1987 Montreux Jazz Festival

1987 Montreux Jazz Festival
GERSCHWIN, GEORGE, 02 July 1987, Casino Montreux
HANCOCK, HERBIE, 02 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Herbie Hancock (piano)
1 Improvisation sur "Rhapsody In Blue"
2 Liza
3 Dolphin Dance
4 Maiden Voyage
Orchestre philharmonique des Pays de la Loire, 02 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Juan Martin (g solo), Marc Soustrot (dir.), Margot Pares-Reyna (soprano)
1 Danses Symphoniques de "West Side Story"
2 Weeping Woman
3 Zapateado
4 Summertime
5 Adagio Du Concerto D'Aranjuez
6 Malaguena
7 Bachianas Brasileiras No 5
8 Rhapsody In Blue
9 Ouverture Cubaine
Unknown, 02 July 1987, Casino Montreux
PAT METHENY GROUP, THE, 03 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Pat Metheny (ld g, synth.), Lyle Mays (kbds, synth), Steve Rodby (b), Paul Wertico (dr), Armando Marcal (perc), Davic Blamires (voc), Mark Ledford (voc)
1 Forward March
2 Phase Dance
3 Travels
4 Tell It All
5 Last Train Home
6 Daulton Lee
7 First Circle
8 Untitled No 1
9 Farmer's Trust
10 So May It Secretly Begin
11 Straight On Red
12 Are You Going With Me
13 The Fields, The Sky
14 Twice In A Life Time
15 It's Just
16 Untitled No 2
17 This Is Not America
18 Minuano
19 Third Wind
20 American Garage
João Bosco & César Camargo Mariano, 04 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Joao Bosco (voc, g), Cesar Camargo (kbds, voc)
1 Unknown title
2 Curumim
3 Interlude
4 Na Baixa Do Sapateiro
5 Bate Um Balaio Ou Rockson Do Pandeiro
6 Cabeça De Nego
7 Tambores
8 Corsario
9 Bolerando Com Ravel
10 Papel Machê
11 Unknown title
12 Si Si, No No
13 Ronco Da Cuica
14 Imcompatibilidade De Genios
15 Gagabirô
16 Unknown title
17 Salamanca
18 A Com Z
Beth Carvalho (second show), 04 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Beth Carvalho (voc), Osmar Ventura (b), Geraldo Ferreira (dr), Claumir Gomez (perc), Marcello de Souza Moreina (perc), Paulo Lemos (g)
1 Da Melhor Qualidade
2 Nas Rimas Do Amor
3 Samba Do Avião
4 O Mundo E Um Moinho
5 Pé De Vento
6 Andança
7 Folhas Secas
8 Encantos Do Gantois
9 Corda No Pescoço
10 Carro De Boi
11 Vovo Chica
12 Nas Veias Do Brasil
13 Tristeza
14 Madureira
15 Barracão De Zinco
16 Firme E Forte
17 Unknown title
18 Vou Festejar
19 Toque De Malícia
Beth Carvalho (first show), 04 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Beth Carvalho (voc), Osmar Ventura (b), Geraldo Ferreira (dr), Claumir Gomez (perc), Marcello de Souza Moreina (perc), Paulo Lemos (g)
1 Da Melor Qualidade
2 Nas Rimas Do Amor
3 Samba Don Aviao
4 O Mundo E Um Moinho
5 Pe De Vento
6 Andanca
7 Folhas Secas
8 Encanto Do Gantois
9 Alô Montreux
10 Corda No Pescoço
11 Carro De Boi
12 Nas Veias Do Brasil
13 Tristeza
14 Madureira Chorou
15 Barracao
Ivan Lins, 04 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Ivan Lins (voc, kbds), Renato Franco (s, fl), Paulinho Braga (dr), Guilherme Dias Gomez (kbds, tp), Osmar Ventura (b), Heitor T. P. (g, voc)
1 Antes Que Seja Tarde
2 Vampiro Modernos
3 Sede Dos Marujos
4 Dinorah, Dinorah
5 Arlequin
6 Daquilo Que Eu Se
7 Comecar De Novo
8 Vitoriosa
9 Quadras De Roda
10 Desesperar Jamais
11 Madalena
12 Novo Tempo
13 Madalena
Os Paralamas Do Sucesso, 04 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Herbert Vianna (g, voc), Bi Ribeiro (b), Joao Barone (dr), Joao Gonsalves (kbds)
