1980 Montreux Jazz Festival

1980 Montreux Jazz Festival
Santana, 04 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Carlos Santana (ld g), Orestes Vilato (timbales), Richard Baker (kbds), Armando Peraza (perc), Paul Rekow (perc), Graham Lear (dr), David Margen (b), Alex Ligertwood (voc), Al Jarreau (voc), Claude Nobs (hca)
1 Hannibal
2 All I Ever Wanted
3 1. Black Magic Woman, 2. Gypsy Queen
4 Oye Como Va
5 Just In Time To See The Sun
6 Lightning In The Sky
7 Interlude
8 Aqua Marine
9 Savor
10 Jingo
11 You Just Don't Care
12 Europa
13 Well All Right
14 Running
15 Soul Sacrifice
16 Open Invitation
17 Samba Pa Ti
18 She's Not There
19 Transcendance
20 Shake Your Money Maker
21 Evil Way
22 Song For My Brother
BABY CONSUELO, 05 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Hugo Charles (perc), Luciano (kbds), Pepeu Gomes (g), Didi Gomes (b), Jorginho (dr), Baixinho (perc), Oswaldinho (acc), Baby Consuelo (voc)
1 Ziriguidum
2 Se Acaso Voce Chegasse
3 Eu E A Brisa
4 Brasileirinho
5 Sebastiana
6 Toda Donzela
7 Minha Oracao
8 Vale Do Bonoco
9 Mania Do Voce
10 Menino Do Rio
Gal Costa, 05 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Gal Costa (voc, g), Perna Fores (kbds), Moacyr Albuquerque (b), Perinho Santana (g), Charles Chalegre (dr), Sergio Bore (perc), Zizinho (congas, perc), Juarez Araujo (s), Tangerina (congas, perc)
1 Intro
2 Samba Rasgado
3 Noites Cariocas
4 Vatapa
5 A Preta Do Acaraje
6 Olhos Verdes
7 Falsa Bahiana
8 Forca Estranha
9 Dora
10 Estrada Do Sol
11 Balance
12 Meu Nome E Gal
Jorge Ben, 05 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Corduro Bidu (perc), Jorge Ben (g, voc), Lincoln Olivetti (kbds), Jamil Joaines (b), Ivan "Mamão" Conti (dr), Balao (perc), Neneu (cuica), Joazinho (timb), Domingas (voc)
1 Bando Do Ze Pretinho
2 Boiadeiro
3 Mas Que Nada
4 Pais Tropical
5 Mona Lisa
6 Mama = E
7 Os Alquimistas Estao Chegando Os Alquimistras
8 Fio Maravilha
9 Taj Mahal
10 Pata Pata
Pepeu Gomes, 05 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Hugo Charles (perc), Luciano (kbds), Pepeu Gomes (g, voc), Didi Gomes (b), Jorginho (dr), Baixinho (perc), Oswaldinho (acc)
1 Intro
2 America Tropica
3 O Mal E O Que Sai
4 Luz De Guadalupe
5 O Rei Do Baiao
6 Babami
7 Biribinha
8 Todo Amor Do Jimi
9 Malacaxeta
Jimmy Cliff, 06 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Jimmy Cliff (voc), Earl Smith (g), Philipp Ramacon (kbds), Cecil Haynes (b), Trevor Brown (g), Llewellyn Williams (dr), Sydney Wolfe (perc), Anthony Kwaku Baah (perc), Aura Lewis (back voc)
1 Bongo Man
2 You Can Get It
3 Wonderful World
4 Remake The World
5 Wild World
6 I Am The Living
7 Many Rivers
8 Stand Up And Fight Back
9 All The Strength
10 The Harder They Come
11 Johnny Too Bad
12 Love I Need
Miriam Makeba, 06 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Miriam Makeba (voc), Vic Pitts (dr), Sharon Russell (voc, g), Papa Kouyate (congas), Kemo Kouyate (g), Titus Williams (b), Lou Laguerre (kbds), Mountu Mvuyana (voc), Bongi Makeba (special Guest) (voc)
1 Sound Of A Drum
2 Mama Ndiyalila
3 A Promise
4 African Convention
5 Papa
6 Makeba Song
7 Ngoma Kurila
8 Mozambique
9 Hauteng
10 Dju De Ghalinha
11 Night Life
12 Malaika
