(World Fusion) [WEB] MoFrancesco Quintetto - Piedra Solar - 2014, FLAC (tracks), lossless

(World Fusion) [WEB] MoFrancesco Quintetto - Piedra Solar - 2014, FLAC (tracks), lossless
MoFrancesco Quintetto / Piedra Solar
Жанр: World Fusion
Носитель: WEB
Страна-производитель диска (релиза): Portugal
Год издания: 2014
Издатель (лейбл): Sintoma Records
Страна исполнителя (группы): Portugal
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 69:26
Источник (релизер): WEB
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да (low resolution)
01. Ala’Ad-Din
02. Abraxas
03. Tres Morilla
04. Persian Story
05. Olisipo
06. Vuelta De Paseo
07. Start Flying Song
08. Mobocracy
09. Impressiones Intimas
10. Apareció
11. Miracolo A Milano
12. Mukambo
13. Ambos Mundos
All music composed by Francesco Valente (except 3 by anonymous al-andalous XV/XVI century, 4 by Miguel Moreira, 7 by Iuri Gaspar, 9 by Federico Mampou, 12 by Johannes Krieger).
Produced by Francesco Valente. Lyrics & poetry: "Tres Morillas" by anonymous al-andalous XV/XVI century, "Vuelta de Paseo" by Federico Garcia Lorca (1929), "Aparecio en la Noche"
by anonymous al-andalous XV/XVI century.
Recorded in Namouche Studio, Lisbon 14 of April, 2014.
Mixed and mastered in august/september 2014 by Beat Laden @ Groundzero, Lisbon.
Francesco Valente - Bass & Double Bass
Miguel Moreira - Drums & Udu Drums
Iuri Gaspar - Piano
Johannes Krieger - Trumpet
Joao Capinha - Tenor Sax (on track 1,2,5,8,11,13) & Flute (on track 4)
Guto Lucena - Tenor Sax (on track 7,12), Baritone Sax (on track 5,8), Bass Flute (on track 9,13) & Flute (on track 13)
Marcos Suzano - Pandeiro (on track 2 and 11)
Aline Frazao - Voice (on track 3)
Jaco Loredo - Voice (on track 6 and 10)
Об исполнителе (группе)
MoFrancesco Quintetto
Jazzworld music
Lisbon, PT
The project was born at the end of the academic year 2010/11 of the degree in Jazz Music at ESML, Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa. On the occasion of the last recital of Francesco Valente, on 28/06/11, this quintet has emerged that exhibited with original compositions. Following training began acting in Lisbon in several places where there is a weekly Jazz agenda, and began to act also outside this context (Italian Film Festival, Volvo Ocean Race, Universidade Nova with David Murray, Quinta da Regaleira Jazz, Douro Jazz Festival etc.). In this past year the quintet have recorded his first album “Maloca”, wich it was released by Art of Life Records, and the second album "Piedra Solar" released by Sintoma Records.
The Line-up is:
- Guto Lucena (Tenor and soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet) and/or Joao Capinha (Tenor sax & flute)
- Johannes Krieger (Trumpet)
- Iuri Gaspar (Piano)
- Miguel Moreira (Drums)
- Francesco Valente (Double Bass)
The Quintet proposes a modern jazz and fusion music with Mediterranean and Iberian classic and traditional music. The aim is to join the universal language of jazz music and an array improvisative original arrangements and also expressing the essence of the music from the land of origin of the musicians, in particular different styles and sounds of the Mediterranean.
1st album: "Maloca" is a reference to the ancestral house used by natives in Amazon, the reason about this reference is the interest of Francesco Valente about the culture of Brasil, in his diversity and hibriditys forms, in precolonial, colonial and post-colonial periods. Maloca have the meaning of centre of the universe, and at the same time the house where natives receives foreign people, where they enact the interchange of knowledge, experiences, music, social practices and diversity: the idea of the album was born during a trip that Francesco Valente did in Brasil, Bolivia and Peru (the art cover is a photo of him in Uyuni, a place in Bolivia). So through this album (and the 5tet), he would like to suggest the parallel idea of a meeting of people from differents parts of the world sharing experiences, ideas, friendship, and music, here in Lisbon (their imaginary maloca where its happen this cosmopolitean encounter).