1 Interlude
2 Odile - Odila
3 Sera Que Vai Chouer
4 Alagadoz
5 Ska
6 Oculos
7 O Homem
8 Selvagem
9 Charles Anjo 45
10 A Novidade
11 Meu Erro
12 Sera Que Vai Chouer
13 Oculos
Christians, 05 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Henry Priestman (kbds, voc), Garry Christian (voc), Russell Christian (s, voc), Roger Christian (voc), Paul Barlow (dr), Mike Bulger (g), Tony Jones (b)
1 One In A Million
2 True To Yourself
3 Hooverville
4 Sad Songs
5 Drip Drop
6 And That's Why
7 Born Again
8 Ideal World
9 Fingers Point
10 Forgotten Town
11 Save A Soul
12 Save Soul
13 Unknown title
It Bites, 05 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Francis Dunnery (voc, g), Bob Dalton (dr, voc), Richard Nolan (b, voc), John Beck (kbds, voc)
1 Intro
2 Turn Me Loose
3 All In Red
4 Black December
5 Yellow Christian
6 You'll Never Go To Heaven
7 Screaming On The Beaches
8 Calling All The Heroes
9 I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand
10 Turn Me Loose
Itchy Fingers, 05 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Mike Moner (ts, fl), John Graham (ss, ts, cl), Martin Speake (as), Howard Torner (bars)
1 Now And Then
2 Folly
3 Headmaster's Daughter
4 Devils Pulpit
5 Dakhut
6 Quark
7 Yuppieville Radio
8 This Morning
9 L 7.50
10 Hiatus
Les Rita Mitsouko, 05 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Catherine Ringer (voc), Fred Chichin (g), Charles Alexander (kbds), Curtis Neishloss (g), Anthony Bridges (b), Richard Harrisson (dr)
1 Tonite
2 Stupid Anyway
3 Les Histoires D'A
4 Nuits D'Ivresse
5 Andy
6 Bad Days
7 Marcia Baila
8 C'Est Comme Ca
9 Vol De Nuit
10 Someone To Love
Los Lobos, 07 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Cesar Rosas (g, voc, ban sexto), David Hidalgo (g, voc, acc), Conrad Lozano (b, voc), Louis Perez (dr, voc), Steve Berlin (s)
1 Evangeline
2 Why Do You Do
3 Tears Of God
4 Will The Wolf Survive?
5 Is This All There Is
6 Anselma
7 I Got To Let You Know
8 One Time, One Night
9 My Baby's Gone
10 Dance
11 Let's Say Goodnight
12 Serenata Nortena
13 I Got Loaded
14 Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
15 Set Me Free
16 Don't Worry Be Happy
17 Prenda Del Alma
18 La Bamba
19 Corrido
MORSE, STEVE, 07 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Steve Morse (g)
1 Night Meets Light
2 Untitled
3 Jesus Que Ma Joie Demeure
4 Improvisation sur "What If"
5 Pick Your Poison
6 Untitled
7 On The Pipe
8 Untitled
9 Cruise Missile
The Pretenders, 07 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Chrissie Hynde (voc, g), Rupert Black (kbds), Robbie McIntosh (g), Malcolm Foster (b), Blair Cunningham (dr)
1 Room Full Of Mirrors
2 Message Of Love
3 Time The Avenger
4 Kid
5 Don't Let Me Down
6 Light of The Moon
7 My Baby
8 My City Was Gone
9 Hymn To Her
10 Chill Factor
11 Back On The Chain Gang
12 Don't Get Me Wrong
13 Mystery Achievement
14 Middle Of The Road
15 Interlude
16 Stop Your Sobbing
17 I Got To Sleep
18 Brass In Pocket
19 Precious
James Cotton Blues Band, 08 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Michael Coleman (g), James Cotton (voc, har), Douglas Fagan (s), Boney Fields (tp), Bill McFarland (tb), Eddie Harsch (kbds), Noel Neal (b), Ray "killer" Allison (dr)
1 Blues And Us
2 The Day I Stop Loving You
3 Hot And Cold
4 I'm Not Going Too Bad
5 Sweet Home Chicago
6 Easy Lovin'
7 Sweeter Than Sugar