13 Pata Pata
14 Amampondo
Tokoto Ashanty, 06 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Tokoto Ashanty (voc), Pierre Wognin (kbds), Toure Alhadji (b), Ata Etien (dr), Hugues Daix (g), Yapo Adepo (congas, perc), Jerry Manga (s, horns), Deka Koma (g), Roger Kom (horns), Felix Priso (horns)
1 Roko
2 Dix En Dix
3 Muna Solo
4 Makossa Pop
5 Lambo
6 L'Homme De Chene
7 Mussua
8 Ngondo
Betty Carter, 07 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Mulgrew Miller (p), Betty Carter (voc), Greg Bandy (dr), David Allen Eubanks (b)
1 Montreux Blues
2 Tight
3 Caribbean Sunshine
4 I Think I Got It Now
5 Fake
6 If I Should Loose You
7 My Favorite Things
8 Open The Door
9 Sounds
10 Just Friends
11 Stella By Starlight
12 I Should Care
Marvin Gaye, 07 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Marvin Gaye (voc), Reggie Bullen (tp), Rick Gardner (tp), Kush Griffitt (tp), David Li (s), Gordon Banks (ld g), Howard Westbrook (g), Frank Blair (b), William "Snoopy" Bryant II (p), Sandra Akaka (congas), Checo Tohomaso (perc), Bugsy Wilcox (dr), Lecester Kentle (voc), Frankie J. Bates (voc), Robert W. Stevenson (voc)
1 Time
2 Got To Give It Up
3 A Funky Space Reincarnation
4 After The Dance
5 Come Get To This
6 Let's Get It On
7 After The Dance
8 If This World Were Mine
9 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
10 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
11 How Sweet It Is
12 Ain't That Peculiar
13 I'll Be Dog Gone
14 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
15 Trouble Man
16 Distant Lover
17 Inner City Blues
18 Mercy Mercy Me
19 What's Going On
20 A Funky Space Reincarnation
Wayne State University Jazz Band with Larry Nozero, 07 July 1980, Casino Montreux
1 Unknown title
2 I Remember It Well
3 All Or Nothing At All
4 The Churches Of Detroit
5 Malaguena
Menlo Atherton High School Jazz Band, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Michigan Technological University Faculty Jazz Combo, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Pierce College Jazz Choir, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Sweetwater High School Jazz Band, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
University of Akron Jazz Ensemble, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Wayne State University Lab Band, 08 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Brecker Brothers Band, 09 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Randy Brecker (tp), Michael Brecker (s), Barry Finnerty (g), Mark Gray (kbds), Neil Jason (b), Richard Morales (dr)
1 Straphanging
2 Tee'd Off
3 Sponge
4 Funky Sea Funky Dew
5 Some Skunk Funk
6 Inside Out
7 East River
8 Squids
Janne Schaffer and Björn J son Lindh Group, 09 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Janne Schaffer (g), Björn J Son Lindh (fl, kbds), Stefan Nilsson (kbds), Christian Veltman (b), Per Lindvall (dr)
1 Hot Days and Summer Nights
2 Sign
3 Dimbaa Jullow
4 J sons Dogs
5 High Pitch
6 An Evening At Alex
7 Fadango
8 Johans Talents
9 Billa Thi Ascara
10 It's Never Too Late
11 Pivo
12 Fall At Bromma
13 Elastic Love Song
Stanley Clarke Band, 09 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Stanley Clarke (b), Charles Johnson (g), Steve Bach (kbds), Simon Philips (dr)
