(Latin Jazz / Post-Bop / Afro-Cuban Jazz) Danilo Perez — The Journey — 1995, FLAC (tracks)

The Journey
Danilo Perez
Lаbel: Novus
Жанр: Latin Jazz / Post-Bop / Afro-Cuban Jazz
Год выпуска: 1995
Формат: FLAC (tracks)
Продолжительность: 55:10
1 The Capture: Morning / The Forest (Percussion) / The Taking
2 Chains
3 Voyage, The
4 Arrival, The
5 Awakening
6 New Vision
7 Panama 2000
8 Reminisce
9 Flight To Freedom: Anticipation / The Flight
10 African Wave
11 Libre Spiritus
Доп. информация:
Personnel: Danilo Perez (piano); David Sanchez (soprano & tenor saxophones); George Garzone (tenor saxophone); Larry Grenadier, Andy Gonzalez (bass); Ignacio Berroa (drums, percussion); Milton Cardona (percussion, vocals); Kimati Dinizulu (percussion, bamboo flute); Giovanni Hildalgo (bata, percussion); Guillermo Franco (caja, repicador).
Recorded at The Power Station, New York on December 19 & 20, 1993
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Danilo Perez / The Journey
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Track 1
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Track 2
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\02 - Chains.wav
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Track 3
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Track 4
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Track 5
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\05 - Awakening.wav
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Track 6
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\06 - New Vision.wav
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Track 7
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\07 - Panama 2000.wav
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Track 8
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\08 - Reminisce.wav
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Track 9
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\09 - Flight to Freedom.wav
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Track 10
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\10 - African Wave.wav
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Track 11
Filename H:\Danilo Perez - The Journey\11 - Libre Spiritus.wav
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типа рецензия
Pianist Danilo Perez's second recording as a leader is a real gem. Divided into "Time Past" and "Time Present," Perez performs music utilizing Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms, complex time signatures, original themes, the influence of bop, and his own very strong technique. The personnel and instrumentation changes from song to song, ranging from a septet with both George Garzone and David Sanchez on saxophones (along with two percussionists playing a wide variety of exotic instruments) to a conventional trio, a duet with drummer Ignacio Berroa, and a pair of solo piano pieces. Bassist Larry Grenadier plays very well, always sounding confident during the very tricky music, while Perez displays a highly original yet logical style. Well worth several listens.
Scott Yanow
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