8 The Creeper
9 Stormy Monday Blues
10 How Sweet Is It
11 Lovely
12 Blues With C. Nobs
13 Nothing You Can Do
Joe Cocker, 08 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Joe Cocker (voc), Charles Girodano (p), Ric Cunningham (s, kbds), Cliff Goodwin (ld g), Eric Parker (dr), John Troy (b), Larry Marshall (org, kbds), Maxime Green (voc), Janice Hughes (voc)
1 Dear Landlord
2 You Can Leave Your Hat On
3 Feeling Alright
4 I'm A Civilized Man
5 Inner City Blues
6 Just Like Always
7 Up Where We Belong
8 Seven Days
9 Shelter Me
10 With A Little Help From My Friends
11 You Are So Beautiful
12 Watching The River Flow
13 Guilty
Phil Carmen And Brian Auger, 08 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Brian Auger (kbds), Pick Withers (dr), Dick Morrissey (s), Phil Carmen (voc, g), Steve Evans (b), Stephen Dawson (tp), Larry Vann (perc), Sabine Van Baaren (back voc)
1 Now's The Time
2 Anything You Like
3 Midnight
4 You Sait It
5 Five More Days
6 Moonshine Still
7 Home Is ...
8 Fire In The Night
9 Body
10 On My Way In L.A.
11 City Walls
12 Workaholic Slave
The Rockin' Dopsie & Zydeco Twisters, 08 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Alton "Rockin' Dopsie" Rubin (acc, voc), Alton "Tiger Dopsie" Rubin Jr (dr), David Walter Rubin (rubboard), John Hart (s), Alonzo Johnson Jr. (b), Paul Senegal (ld g), Dorian Russell (g, voc)
1 Long Tall Sally
2 I Feel Good
3 Let The Good Times Roll
4 Theme Intro Dopsie
5 Eh Tille Fille
6 I Got A Woman
7 You Used To Call Me
8 Josephine C'Est Pa Ma Femme
9 Don't You Lie To Me
10 No Good Woman
11 Keep A Knocking
12 Montreux Zydeco
13 Calinda
14 That Was Your Mother
15 Theme Outro
16 Totally Hot Tamale Baby
Ben E. King, 09 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Ben E. King (voc), Bob Hardy (kbds, back voc), Philip Stancil (kbds, back voc), Klaus Steinbeck (b), Steve Grant (dr), Alan Gaskel (g, s), Micky Kerans (s), Tony McConnel (s)
1 What Is Soul
2 Ecstasy
3 There Goes My Baby
4 Save The Last Dance For Me
5 Under The Boardwalk
6 Money Honey
7 Spanish Harlem
8 Imagine
9 Stand By Me
10 When A Man Loves A Woman
11 Don't Play That Song
12 Stand By Me
13 In The Midnight Hour
B.B. King & His Orchestra, 09 July 1987, Casino Montreux
B.B. King (g, voc), Walter King (s), James Bolden (tp), Leon Warren (g), Michael Doster (b), Joseph Carrier (kbds), Calep Emphrey Jr. (dr), Edgar Synigal Jr. (s)
1 Interlude
2 Let The Good Times Roll
3 Sweet Little Angel
4 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
5 All Over Again
6 Why I Sing The Blues
7 Interlude
8 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
9 How Blue Can You Get
10 Caledonia
11 Darling You Know I Love You
12 Interlude
13 The Thrill Is Gone
14 Into The Night
15 When The Saints Go Marching In
16 Interlude
17 Jam session
18 Do I Shot
Katie Webster, 09 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Katie Webster (p, voc)
1 Love Train
2 Let The Good Times Roll
3 Real Gone Guy
4 I Wish
5 Love And I Wonder
6 A Change Is Gonna Come
7 The Dock Of The Bay
8 On The Run
9 Satisfaction
10 Nothing But A Party
11 Alleluia I Love Her So
Roomful Of Blues & Earl King, 09 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Earl King (g), Greg Piccolo (ts), Porky Cohen (tb), Rich Lataille (as), Bob Enos (tp), Doug James (bs), Ronnie Earl (g), Paul Tomasello (b), Junior Branthey (p), John Rossi (dr)