1 Hymn Of The 7th Galazy
2 Pearls In The Sun
3 School Days
4 Lopsy Lu
5 Life Is Just A Game
6 Never Give Up
7 Rock'N Roll Johnny
B.B. King, 10 July 1980, Casino Montreux
B.B. King (g, voc), James Bolden (tp), Calep Emphery (dr), Edgar Synigal (s), Russell Jackson (b), Calvins Owens (tp), Arthur McLin (tp), Raymond Harris (tb), Robert Garner (ts), Leonard Grill (g), Joseph Carrier (kbds)
1 Baby I'm Yours
2 Porky Frog
3 Let The Good Times
4 Everyday I Have The Blues
5 How Blue Can You Get
6 Better Not Look Down
7 When It All Comes Down
8 Never Make A Moove Too Soon
9 Interlude
10 The Thrill Is Gone
11 Lucille
12 All Over Again
13 Jam Session Montreux
14 Interlude
15 When The Saints Go Marching In
16 I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone
Klaus Doldinger's Passport, 10 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Klaus Doldinger (s, kbds), David Crigger (dr, perc), Kevin Mulligan (g, voc), Hendrick Schaper (kbds), Dieter Petereit (b)
1 Atalaxy
2 Bahia Do Sol
3 Bassride
4 Departure
5 Scope
6 Dreamware
7 Alegria
8 Scirocco
Little Willie Littlefield, 10 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Little Willie Littlefield (p, voc)
1 One Scotch, One Bourbon
2 I Need You
3 House Party
4 Going Down Slow
5 I Got The Blues
6 Looking Back
7 Happyness
8 Crying The Blues
9 Blueberry Hill
10 Undecided Boogie
11 My Home
Van Morrison, 10 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Van Morrison (voc, g), John Platania (ld g), John Allair (kbds), David Hayes (b), Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis (horns), Peter Van Hooke (dr), Daoud Shaar (dr), Jeff Labes (kbds), Mark Isham (horns)
1 Wavelength
2 Kingdom Hall
3 And It Stoned Me
4 Troubador
5 Spirit
6 Joyous Sound
7 Satisfied
8 Ballerina
9 Summertime In England
10 Moondance
11 Haunts Of Ancient Peace
12 Wild Night
13 Listen To The Lion
14 Tupelo Honey
15 Angeliou
Jojo Zep & The Falcons, 11 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Joe Camilleri (voc, s, g), Jeff Burstin (g), Tony Faehse (voc, g), Wilbur Wilde (voc, s), Gary Young (dr, perc), John Power (voc, b)
1 Hit And Run
2 All I Wanna Do
3 Puppet On A String
4 Security
5 Rudie
6 Shape Im In
7 Billy Baxter
8 Lonely Heart
9 Not A Woman No A Child
10 I Will Return
11 Honey Dripper
12 Promised Land
Q-Tips, 11 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Garth Watt-Roy (g, fl), Paul Young (g, tonsils), Ian Kewley (kbds, french horn), Mick Pearl (b, vb, bassoon), Stewart Blandamer (s, g), Steve Farr (s, fiddle, fl), Tony Hughes (tp), Barry Watts (dr, pint pots)
1 Soul Man
2 Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody
3 Respect
4 Having A Party
5 Tracks Of My Tears
6 A Man Can't Lose
7 Some Kind Of Wonderful
8 Raise Your Hand
9 Sweet Soul Music
10 Get 'Em Up Joe
11 S.Y.S.L.J.F.M.
12 How Sweet It Is
13 Land Of 1'000 Dances
14 Shout
The Specials, 11 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Terry Hall (voc), Neville Staples (voc), Dick Cuthell (tp), Rico Rodriguez (tb), Jerry "general Dankey" Dammers (kbds), Roddy Byers (g), Lynval Golding (g), "sir Horace Gentleman" Panter (b), John "Brad" Bradbury (dr)
