(Jazz/Accordeon/Tango) Richard Galliano w.Palle Danielsson & Joey Baron - Laurita - 1996, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless

(Jazz/Accordeon/Tango) Richard Galliano w.Palle Danielsson & Joey Baron - Laurita - 1996, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless
Richard Galliano w.Palle Danielsson & Joey Baron - Laurita
Жанр: Jazz/Accordeon/Tango
Год выпуска диска: 1996
Производитель диска: France/Label: Dreyfus
Аудио кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 50:27
1 Leo, Estante Num Instante (Pascoal) 4:54
2 Libertango (Piazzolla) 3:19
3 Laurita (Galliano) 3:43
4 Decisione (Galliano) 3:43
5 La Javanaise (Gainsbourg) 5:49
6 Milonga del Angel (Piazzolla) 6:04
7 Blue (Galliano) 5:09
8 Giselle (Galliano) 5:04
9 Mr. Clifton (Galliano) 3:50
10 Marutcha (Galliano) 5:24
Richard Galliano, Accordeon
Palle Danielsson: Bass
Joey Baron, Drums (except on Milonga del Angel)
Michel Portal, Bass Clarinet 1&6
Didier Lockwood, Violin 4&6
Toots Thielemans, Harmonica 3&8
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Richard Galliano / Laurita
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5 | 18:53.07 | 5:51.50 | 84982 | 111356
6 | 24:44.57 | 6:07.03 | 111357 | 138884
7 | 30:51.60 | 5:11.62 | 138885 | 162271
8 | 36:03.47 | 5:06.58 | 162272 | 185279
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10 | 45:02.65 | 5:24.45 | 202715 | 227059
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Track 4 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 4) [0E3DF37C], AccurateRip returned [0BD8246B]
Track 5 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 4) [13BC24CE], AccurateRip returned [5DAEBC15]
Track 6 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 3) [3DC931CB], AccurateRip returned [AFF1EB1F]
Track 7 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 3) [7B10CE92], AccurateRip returned [A242AF73]
Track 8 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 3) [C399B9E9], AccurateRip returned [C3490DCB]
Track 9 cannot be verified as accurate (confidence 3) [63B45140], AccurateRip returned [28DE2B5C]
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Доп. информация:
Recorded at Ferber Studios, November 1994
Original Release Date: August 20, 1996
о диске
Review by Jim Todd
In the hands of Richard Galliano, the mechanical intricacies of the accordion become agents of a compelling musical power, grace, and expression. A virtuoso of the instrument, Galliano exploits the complete orchestral potential of the keys, buttons, and air beneath his fingers. On Laurita, his musicianship is put in the service of utterly swinging jazz that is informed by the romantic and impressionistic influences of Galliano's French-Italian heritage. Call it the soundtrack for the boulevardier who likes to chase his espresso with a shot of bop. The core group on this 1995 session is Galliano, drummer Joey Baron, and bassist Palle Danielsson — a formidable trio in which Baron's muscular, musical touch and Danielsson's rich tone and technique have unfettered space to interact with Galliano's multiphonics. Guest appearances are made by frequent Galliano collaborator Michel Portal on bass clarinet for two tracks, violinist Didier Lockwood on two, and harmonica virtuoso Toots Thielemans for two others. Each works wonderful alchemy with Galliano, their contributions extending and transforming the ideas, shapes, and colors of the leader's compositions and instrumental palette. The set, consisting mostly of the leader's originals, along with a pair from Galliano mentor Astor Piazzolla, has an exciting, contemporary freshness that marries jazz drive with an elegant take on the European folk tradition. The one notable departure from this vein is Galliano's "Mr. Clifton," a track where the trio manages to out-zydeco the song's namesake, zydeco king Clifton Chenier.
Yves Chamberland Producer
Wilfred Harpaille Mastering
Pierre Jacquot Engineer
Sophie le Roux Photography
Richard Galliano born Dec 12, 1950 in Le Cannet, France
Biography by Steve Huey
Accordionist Richard Galliano did for European folk — specifically, the early-20th-century French ballroom dance form known as musette — what his mentor Astor Piazzolla did for the Argentinean tango. Galliano re-imagined and revitalized a musical tradition, expanding its emotional range to reflect modern sensibilities, and opening it up to improvisation learned through American jazz. In fact, Galliano was more of a jazz musician than a folk one, although he blurred the lines so much that distinctions were often difficult to make. Born in France of Italian stock, Galliano began playing accordion (as his father did) at a young age. He later picked up the trombone, and studied composition at the Academy in Nice; he also fell in love with jazz as a teenager, particularly cool-era Miles Davis and Clifford Brown, and made it his primary focus by the late '60s. Making a living as a jazz accordionist naturally proved difficult; fortunately, after moving to Paris in 1973, he landed a position as conductor, arranger, and composer for Claude Nougaro's orchestra. He remained there until 1976, and went on to work with numerous American and European jazz luminaries, including Chet Baker, Joe Zawinul, Toots Thielemans, Ron Carter, Michel Petrucciani, and Jan Garbarek. After meeting Astor Piazzolla, Galliano refocused on his European heritage, and set about reviving and updating musette, widely considered antiquated at the time. He signed with Dreyfus in 1993, and the label gave him enough exposure to cause a stir first in his home country, then among international jazz and world music fans. Regular recordings followed, some with clarinetist/soprano saxophonist Michel Portal, some with guitarist Jean Marie Ecay, some with his favorite rhythm section of bassist Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark and drummer Daniel Humair (after Jenny-Clark's untimely death, Remi Vignolo took his place). In 2001, Dreyfus released Gallianissimo, a compilation drawing from his seven albums for the label.
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