1 Okie Dokie Stomp
2 Real In A Rockin
3 Yes Indeed
4 He Knows The Rules
5 3 Hours Pas Midnight
6 Caravan
7 Dressed Up To Get Messed Up
8 Real Gone Lover
9 Everyday I Have The Blues
10 Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
11 Your Love Was Never There
12 Love Rent
13 Things I Used To Do
14 It All Went Down The Drain
15 Let The Good Times Roll
Dee Dee Bridgewater, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
André Ceccarelli (dr), Dee Dee Bridgewater (voc), Antoine Bonfils (b), Herve Selin (p)
1 All Blues
2 Dr. Feelgood
3 There Is No Greater Love
Harlem Boys Choir, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
1 Celebration
2 God Bless The Child
3 Joy Spring
4 Take The "A" Train
5 Interlude
6 Praise God And Dance
7 Interlude
8 Straighten Up And Fly Right
9 Mr Bojangles
JAZZ AID, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Memphis Slim, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Memphis Slim (p, voc), George Collier (dr)
1 I'll Just Keep Singing The Blues
2 All By Myself
3 Please Send Me Someone To Love
4 Three-In-One Boogie
5 Four Hundred Years
6 Blueberry Hill
7 Tutti Frutti
Nina Simone, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Nina Simone (voc, p)
1 Someone To Watch Over Me
2 My Baby Just Cares For Me
Orchestre National de Jazz de France, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Toots Thielemans (g, harc), André Ceccarelli (dr), Ernie Watts (s), Nguyên Lê (g), Glenn Ferris (tb), Michel Colombier (p), Jacques Bolognesi (tb), Antoine Herve (mus dir), Michel Delakian (tp), Antoine Illouz (tp), Philippe Slominski (tp), Denis Leloup (tb), Didier Havet (tuba), Francis Bourrec (s), Gilbert Dall' Anese (s), Alain Hatot (s), Jean-Pierre Solves (s), Jean Marc Jafet (b), Philippe Guez (kbds), Francois Verly (perc)
1 Tower Of Babel
2 Brown Ballad
3 Bluesette
4 Round About Midnight
5 Nightbird
6 Sous Les Lofts De Paris
Randy Crawford, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Rnady Crawford (voc)
1 I Don't Wanna Be Normal
2 Almaz
Sadao Watanabe, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Sadao Watanabe (s)
1 I Thought About You
2 Donna Lee
3 Parker's Mood
Stars Of Faith, 10 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Frances Steadman (voc), Loretta Jackson (voc), Louvenia Carroll (voc), Nelson Fortune (p), Sadie Keys (voc), Dorothy Blackwell (voc), Jerome Jones (org)
1 I Just Come To Tell You
2 Hark The Voice
3 Miracle Worker
4 You've Got A Problem
Cruzeiro Do Sul, 11 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Hugo Fattoruso (kbds), Loalva Bras (voc), Osvaldo Francisco "chico" (voc), Georges Wansek (tp), Eric Truffaz (tp, flh), Serge Zaugg (as, fl), Benoit Corboz (kbds), Toninho Do Carmo (g), Tarcisio Gondim (g), Andy Lafone (b), Angelo Guevara (dr), Cristiano "Crica" Petersen (perc), Carlos "Telu" Peterson (perc), Jorge Cortesao (perc)
1 Cruzeiro Do Sul
2 Naturela Do Amor
3 Agua Escura
4 Passaro Noturne
5 Com Um So Abraco
6 A Cauda Do Cometa Halley
7 Alas De Benguela
8 Alo Lu Dimar
9 Primeiro De Janeiro
10 Primeiro De Janeiro
Johnny Clegg and Savuka, 11 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Jonathan Clegg (voc, g), Keith Hutchinson (s, fl, kbds), Mandisa Dlanga (voc), Sollie Letwaba (b), Steve Mavuso (kbds), Derek Debeer (dr), Doudou Zulu (dance)