1 Rude Boys Outas Jail
2 It's Up To You
3 Little Bitch
4 Monkey Man
5 Blank Expression
6 Concrete Jungle
7 Stupid Marriage
8 You're Wondering Now
9 Poor Boy Conventry
10 Nothing Ever Changed
11 Rat Race
12 Stereotype
13 A Message To You Rudy
14 Man At C&A
15 Do The Dog
16 Too Much Too Young
17 Rachel
18 Fanta C.
19 Nite Klub
20 Enjoy Yourself
21 You're Wondering Now
The Tickets, 11 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Kevin Carlsen (g, voc), Dom Torsche (p), Hubert Heritier (b), Steve Rappo (dr)
1 Electricity
2 What Are You Doing
3 Can't Feel
4 Just Don't Know
5 Nothing But The Rain
6 Little Girl
7 Shine On Me
8 Just A Feeling
9 Got To Get You Into My Life
10 Take All The Love
11 Too Many Bullshitters
12 Love On The Rocks
Clive Langer & The Boxes, 12 July 1980, Casino Montreux
James Eller (b), Clive Langer (g, voc), Ben Barson (kbds), Martin Hughes (dr)
1 Never Wanted You
2 Burning Money
3 Hard Luck Story
4 Lovely Evening
5 Never Wanted To Kiss You
6 Splash
7 Hello
8 Take You Down
9 Dead Beat
10 Best Dressed Man
11 I Want The Whole World
12 Half As Nice
13 It's All Over Now
Elvis Costello & The Attractions, 12 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Elvis Costello (voc, g), Pete Thomas (dr), Bruce Thomas (b), Steve Naive (kbds)
1 Accidents Will Happen
2 The Beat
3 Temptation
4 Greenshirt
5 Secondary Modern
6 Lovers Walk
7 Walk Don't Look Back
8 Fidelity
9 Clubland
10 Whisper To A Scream
11 Watching The Detectives
12 You Belong To Me
13 Mistery Dance
14 Help Me
15 Olivers Army
16 I Can't Stand Up
17 Pump It Up
Rockpile, 12 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Nick Lowe (b, voc), Dave Edmunds (g, voc), Billy Bremner (g, voc), Terry Williams (dr)
1 Cry
2 Baby Ride Easy
3 Sweet Little Liza
4 So It Goes
5 I Knew The Bride
6 Queen Of Hearts
7 Switchboard Susan
8 Trouble Boys
9 Teacher Teacher
10 Girls Talk
11 3 Time Loser
12 Fine Fine
13 Crawling From The Wreckage
14 Singing The Blues
15 Let It Rock
16 I Hear You Knocking
17 They Called It Rock
18 Ju Ju Man
19 Let's Talk About Us
Original Mirrors, 13 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Steve Allen (voc), Ian Broudie (g), Jonathan Perkins (kbds), Phil Spalding (b), Pete Kircher (dr)
1 Could This Be Heaven
2 Sharp Words
3 Reflections
4 Flying
5 On Broadway
6 Feel Like A Train
7 Chains Of Love
8 Boys Cry
9 We Go Tonight
10 Heartbreak Hotel
Spiderz, 13 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Guus Boers (voc, g), Koos Cornelissen (g, voc), Bart Brouwer (kbds, voc), Walter Langdon (b), Broer Bogaart (dr)
