Xylophone
  • Andy Secrest     Cornet
  • Doug Pomeroy     Disc Transfers, Mastering
  • John R.T. Davies, Debra Parkinson, Ken Robertson     Disc Transfers
  • Bill Beason,  Tony Briglia, Buddy Christian, Cozy Cole, Eddie Dougherty, Nick Fatool, Stan King, Gene Krupa, George Marsh, Moe Purtill, Zutty Singleton, Dave Tough, George Wettling     Drums
  • Eddie Powell     Flute
  • Dave Barbour, John Collins, Arnold Covey, Allen Hanlon, Carl Kress, Dick McDonough, Allan Reuss, Floyd Smith, Frank Worrell     Guitar
  • Mitch Miller     Horn (English), Oboe
  • Glen Gray     Leader, Sax (Alto)
  • Sam Spumberg     Oboe, Sax (Tenor)
  • Mildred Bailey     Orchestra, Vocals
  • Casa Loma Orchestra     Orchestra
  • Dorsey Brothers Orchestra     Orchestra
  • Red Norvo & His Orchestra     Orchestra
  • Jack Kapp     Original Session Producer
  • Morty Palitz     Original Session Producer
  • Roy Bargy, Les Burness, Teddy Cole, Bob Kitsis, Billy Kyle, Joe Liss, Fulton McGrath, Arthur Schutt, Mary Lou Williams, Teddy Wilson     Piano
  • Scott Wenzel     Release Production, Research
  • Will Friedwald     Research
  • Lloyd Rauch     Research
  • George "Scoops" Carry, Buff Estes, Nuncio "Toots" Mondello, Russell Procope, Charles Strickfaden, Frankie Trumbauer     Sax (Alto)
  • Min Leibrook     Sax (Bass)
  • Bus Bassey, Chu Berry, Pat Davis, Mickey Folus, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster     Sax (Tenor)
  • Red Ballard, Eddie Bert, Vernon Brown, Al George, Wes Hein, Pee Wee Hunt, Sonny Lee, Al Mastren, Leo Moran, Bill Rank, Billy Rauch, Andy Russo     Trombone
  • Roy Eldridge     Trumpet, Vocals
  • Bunny Berigan, Jimmy Blake, Sonny Dunham, Harry Goldfield, Chris Griffin, Bill Hyland, Bob Kennedy, Jack King, Charlie Margulis, Jimmy Maxwell, Eddie Meyers, Louis Mucci, Stew Pletcher,   Jimmy Salko, Charlie Shavers, Melvin "Red" Solomon, Grady Watts, Zeke Zarchy, Barney Zudecoff     Trumpet
  • Mel Jenssen, Joe Venuti, Henry Whiteman     Violin
  • Terry Allen, The Charioteers     Vocals
Доп. инфо:

Страна-производитель диска: USA
Год издания диска: 2000
Номер по каталогу: MD10-204 (A10-32628(29-38))
Аудио кодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: ~ 10 hours
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: yes
Источник (релизер): jbc (thanks assembler)
Recorded on October 1929 - March 1942.
В раздачу помимо обычных сканов включен 48-страничный буклет в формате .pdf (170 Мб).

Бесспорно, самая полная антология Милдред Бейли, когда-либо выпущенная в одной упаковке, бокс-сет Mosaic на десяти дисках содержит большинство, если не все записи, сделанные ею в период с октября 1929 года по март 1942 года. В течение этого периода (от краха на Уолл-стрит до первых месяцев участия США во Второй мировой войне) она работала с головокружительно разнообразными музыкантами, записывая свои первые пластинки с гитаристом Эдди Лэнгом, затем выступая с целым рядом танцевальных групп, пронизанных джазом, включая Глена Грея и оркестр Casa Loma Orchestra, а также группы под руководством Фрэнки Трумбауэра, братьев Дорси, Бенни Гудмана, Арти Шоу и третьего мужа Милдред - Реда Норво. Даже если она исполняла такие фанатичные мелодии Tin Pan Alley, как "Weekend of a Private Secretary", "Snowball" и "There's a Boy in Harlem", Милдред Бейли была совершенно спокойна, сотрудничая с лучшими афро-американскими музыкантами своего поколения. Среди них были группа под руководством басиста Джона Кирби, трубачи Рой Элдридж и Бак Клейтон, пианисты Тедди Уилсон и Мэри Лу Уильямс, саксофонисты Коулман Хокинс, Хершел Эванс, Бен Вебстер и Чу Берри. Этот список едва покрывает поверхность инструментальных талантов, которые можно услышать в этом подробном обзоре, охватывающем самые важные годы звукозаписывающей карьеры Милдред Бейли. В 214 треков включено более 30 альтернативных записей; тем, кто хочет получить только последовательно представленный обзор мастер-дублей, стоит попробовать части "Red Norvo and Mildred Bailey" из серии "Classics Chronological Series". Разносторонняя вокалистка, которая могла пронзительно петь или свинговать, Милдред Бейли запомнилась как одна из самых влиятельных джазовых и эстрадных вокалисток 1930-х годов. Выпущенный ограниченным тиражом в 2000 году, массивный бокс-сет от Mosaic стал беспрецедентной данью уважения ее артистизму.

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