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1990 Gianni Gebbia Trio - Outland {Splasc(H)} [CD]

1990 Gianni Gebbia Trio - Outland {Splasc(H)} [CD]
Издатель (лейбл):
Gianni Gebbia Trio / Outland
Жанр: Avant-Garde Jazz
Страна-производитель диска: Italy
Год издания диска: 1990
Издатель (лейбл): Splasc(H) Records
Номер по каталогу: 315
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 54:29
Источник (релизер): cd
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
1 Verso Kamarina 12:01
2 Immer Geradeaus 5:12
3 Zero in Geometria 14:10
4 Outland (To Berke Breathed) 6:58
5 Shamal 16:08
Лог создания рипа
Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 2 from 29. April 2011
EAC extraction logfile from 24. October 2012, 12:11
Gianni Gebbia Trio / Outland
Used drive  : Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A   Adapter: 0  ID: 0
Read mode               : Secure
Utilize accurate stream : Yes
Defeat audio cache      : Yes
Make use of C2 pointers : No
Read offset correction                      : 48
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out          : No
Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
Delete leading and trailing silent blocks   : No
Null samples used in CRC calculations       : Yes
Used interface                              : Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000
Used output format              : User Defined Encoder
Selected bitrate                : 320 kBit/s
Quality                         : High
Add ID3 tag                     : No
Command line compressor         : C:\Program Files\Exact Audio Copy\Flac\flac.exe
Additional command line options : -V -8 -T "Date=%year%" -T "Genre=%genre%" %source%
TOC of the extracted CD
     Track |   Start  |  Length  | Start sector | End sector
        1  |  0:00.32 | 12:01.38 |        32    |    54144
        2  | 12:01.70 |  5:12.00 |     54145    |    77544
        3  | 17:13.70 | 14:10.00 |     77545    |   141294
        4  | 31:23.70 |  6:58.10 |    141295    |   172654
        5  | 38:22.05 | 16:08.27 |    172655    |   245281
Range status and errors
Selected range
     Filename K:\ЕАС\Gianni Gebbia Trio - Outland.wav
     Peak level 98.5 %
     Extraction speed 1.8 X
     Range quality 99.9 %
     Test CRC CE37F86A
     Copy CRC CE37F86A
     Copy OK
No errors occurred
AccurateRip summary
Track  1  not present in database
Track  2  not present in database
Track  3  not present in database
Track  4  not present in database
Track  5  not present in database
None of the tracks are present in the AccurateRip database
End of status report
==== Log checksum 737ACF86E37E687AACE3FD87DED7F0E7CDD6F3F7AF6DB06134539EFDFAFF8EFD ====
Содержание индексной карты (.CUE)
REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v1.0b2"
PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
TITLE "Outland"
FILE "Gianni Gebbia Trio - Outland.flac" WAVE
    TITLE "Verso Kamarina"
    PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
    INDEX 00 00:00:00
    INDEX 01 00:00:32
    TITLE "Immer Geradeaus"
    PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
    INDEX 01 12:01:70
    TITLE "Zero in Geometria"
    PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
    INDEX 01 17:13:70
    TITLE "Outland (To Berke Breathed)"
    PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
    INDEX 01 31:23:70
    TITLE "Shamal"
    PERFORMER "Gianni Gebbia Trio"
    INDEX 01 38:22:05
Об альбоме
Saxophonist and composer Gianni Gebbia is deeply influenced by Ornette Coleman and the late Jim Pepper. His trio with drummer Vittorio Villa and bassist Lelio Giannetto -- and guest Massimo Simonine helping out on electronics and turntables and keyboards -- delves deeply into the simple repetitive melodies Coleman is so famous for, and turns them into epics. This is a music based in the most basic elements of harmonic construction, where a melody can be created and deconstructed while it continues to play through the listener's mind as the improvisation moves over it. It is never totally absent in the ensemble's playing, such as in the amazing "Verso Kamarina," with either Gebbia or Villa carrying the essence of that melody through a blowing fest that is adorned with all manner of electronic trickery by Simonine. Elsewhere, on "Immer Gerardeaus," the lyric sensibility seems absent amid the wooly free jazz improvising, but, nonetheless, it is there, somewhere between horn and bass, spitting itself out in bits and pieces like jagged shards of pretty glass. The title track (dedicated to cartoonist Berke Breathed) is a shambolic exploration of a high register line that is adorned by percussion and a droning bassline. Here, too, the melody is in the line itself that seems to come from a non-Western source. Finally, Gebbia's true genius comes to play in "Shamal," a monolithic work that crosses jazz boundaries into North African street music, Middle Eastern chant, and vanguard lyricism á la Don Cherry's MU albums. The interplay between the sampled voices and Gebbia's alto is unsettling it's so close, and the droning rhythms of Villa and Giannetto that are guided through the knots by Simonine's electric piano are truly hypnotic. There is no resolution in this piece as it moves through you rather than around you; it encapsulates everything within itself and then just buries it whole. This is in its own way a very confrontational, yet very listenable, work of Italian vanguard jazz. Amazing.
Gianni Gebbia Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Prepared Sax
Lelio Giannetto Contrabass
Vittorio Villa Drums, Percussion
Special guest
Massimo Simonini CD Player, Objects, Turntables, Voice, Casio SKI
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