1 Shadile
2 Don't Walk Away
3 Dance Across The Centuries
4 Great Heart
5 Ibola
6 African Shadowman
7 Sayilanda
8 Bombs Away
9 Call Your Name
10 Sky Blue
11 Missing
12 Scatterlings Of Africa
13 Asimbonanga
14 Dance
15 Gumbas Gumbas
16 Mfazi
17 Are You Ready
Latin Quarter, 11 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Darren Abraham (dr, perc), Mike Jones (lyrics), Steve Skaith (g), Carol Douet (voc), Yona Dunsford (voc, kbds), Greg Harewood (b), Richard Wright (g), Martin Lascelles (kbds)
1 Seaport Septembre
2 Remember
3 Radio Africa
4 New Millionaire
5 Eddie
6 Men Below
7 Midday
8 I
9 The Night
10 Freight Elevator
11 Heart
12 Heart
13 Pyramid Label
14 Truth About John
Rebirth Marching Band, 11 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Keith Anderson (tb), Kermit Ruffins (tp), Philip Frazier (tuba), Eric Sellers (perc), Reginald Stewart (tb), John Gilbert (s), Derrick Wiley (tp)
1 Mardi Gras
2 Paul Barbarain March
3 Exactly Like You
4 Big Chief
5 Walking
6 Shake Your Body
7 Can't Fly
8 Do What Yo Want
9 When The Saints
Terence Trent D'arby, 11 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Terence Trent D'arby (voc), Pete Glenister (g), Cass Lewis (b), Christian Marsac (g, s), Ebo Ross (voc), Frank Collins (voc), Preston Heyman (perc), Dave Charles (dr), Mike Timothy (kbds)
1 If You All Get To Heaven
2 Seven More Days
3 Rain
4 I'll Never Turn
5 Wicky Wacky
6 Soul Power
7 Sign Your Name
8 Sign Your Name
9 Wishing Well
10 If You Let Me Stay
11 Dance Little Sister
12 Who's Loving You
13 Wonderful World
Monty Alexander & His Jamaican Jazz Jamboree, 12 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Monty Alexander (p), Desi Jones (dr), Bob Cranshaw (b), Marjorie Whylie (kbds), Bobby Thomas Jr. (hand dr), Lennox "Boogsie" Sharpe (steel dr)
1 Cat Walk
2 Ranglypso
3 You Can See
4 Janga
5 The River
6 Accompong
7 Happy Lipso
8 Think Twice
Tania Maria, 12 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Tania Maria (voc, p), Onex Aquino (perc), Thelmo Porto (dr), Leonard Traversa (b)
1 Interlude
2 Enzinha
3 Bronx
4 I Should Not Call You
5 Valeu
6 Interlude
7 It Hurts So Much
8 Funky Tamborim
9 The Lady From Brazil
10 Interlude
11 Don't Go
12 Sangria
13 Come With Me
The Modern Jazz Quartet, 12 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Milt Jackson (vb), John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (b), Connie Kay (dr)
1 The Golden Striker
2 One Never Knows
3 Re-union Blues
4 Nature Boy
5 D And E
6 True Blues
7 A Day In Dubrovnik
8 Walking In Rythm
9 Django
Dizzy Gillespie, 13 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Dizzy Gillespie (t), James Williams (p), Jon Faddis (mus dir, tp), Sam Rivers (ts), Jerry Dodgion (as), Howard Johnson (bs), John Lee (b), Steve Turre (tb), Earl Gardner (tp), Ed Cherry (g), Ralph Moore (ts), Glenn Drewes (tp), Virgil Jones (tp), Jukka Perko (as), Britt Woodman (tb), Frank Lacy (tb), Bob Stewart (tuba), Ignacio Beroa (dr), Daniel Ponce (congas), Jay Hoggard (vb), Milt Jackson (vb)
1 Toccatta
2 Emanon
3 Birk's Works
4 Lover Come Back To Me
5 Round About Midnight
6 Manteca
7 Blues For Emily
8 Things To Come
9 A Night In Tunisia