2nd album: “Piedra Solar is an homage to the Iberian peninsula. It contains original compositions, arrangements of anonymous pieces of classical andalusian music, and contemporary pieces like those of Catalan pianist and composer Federico Mompou, all arranged by members of the group. Anonymous poetic texts from the Al-Andalusian period, like those of Federico Garcia Lorca are interpreted and highlighted, and inspiration from imagery presented in Jose Saramago’s book ‘The Stone Raft’ (1986) is emphasized. An Iberian imagery which is converted into live music, presented in the key of Jazz in which the musicians arrangement and improvisation are fundamental. All in all, it’s a little homage to ‘Olisipo’, the city of Lisbon, where this album was conceived and recorded.
“Maloca”, MoFrancesco Quintetto, Art of Life Records, 2013
"Piedra Solar", MoFrancesco Quintetto, Sintoma Records, 2014
MoFrancesco Quintetto: Piedra Solar (MoFrancesco Quintetto)
by Budd Kopman
MoFrancesco Quintetto: Piedra Solar (MoFrancesco Quintetto)
The MoFrancesco Quintetto, led by super-bassist Francesco Valente is one powerhouse group that will blow your socks off playing originals anchored in hard-bop with an Iberian twist, but who also can show a softer, more melodic side.
Piedra Solar features the core group (Valente, drummer/percussionist Jose Miguel Moreira, pianist Iuri Gaspar, Johannes Krieger on trumpet with Joao Capinha on tenor sax and flute or multi-instrumentalist (saxophones and flutes) Guto Lucena, and here with guest vocalists Jaco Loredo and Aline Frazao and the exceptional pandeiro-ist Marcos Suzano.
The set begins with two scorching Valente originals "Ala'Ad -Din" and "Abraxas" that are set up by a driving Valente and Moreira leading to a unison declaration of the theme, followed by by literally scorching solos; only the dead could keeping from moving.
The heavy heat and groove is maintained by another Valente original, "Olipiso" (the original name of Lisbon) highlighted by a fantastic baritone break solo by Lucena, and later "Mobocracy" with another terrific solo, this time by Capinha on tenor. Valente scores again with "Miracolo A Milano" which bubbles and churns below a hot trumpet solo, while Krieger adds his own burning composition "Mukambo."
All of the above would be quite enough for any band, but these rhythmically powerful pieces are made all the more exciting by the interposition of the more lyrical and romantic pieces. "Tres Morillas," has a very pretty melody (anonymous Andalusian, 15th-16th century), sung very fetchingly by Aline Frazao; but even here Valente adds a twist, taking a melodic fragment and using it in a break, with fragment's line compressed into a sharp piano chord, repeated over a bass solo tension building relentlessly until Frazao returns to recapitulate. "Persian Story" follows, introduced by a bouncing-bow bass solo intro, with a slightly higher energy level, featuring wonderful trumpet and flute solos.
There are two very interesting musical settings of words, "Vuelta De Paseo," by Federico Garcia Lorca and "Aparecio En La Noche" by an anonymous 15th-16th century Andalusian poet. The set ends with a lilting tune by Vitor Santana that just invites everyone to hum or sing along.
Valente's homage to the Iberian peninsula through the language of jazz fused with the sounds of the Mediterranean succeeds both musically and emotionally.
Track Listing: Ala’Ad-Din; Abraxas; Tres Morilla; Persian Story; Olisipo; Vuelta De Paseo; Start Flying Song; Mobocracy; Impressiones Intimas; Aparecio; Miracolo A Milano; Mukambo; Ambos Mundos.
Personnel: Francesco Valente: acoustic bass, electric bass; Miguel Moreira: drums; Iuri Gaspar: piano; Joao Capinhar: alto sax; Johannes Krieger: trumpet; Guto Lucena: tenor sax, baritone sax, flute, bass flute; Marcos Suzano: percussion; Aline Frazao: voice; Jaco Loredo: voice.
Year Released: 2015 | Record Label: Sintoma Records
Other review:
Sintoma Records
Sintoma Records, created in 2012 by a group of portuguese musicians, emerged to enable the artists to release their work without intermediation.
It intends to be the tool that provides the artist the control of every stage of his album's production by connecting the musician with the designer, the director, the photographer.
The record reaches its audience through a free download system so it can be shared and circulate without frontiers: which is, in the end, the goal of the artist.
Regarding the high production cost of an album, Sintoma Records seeks to raise awareness for supporting the artists through donations.
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