1 Need For Love
2 I Like The Night
3 One Way Love
4 I'm Yours Tonight
5 Teaser
6 Start It Over
7 Colours
8 Movies
9 The Test
10 It's About Time
11 S.O.S.
12 Car
13 Afterwards
14 I'm Yours Tonight
15 Need For Love
16 Can You Play
17 The Test
Steve Hackett, 13 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Steve Hackett (g, voc), John Hackett (fl, g), John Shearer (dr), Nick Magnus (kbds), Dik Cadbury (b), Pete Hicks (voc)
1 Slogans
2 Everyday
3 Spectral Mornings
4 Times To Get Out
5 The Steppes
6 Narnia
7 Horizons
8 Jacuzzi
9 1. The Tower Struck Down, 2. Clocks
10 Please Don't Touch
11 The Show
12 It's Now Or Never
Diane Dufresne, 14 July 1980, Casino Montreux
André Ceccarelli (dr), Diane Dufresne (voc), Antoine Bonfils (b), Jean-Claude "Jaycee Grimms" Chanavat (g), Daniel Goyone (p), Luc Plouton (kbds), Marc Golfaideur (kbds)
1 1. Virginia, 2. A Part D'Ca
2 Les Hauts Et Les Bas D'Une Hotesse De L'Air
3 Vingtieme Etage
4 J'ai Besoin D'un Chum
5 Sexe Symbole
6 J'ai Vendu Mon Ame Au Rock'N Roll
7 Chanson Pour Elvis
8 Mon Petit Boogie
9 J'ai Douze Ans
10 Le Park Belmont
11 En Ecoutant Elton John
12 Laissez Passer Les Clowns
13 Hymne A La Beaute Du Monde
14 Berceuse Pour Un Homme
Electric Callas, 14 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Gangil Callas (voc), Jean-Jacques Marmouillat (s), Louis Chretiennot (g), Marie Girard (dr), Philipp Girard (b)
1 Shake
2 Melodrama / + Make It
3 Habitude
4 White Shadow
5 Fatigue De Vous
6 Same Vision
George Rabol, 14 July 1980, Casino Montreux
George Rabol (p)
1 Biguina Lacrumae
2 Cavale
3 Polaire
4 El Kata
5 Bernadette
Tenter Hook, 14 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Laurent Beguelin (kbds, perc, voc), Erik Schenk (g, voc), Serge Gast (ld voc), Dominique Schrever (b, perc, voc), Pierre Schenk (dr, voc)
1 Chicago
2 Rubbish
3 Garden Of Hope
4 I Can't Tell
5 London City
6 It's Good Or Bad
7 We're Gonna Make It Better
8 Spitfire
9 Let Me Be Your Lover
Aichigakuin University Singing All Stars, 15 July 1980, Casino Montreux
American Youth Jazz Band of Delaware, 15 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Jazz Abroad 1 and 2, 15 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Rodger Fox Big Band, 15 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Albert Mangelsdorff Trio, 16 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Albert Mangelsdorff (tb), Ronald Shannon Jackson (dr), Jean Francois Jenny Clark (b)
1 Between Chops & Bell
2 Mood Azur
3 Rehabilitation
4 Reach For The Stars But Stay On The Carpet
5 Rip Off
6 Between Chops & Bell
Didier Lockwood Group, 16 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Jan Hammer (kbds), Didier Lockwood (vln), Bo Stief (b), Bob Malach (ts, ss), Marc Perru (g), Gerry Brown (dr)
1 All Aboard
2 Flying Kitten + Fast Travel
3 Ballade Des Fees
4 Time Is Up
5 Zebulon Dance
6 A.D.G.C.
7 Solo Violon
8 Turtle Shuffle
9 Sbiggy
10 Zebulon Dance
Gloria Niemann Quartet, 16 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Gloria Niemann (voc), Jurg Ammann (p), Michel Poffet (b), David Elias (dr)
1 Good Morning - Hart'Ache
2 What A Little Moonlight Can Do
3 The Voice
4 Aunt Nelly
5 Bitter Sweet
Mel Lewis Big Band, 16 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Earl McIntyre (btb), Joe Lovano (saxes,ts,clavinet), John Marshall (tp), Mel Lewis (dt), Earl Gardner (ld tp), Simo Salminen (tp), Joe Mosello (tp), John Mosca (btb lead), Douglas Purviance (btb), Lee Robertson (tb), Dick Oatts (saxes,as,fl,clavinet), Steve Coleman (saxes,as,fl,clavinet), Gary Pribek (saxes,bs,clavinet), Richard Perry (saxes,ts,fl), Jim McNeely (p), John Lockwood (b), Stephanie Fauber (french horn)
1 One Finger's Snap
2 Speak Like A Child
3 Wiggle - Waggle
4 Dolfin Dance
5 Eye Of The Hurricane
6 Antigua
7 Theme