Purdue University Jazz Band With Howie Smith, 13 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Howie Smith (as), Dick Dunscombs (dir), Mike Lucroy (as), Chris Dobosz (as), Sue Lary (ts), Jeff Adams (ts), Scott Feller (bs), Mark Hornung (tp), David Althoff (tp), Paul Dodd (tp), Jerry Kistler (tp), Jamie Snelson (tp), Doug Everette (tb), Jeannine Leiter (tp), Kevin Wible (tb), Dominick Casadonte (tb), Mike Striyker (p), Paul Reust (g), Bill Cover (perc), Mark Dodd (tb), Jon Pardue (p), Andrew Carrer (b), Kyle Honeycutt (dr), Bill Kisinger (euphonium)
1 Stans Donuts
2 Blue Moan
3 Song For My Father
4 Sho Nuff
5 Swiss Airs
6 Sonny's Side
7 Fleece Market
8 When Sunny Gets Blue
9 Good Old Summer Thyme
Weatherford College Jazz Band with David "Fathead" Newman, 13 July 1987, Casino Montreux
David "Fathead" Newman (s), Duane Durrett (dir), Richard Dahl (ass. dir, tb), Rick Carfo (kbds), Silverio Graza (b), Curtis McGruder (s), Yolanda Brown (s), Ambros Middleton (s), Jason Hoosier (s), Anthony Speer (tb), Mike Copper (tb), Milliard Williams (tb), Ronnie Shultz (tp), Willie Roy (tp), Peyton Moore (tp), Derik Moore (tp), Emma Lacy (voc), Ida Jackson (fl), Jim O'sullivan (dr)
1 Blues In Hoss Flat
2 Double Fault Blues
3 One Mint Julep
4 Tribute To Art Fern
5 God Bless The Child
6 Roll'em Pete
7 Today I Sing The Blues
8 In The Evenin'
9 Ramblin'
10 Groovin' With Iz
11 A Night In Tunisia
12 Too Over Easy
Randy Brecker and The CD Players, 14 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Randy Brecker (tp), Eliane Elias (p), Marc Johnson (b), Peter Erskine (dr), Bennie Wallace (s)
1 There's A Mingus Amonkus
2 Thangs
3 Choro
4 Body And Soul
5 Transition
6 Blues Yamashita
Hugh Masekela, 14 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Hugh Masekela (voc, flh, tp), Jimmy Owens (tp), Francis Fuster (perc), Steve Washington (dr), Bakithi Kumalo (voc), John Selolwane (g), Sonti Mndebele (voc), Barney Rachabane (s), Tony Cedres (kbds), Sandile Shange (g)
1 Something For Nothing
2 Joke Of Life
3 Bring Him Back Home
4 London Fog
5 Stimela
6 Mottalepula
7 Improvisation
8 District Six
Wynton Marsalis, 14 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Wynton Marsalis (tp), Marcus Robert (p), Bob Hurst (b), Jeff "Tain" Watts (dr), Dizzy Gillespie (tp), George Duke (p)
1 J Mood
2 April In Paris
3 Caravan
4 Bolivar Blues
5 Cherokee
6 Goodbye
7 South Of The Border
8 Delfreazo's Dilemma
9 Later
10 Birk's Works
11 Autumn Leaves
12 Blues
Donald Byrd, Herb Ellis And Barney Kessel, 15 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Barney Kessel (g), Donald Byrd (g), Herb Ellis (g), Pierre Boussaguet (b), Alan Levitt (dr)
1 It's The Talk Of The Town
2 New Orleans
3 Lover
4 Brazil / Manha De Carnaval
5 Here's That Rainy Day
6 Flytime
7 Triste
8 Someone To Watch Over Me / A Foggy Day / How Long Has This Been Going On
9 Undecided
10 Trouble In Mind
11 Benny's Bugle
John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia, 15 July 1987, Casino Montreux
John McLaughlin (g), Paco de Lucía (g)
1 One Melody
2 El Panuelo
3 Spain
4 Chiquito
5 Florianapolis
6 Frevo
7 David
8 Sichia
9 Guardian Angel
Jose Barrense-Dias, 15 July 1987, Casino Montreux
José Barrense-Dias (g, voc)
1 Salve Mestre Villa Lobos
2 Chicoutimi
3 Canto Pra Lemanja
4 Villa Lobos
5 Naboca Do Povo
6 Chegada Em Porto Velho
7 Samba Do Camera Man
8 Bachiana Opus No 7
9 Xere Yeki
10 Canoa Fantastica
Stanley Jordan, 15 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Stanley Jordan (g)
