(Post Bop / Latin Jazz) Mattan Klein Quintet - Live at the Nashville Jazz Workshop - 2007, APE (image+.cue), lossless


Mattan Klein Quintet - Live at the Nashville Jazz Workshop
Жанр: Post Bop / Latin Jazz
Год выпуска диска: 2007
Страна исполнителя: Israel
Производитель диска: USA
Аудио кодек: APE
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 77:09
01. Laximum (9:06)
02. Solar Cycle (7:21)
03. Casa Forte (11:45)
04. Lost Kid (10:24)
05. Cage Category (8:40)
06. Pra Ela (6:38)
07. Frevo (13:37)
08. A Ra (9:34)
Mattan Klein Quintet:
Mattan Klein - fl
Manu Koch - p
Gustavo Amarante - b
Yuval Lion - d
Joca Perpignan - pc
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Album Notes
This fresh live recording from the Mattan Klein Quintet was caught on tape at one on America's most exciting Jazz venues located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The band presented an evening of originals and some Brazilian Jazz standards to an enthuseastic crowd of Jazz lovers, it was caught on tape by NPR's own Nashville Native Tom Knox. Mixed by master engineer Ilya Lishinsky in New York, this album is one of the freshest Jazz concerts to be released in 2008, featuring band members from Brazil, Israel and Switzerland.
The Mattan Klein Quintet performs extensively on stages across North America, quintet members played at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC, New Jersey Performing Arts Center programs, Blues Alley in Washington DC, 92nd street Y in New York, Regatta-Bar in Boston, and The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Internationally Mattan Klein was featured at the Ottawa International Writers Festival and the Muskoka Music Festival in Canada, The Festival of Jazz in Binyamina, Israel. The band collaborated with Jazz societies across America (Blues Alley Jazz Society, The Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society, New Mexico Jazz Workshop), and with individual New York based composers/collaborators such as Omer Klein, Pablo Vergara, Juancho Herrera and many more.
Mattan's Quintet year 2001 album 'Love Alive' was released after recieving a special grant from Jerusalem mayor at the time, Mr. Ehud Olmert. Mr. Klein’s awards include the 2000 John Lennon Songwriting Contest under the Jazz Composition category and the 2003 USA Songwriting Contest.
Mattan Klein introduces the contemporary Israeli blend of musical influences in his compositions and in his flute playing, while employing the musical language he has become so fluent in. This combination makes his playing fresh and innovative, and presents a lively new dimension to the art of Jazz Flute.
Louisville Music News
"I have to admit that I was little ambivalent about what to do on Friday night the 11th; the California Guitar Trio, a Robert Fripp-influenced ensemble that I like, was at the Clifton Center the same night as The Mattan Klein Quintet was appearing at the Jazz Factory. I opted for the unfamiliar and was highly pleased with my choice. Klein is a flutist, originally from Israel, who leads a multinational quintet that consists of Swiss pianist Manu Koch, Brazilian electric bassist Gustavo Amarante, Israeli drummer Dan Aran and Brazilian percussionist Joca Perpignan. The opening number "Yamba Samba" ("Lots of Samba") showed that this group played Brazilian jazz with authenticity. Guitarist Avi Rothbard was not present due to his having recently become a father; he was represented, however, by his song "Unstable," which appears on Klein's CD LoveAlive. "Laximum," dedicated to a friend's dog, was a fast, polyrhythmic workout, held together by Amarante's steady bass. "The Lost Kid" featured solos by Klein, Koch and Amarante over a funky backbeat. A slow pretty tune, "Pra Ela," also from the CD, was next. The last song of the evening was a fast-paced rendition of Egberto Gismonti's "Frevo," which has also been covered by jazz factory favorite Lynne Arriale. Perpignan's conga and percussion work on this song was outstanding. Klein's flutework throughout was clear and rhythmic".Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. (Jazz Columnist and Writer), Louisville Music News (September 2006)
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Mattan Klein Quintet / Live at the Nashville Jazz Workshop
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PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
TITLE "Live at the Nashville Jazz Workshop"
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TITLE "Laximum"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Solar Cycle"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 09:06:73
TITLE "Casa Forte"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 16:28:68
TITLE "Lost Kid"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 28:14:47
TITLE "Cage Category"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 38:39:15
TITLE "Pra Ela"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 47:20:13
TITLE "Frevo"
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 53:58:30
PERFORMER "Mattan Klein Quintet"
INDEX 01 67:35:31
PRIVATE RELEASE Очень вкусно, легко и ненавязчиво звучит Mattan Klein Quintet. Мне это напомнило работы Freddie Hubbard'а на CTI.
Технически музыканты безупречны. Запись тоже не вызывает нареканий. Хотелось бы еще послушать.
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