Amako-Kai, 17 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Sen Amano (ld), Toshiko Nakakuni (perc), Haruhiko Shimizu (perc), Yuzi Yamamura (perc), Kazuhito Yokouchi (perc), Yoshiharu Otani (perc), Teruo Nakata (perc), Zyuzo Yamate (perc), Kiyoshi Shimogami (perc), Shigekazu Nakanishi (perc), Yasushi Masuda (perc), Yoshiharu Shirakawa (perc)
1 Yama
2 Kaori
3 The Taiko
4 Hiryu
5 Netaro
6 The Oni
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Big Band, 17 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Bobby Watson (as), James Williams (p), Wynton Marsalis (tp), Kevin Eubanks (g), Art Blakey (dr), Bill Pierce (ts), Valery Ponomarev (tp), Charles Fambrough (b), Robin Eubanks (tb), Branford Marsalis (bs), John Ramsey (dr)
1 Minor Thesis
2 The Bittadose
3 Stairway To The Stars
4 Blues March
5 Wheel Within A Wheel
6 Say Dr. J
7 Mr. Linwood
8 Theme Song
Chico Hamilton Sextet, 17 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Jean-Paul Bourelly (g), Chico Hamilton (dr), Kathy Adair (voc), Paul Ramsey (b), Michael Santiago (g), George King Jr (s)
1 V. O.
2 The Baron
3 First Light
4 Strut
5 Chico's Romance
6 M S P
7 Sophisticated Lady
8 Satin Doll
9 We Make Music "I"
10 We Make Music "II"
11 Forest Flower
12 Outrageous
Drum Summit, 17 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Didier Lockwood (vln), Chico Hamilton (dr), Gerry Brown (dr), Art Blakey (dr), Amano Kai (perc), Billy Higgins (dr)
1 Universal Suite
2 Universal Suite
George Coleman Octet, 17 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Clint Houston (b), George Coleman (ts, as), Harold Mabern (p), Billy Higgins (dr), Sal Nistico (ts), Danny Moore (flh), Mario Rivera (bs), Frank Strozier (as, fl)
1 Simone
2 Lo - Joe
3 Waltzing Westard
4 Portrait Of Jenny
5 Mr. Jose Johnson
Abdullah Ibrahim Dollar Brand Group, 18 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Abdullah Ibrahim Dollar Brand (p, ss), Carlos Ward (s, fl), Craig Harris (tb), Alonzo Gardner (b), Andre Strobart (dr)
1 Tsakwe
2 Perfumed Forest
3 Children Of Africa
4 Ishmael
5 The Homecoming Song
6 Tsakwe
7 The Wedding
8 Whoza Mtwana
Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble, 18 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Tito Puente (timb, vb), Carlos "Patato" Valdés (congas, perc), Alfredo De La Fé (el-vln), Michael Vinas (b), Jorge Dalto (p)
1 Bacalao Con Pan
2 My Favorite Things
3 Morning
4 Comelon
5 Almendra
6 El Rey Del Timbal
7 Oye Como Va
Mingus Dynasty, 18 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Randy Brecker (tp), Billy Hart (dr), Aladar Pege (b), Mike Richmond (b), Roland Hanna (p), Joe Farrell (s), Jimmer Knepper (tb)
1 The Fables Of Faubus
2 Alice's Wonderland
3 Sketch To
4 Table Dance
5 Meditations
6 Haitian Fight Song
7 Consider Me
8 Better Git It In Your Soul
9 Sophisticated Lady
10 The Fables Of Faubus
11 Alice's Wonderland
12 Table Dance
Nyiama Ensemble, 18 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Sid Clark (g), Ara Dinkjian (oud, p, g), Brian McLaughlin (tabla, perc), David Dyson (vln)
1 Very Nice
2 Malaga
3 Worm
Dizzy Gillespie, Toots Thielemans, Bernard Purdie, 19 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Dizzy Gillespie (tp, voc, guimb), Toots Thielemans (g), Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (dr)
1 Christopher Columbus
2 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
3 Montreux 80
4 Get Back Booty
5 After Math
Gato Barbieri Sextet, 19 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Gato Barbieri (s, voc), Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (dr), Edward Martinez (kbds), Bill Washer (g), Lincoln Goines (b), Skip Howlett (perc)
1 Europa
2 Fiesta
3 Llamerito
4 Brazil
5 Nostalgia
6 Latino America
7 El Arriero
Mongo Santamaria Salsa Orchestra, 19 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Toots Thielemans (hca), Mongo Santamaria (congas), Steve Berrios (dr), Tommy Villainez (tp), Milt Hamilton (p), Allen Hoist (s, fl), Doug Harris (s, fl), Lee Smith (b)