1 Yesterday
2 The Sound Of Silence
3 One Less Bell To Answer
4 All The Children
5 Autumn Leaves
6 Blues In G.
7 Strairway To Heaven
8 Moon River
Dexter Gordon, 16 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Dexter Gordon (s), Bobby Hutcherson (vibes), Billy Higgins (dr), Cedar Walton (p), Pierre Michelot (b)
1 Bolivia
2 Little B's Peem
3 Round About Midnight
4 Society Red
5 Rhythm - A - Ning
6 Body And Soul
7 Antabus
Michael Brecker, 16 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Mike Stern (g), Michael Brecker (ts, steiner EWI), Adam Nussbaum (dr), Jeff Andrews (b), Joey Calderazzo (p)
1 Nothing Personal
2 Choices
3 Upside Downside
4 My One And Only Love
5 Syzygy
6 Original Rays
Stan Getz, 16 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Stan Getz (s), Kenny Barron (p), Victor Lewis (dr), Rufus Reid (b)
1 El Cohone
2 What Is This Thing Called Love
3 Soul Eyes
4 Stella By Starlight
5 I Can't Get Started
6 Stan's Blues
7 I Love You
8 Blood Count
Chevalier Brothers, 17 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Clark Kent (b), Roger Beaujolais (vb), Ray Galeto (voc, s), Mark Adelman (p), John Piper (dr)
1 Flying Home
2 Everybody God Juiced
3 Ornithology
4 A Flah In The Pan
5 Just A Gigolo
6 Beeped
7 Big Bad Betty
8 Clark Kent Blues
9 Tickle Toe
10 Oopapada
11 Buona Sera
12 Return To Sorrento
13 Caledonia
14 Joint Is Jumping
The Manhattan Transfer, 17 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Buddy Williams (dr), Janis Siegel (voc), Tim Hauser (voc), Alan Paul (voc), Cheryl Bentyne (voc), Yaron Gershovsky (p), Wayne Johnson (g), Alex Blake (b), Don Roberts (horns)
1 Four Brothers
2 Rambo
3 Mett Benny Bailey
4 Route 66
5 Corner Pocket
6 To You
7 Sing Joy Spring
8 Jeannini
9 Java Jive
10 Tuxedo Jonction
11 Trickle Trickle
12 Heart's Desire
13 Gloria
14 Boy From N.Y. City
15 Ray's Rockhouse
16 Interlude
17 Birdland
18 Operator
19 Embraceable You
20 Move
Paolo Conte, 17 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Paolo Conte (voc, p), Mimmo Turone (kbds), Antonio Marangolo (s), Jimmy Villotti (g), Tiziano Barbieri (b), Vittorio Volpe (dr)
1 Dancing
2 Hemingway
3 Come Di
4 Il Nostro Amico Angiolino
5 Blue Tangos
6 Via Con Me
7 Negra
8 Lo Zio
9 Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz
10 Diavolo Rosso
11 Gli Impermeabili
12 Nord
13 Boogie
14 La Ricostruzione Del Mocambo
B.B.F.C., 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Leon Francioli (b, p, tb), Olivier Clerc (dr), Jean-Francois Bovard (tb), Daniel Bourquin (as, ts, bs, ss)
1 Meche Courte
2 En Attendant Mario
3 Rien N'Est Simple Tout Se Complique
4 Souffle Sentimental
5 Le Marche De Bogota
Boss - Art Quartet, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Roberto Bossard (g), Martian Oster (g), Haemi Haemmerli (b), Guido Parino (dr)
1 Nica's Dream
2 Number One
3 To John Scoffield
4 Blues' Bossa
