(Vocal Jazz, Brazilian) Elis Regina - Elis (1977) {Philips 832 060-2, Brazil} - 1998, APE (image+.cue) lossless

(Vocal Jazz, Brazilian) Elis Regina - Elis (1977) {Philips 832 060-2, Brazil} - 1998, APE (image+.cue) lossless
Elis Regina - Elis (1977)
Жанр: Vocal Jazz, Brazilian
Страна-производитель диска: Brazil
Год издания диска: 1998
Издатель (лейбл): Universal Music / PolyGram / Philips
Номер по каталогу: 832 060-2
Аудио кодек: APE (*.ape)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:36:25
Источник (релизер): barin99
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
01. Caxangá 3:12
02. Colagem 4:17
03. Vecchio Novo 3:25
04. Morro Velho 4:49
05. Qualquer Dia 2:28
06. Romaria 4:06
07. A Dama Do Apocalipse 4:05
08. Cartomante 3:17
09. Sentimental Eu Fico 4:11
10. Transversal Do Tempo 2:30
Elis Regina — Vocals
Milton Nascimento — Vocals
Marcio Werneck — Flute
Renato Teixeira — Viola, Vocals
Crispin Dell Cistia — Guitar
Ivan Lins — Piano
César Camargo Mariano — Piano, Synthesizer
Nathan Marques — Guitar
Dudy Portes — Bateria, Percussion
Thomas Roth — Vocals
Sirlan — Vocals
Lucinha Lins — Vocals
Zé Luiz — Vocals
Элиc Режина Карвалью да Коста (порт. Elis Regina Carvalho da Costa) (17 марта 1945 — 19 января 1982), известная просто как Элис Режина — бразильская певица, выступавшая в жанрах босса-нова и бразильская популярная музыка (порт. MPB, Música Popular Brasileira). Остаётся одной из самых уважаемых и любимых звёзд бразильской эстрады.
Сотрудничала с такими известными авторами, как Антониу Карлуш Жобим, Винисиуш де Мораиш, Жилберту Жил, Шико Буарке, Баден Пауэлл, Милтон Насименту, Каэтану Велозу, Рита Ли, Виолета Парра и многими другими. Обладательница богатого интонациями голоса, она в равной степени блестяще исполняла как быстрые номера босса-новы и тропикалии, так и баллады в стиле бразильской популярной музыки.
Элис Режина родилась в Порто Алегре (Бразилия) 17 марта 1945 года в семье разнорабочего и домохозяйки. В музыке дебютировала как певица на местном детском радио («Rádio Farroupilha»). В 13 лет получает свой первый контракт с радиостанцией. В 15 лет записывает в Рио-де-Жанейро первую пластинку. В 18 лет переезжает в Рио. Певица быстро набирает популярность — в 1965 году она получает высшую награду на бразильском вокальном фестивале. В дальнейшем певица прочно заняла одно из первых мест по известности и всенародной любви в Бразилии. Умерла Элис Режина 19 января 1982 года в возрасте 36 лет в своем доме в Сан-Паулу.
Source: ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Режина,_Элис ( via Faith )
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Содержание индексной карты (.CUE)
REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v0.99pb5"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
TITLE "Elis (1977)"
FILE "Elis Regina - Elis (1977).ape" WAVE
TITLE "Caxanga"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Colagem"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 03:11:20
INDEX 01 03:12:62
TITLE "Vecchio novo"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 07:29:02
INDEX 01 07:30:45
TITLE "Morro velho"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 10:55:00
INDEX 01 10:56:42
TITLE "Qualquer dia"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 15:44:02
INDEX 01 15:45:45
TITLE "Romaria"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 18:12:47
INDEX 01 18:14:15
TITLE "A dama do apocalipse"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 22:19:27
INDEX 01 22:20:70
TITLE "Cartomante"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 26:24:50
INDEX 01 26:26:17
TITLE "Sentimental eu fico"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 29:41:70
INDEX 01 29:43:37
TITLE "Transversal do tempo"
PERFORMER "Elis Regina"
INDEX 00 33:53:22
INDEX 01 33:54:65
Tracklist with Credits (by Faith)
01. Caxangá (Milton Nascimento - Fernando Brant) (3:12)
02. Colagem (Cláudio Lucci) (4:17)
03. Vecchio novo (José Márcio Pereira - Cláudio Lucci) (3:25)
04. Morro velho (Milton Nascimento) (4:49)
05. Qualquer dia (Vitor Martins - Ivan Lins) (2:28)
06. Romaria (Renato Teixeira) (4:06)
07. A dama do apocalipse (Crispin - Nathan Marques) (4:05)
08. Cartomante (Vitor Martins - Ivan Lins) (3:17)
09. Sentimental eu fico (Renato Teixeira) (4:11)
10. Transversal do tempo (Aldir Blanc - João Bosco) (2:30)
"Temperamental and moody, capable of fits of extreme generosity that could quickly turn into moments of rage-filled paranoia, Elis Regina was one of the most ferociously talented singers to emerge from Brazil. A perfectionist who was frequently dissatisfied, Regina drove herself and members of her band relentlessly, leading to her being dubbed 'Hurricane' and 'Little Pepper' by musicians and music journalists. Her tempestuous nature aside, she commanded the respect of Brazil's leading songwriters, who lined up for the chance to have her record one of their songs, and for much of her short life was the country's most popular female vocalist.