1 T. V.
2 Havana
3 Fajaro Cantor
4 Vitud
5 Sofrito
6 Mambo Mongo
7 Afro Blue
8 Summertime
9 Watermelon Man
10 Down
11 Come Candella
12 Para Te
Naoya Matsuoka Big Band, 19 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Toots Thielemans (hca), Mongo Santamaria (congas), Naoya Matsuoka (kbds), Yuichi Togashiki (dr), Getao Takahashi (b), Akira Wada (g), Kenji Nakazawa (tp), Kazumi Takeda (tb), Tadonori Konakawa (tb), Yasuaki Shimizu (ts), Hidefumi Toki (as), Tatsuji Yokoyama (perc), Martin Willweber (timbales), Pecker (congas)
1 Desatio
2 Penney Market
3 Noche Corriendo
4 Mistica Latina
5 Rap Out
6 Adria
7 Fall Forever
8 Dried Flower & Dried Love
9 Fisherman's Break
10 Que Pasa Amigo
Champion Jack Dupree, 20 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Champion Jack Dupree (p, voc), Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (dr), Carlton McWilliams (b), Lee Allen (s), David Douglas (g)
1 Freedom
2 Chicken Shake
3 Come Back Baby
4 I Hate To Be Alone
5 Ain't That A Shame
6 One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
7 Trouble With My Wife And My Mother-In-Law
Fats Domino, 20 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Carlton McWilliams (b), Lee Allen (s), Fats Domino (p, voc), Thomas Johnson (tp), Joseph Johnson (dr), Roger Lewis (s), Frederick Kemp (s), Walter Kimble (s), Teddy Royal (g), Herber Hardesty (ts, tp), David Doublas (g)
1 I'm Walking
2 I'm Walking
3 Blue Monday
4 Ain't That A Shame
5 Shake Rattle And Roll
6 I Want To Walk You Home
7 I'm Ready
8 Going Home
9 I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
10 Blueberry Hill
11 Jambalaya
12 I'm In Love Again
13 Hello Josephine
14 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
15 Let The Four Winds Blow
16 So Lonh
17 All By Myself
18 When The Saints Go Marchin In
19 Sentimental Journey
20 I Can't Go On
21 Improvisation
Rick Wakeman, 20 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Rick Wakeman (p)
1 Sweet Georgia Brown
2 Summertime
Swiss Swing Six Minus One, 20 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Henri Chaix (p), Michel Pilet (ts), Isla Eckinger (vb, tp), Peter Schmidli (g), Alain Dubois (b)
1 Moppin & Boppin
2 Sweethearts On Parade
3 Cotton Tail
4 Mood Indigo
5 The Man I Love
6 Star Dust
7 Jumpin' At The Woodside
8 Bluesy, Bluesy, Blues
Wallace Davenport and New Orleans Gospel Choir, 20 July 1980, Casino Montreux
Wallace Davenport (tp, voc), Orange Kellin (clavinet), Lucien Barbarin (tp), Edward Frank (p), Lloyd Lambert (b), June Gardner (dr), Angel (voc)
1 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
2 Messin' Around
3 Basin Street Blues
4 Bill Bailey
5 For You My Love
6 Blues
7 Original Dixieland One Step
8 Alleluia
9 He Touches Me
10 Down By The Riverside
11 I Would Play Alleluia For My Lord
12 When The Saints Go Marchin' In
13 When The Saints Go Marchin' In
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