Curtis Mayfield, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Curtis Mayfield (voc, g), Benny Scott (b), Lee Goodness (dr), Frank Amato (kbds), Henry Gibson (perc)
1 Ice 9
2 Back To The World
3 It's Alright
4 Gypsy Woman
5 Freddie's Dead
6 Pusher Man
7 We Got To Have Peace
8 We've Only Just Begun
9 People Get Ready
10 Move On Up
11 If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go
12 When Seasons Change
Herbie Hancock Trio, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Herbie Hancock (p), Al Foster (dr), Buster Williams (b)
1 Limehouse Blues
2 Dolphin Dance
3 Air Dancing
4 Just One Of Those Things
5 Christina
James Newton And Jay Hoggard, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
James Newton (fl), Woody Sonship Theus (dr), Jay Hoggard (vb), Gerrie Allen (p), Rick Rozie (b)
1 Oblong
2 Virgin Jungle
3 Ismene
4 Mr. Dolphy
Kenny G, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Kenneth "Kenny G" Gorelick (s), John Raymond (g), Kenny McDougald (dr), Vail Johnson (b), Tony Gable (perc), Robert Damper (kbds), Andre Montague (voc, kbds)
1 The Shuffle
2 Sade
3 Slip Of The Tongue
4 Songbird
5 What Does It Take
6 Night Time In Tribela
7 Champagne
Ladysmith Black Mambazo, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Joseph Shabalala (voc), Headman Shabalala (voc), Albert Mazibuko (voc), Abednigo Mazibuko (voc), Jabulane Mwelase (voc), Russel Mthembu (voc), Jockey Shabalala (voc), Geoffrey Mdletshe (voc), Inos Phungula (voc), Ben Shabalala (voc)
1 Nomathemba
2 Hello My Baby
3 Homeless
4 Winhle Lentombi
Taj Mahal, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Taj Mahal (g), Kester Smith (perc), Wayne Henderson (kbds), Ozzie Williams (dr), Michael Boothman (b)
1 Kauai Kalypso
2 Local, Local Girl
3 Desparate Lover
4 Deed I Do
5 Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blues
6 Stagger Lee
7 Sentidos Dulce
8 Soothin'
9 French Letter
10 Everybody Is Somebody
Tito Puente & Celia Cruz, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Tito Puente (voc,timbales,vb), Mario Rivera (bs), Celia Cruz (voc), Jimmy Frisaura (tp), David Rodriguez (tp), John Rodriguez Jr. (bongos), Jose Madera (congas), Sonny Bravo (p), Bobby Rodriguez (b), Ray Mantilla (perc)
1 Tip's Special
2 Oye Come Va
3 Mambo Diablo
4 Canto A La Habana
5 Pachito Eche
6 Yerbero Moderno
7 Bemba Colora
8 Caramelos
Toure Kunda, 18 July 1987, Casino Montreux
Molliat Dominique (kbds), Ismaïla Toure (voc, perc), Tore Sixu (voc, perc), Ousmane Touré (voc, perc), Michel Abhissira (dr), Jacky Arconte (g), Roger Dru (b), Andre Belinga (s), Nabou (voc, dance), Jean-Claude Bonaventure (tb)
1 Natalia
2 Salya
3 Africa Lelly
4 Eet
5 Saf Sap
6 On Verra Sa
7 Emma
8 Interlude
9 Turu
10 Martyra
11 1. Salaly Muhamed, 2. Africa, 3. Yaya Bah, 4. Saybala, 5. Toure Kunda
12 Baounane
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