Born Elis Regina Carvalho Costa in Porto Alegre in 1945 to a working-class family, Regina began singing professionally at age 12 on a children's television show called Clube de Guri. For the next two years she was a regular performer on the program and became a local celebrity. It was during this period that she signed her first recording contract at the age of 13. At 15 she relocated to Rio de Janeiro, where she recorded the first of three records, returning to Porto Alegre between each. Her initial recordings sold well and she was soon a teenage star, as well as the family's principal breadwinner. In 1963, at the age of 18, Regina and her father, in a move designed to further her career, relocated to Rio. Unfortunately, it was around this time that a military junta took over control of the country.
Not long after her move to Rio, Regina became a fixture on Brazilian variety shows. Although the cool, supple, jazzy bossa nova sound was in vogue at the time, Regina preferred more raucous rhythms and full-throated singing. Adding to this was her dynamic, unsophisticated stage presence (which belied a career-long battle against near-paralytic stage fright) that, in American terms, might be best understood if one thinks of the tornado-like force that Janis Joplin could unleash. In 1965, Regina sang the controversial (and nearly censored) song 'Arrastao' at Rio's first big popular music festival. In a performance that may well have been the defining moment of her career, she posed in Christ-like crucifixion, tears streaming down her face at the song's conclusion. From that moment on, her popularity rocketed; she went from being one of many successful Brazilian singers to the most popular and highest-paid singer in the country — at the age of 21.
Although not as overtly political as other singer/songwriters of her generation (e.g., Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil), Regina was not shy about criticizing Brazil's military rule. While touring Europe in 1969 she told a journalist that her country was 'being run by guerrillas.' Normally this sentiment would lead to either jail or exile (or both in the case of Gil and Veloso), but Regina's enormous popularity protected her somewhat from any public government retaliation. However, the military junta used more insidious strong-arm tactics, such as forcing her to sing the Brazilian national anthem at a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the country's 'independence.' She was roundly attacked by leftist performers for such a public display of pro-government sentiment, and it was years later that her husband revealed that she was threatened with jail if she did not comply with the government's wishes. As the mother of a young child at the time, Regina could not afford to become a martyr.
Regina's career showed no signs of slowing as the 1970s came to a close; some of her best records were recorded during this time, and one album simply called Elis & Tom (recorded in Los Angeles with Antonio Carlos Jobim) has been called by many journalists and musicians one of the greatest Brazilian pop records ever made. However, while her career was in full swing, her personal life was in disarray — two marriages ended in divorce, and she was raising three children as well as providing for her parents. In the late '70s, after the end of her second marriage, she began using cocaine regularly, but managed to keep her increasing dependence on the drug well hidden from her friends and family. Regina began 1982 by marrying for a third time, signing a new recording contract, and in general, planning for the future. All of this came to a halt on January 19, 1982, when she was found dead of alcohol and cocaine intoxication at age 36. Initially, her death was rumored to be a suicide, but there is no evidence indicating that it was anything more than a tragic accident.
A few days after her death, a memorial concert was held in São Paulo featuring many of Brazil's most famous singers. Over 100,000 grieving Brazilians came to pay their final respects to this gifted, mercurial singer who remains as popular after death as she was in life."
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