(World Fusion, Ethnic Jazz, Neo Indian Classical, Electronic, Acid Jazz) Suphala (ft Edie Brickell, Rakesh Chaurasia, Vikter Duplaix, King Britt, Vernon Reid, Mazz Swift, Harper Simon) - Blueprint - 2007, MP3, 320 kbps

(World Fusion, Ethnic Jazz, Neo Indian Classical, Electronic, Acid Jazz) Suphala (ft Edie Brickell, Rakesh Chaurasia, Vikter Duplaix, King Britt, Vernon Reid, Mazz Swift, Harper Simon) - Blueprint - 2007, MP3, 320 kbps
Suphala / Blueprint
Жанр: World Fusion, Ethnic Jazz, Neo Indian Сlassical, Electronic, Acid Jazz
Страна: USA / India
Год издания: 2007
Издатель (лейбл): Suphala Productions
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:53:02
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
1. Maybe There's A Place Where Someday Just You and I Can Go 04:29
(featuring vocals by Vikter Duplaix, bansuri by Rakesh Chaurasia, violin by Mazz Swift)
2. The Blank Page 04:56
(featuring electric guitar by Harper Simon, additional production by Salim Merchant)
3. Underwater City 06:57
(violin by Mazz Swift, cello by David Gotay)
4. Music Like a Memory 03:35
(featuring words and vocals by Edie Brickell, viper by Mazz Swift)
5. Seventeen Birds Outside My Window 04:38
6. Auramatic 03:49
(featuring electric guitar by Vernon Reid, words and vocals by Furor Thin, production by King Britt)
7. Unwind You 05:49
(violin by Mazz Swift, cello by David Gotay)
8. Maybe There's A Place Where Someday Just You and I Can Go 04:40
(featuring bansuri by Rakesh Chaurasia, violin by Mazz Swift)
9. Music Like a Memory (instrumental) 06:20
(viper by Mazz Swift)
10. I Feel Awake Even Though This is a Dream 07:47
(featuring words and vocals by Edie Brickell)
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Суфала Патанкар – искусная табла-исполнительница, композитор, продюсер, ученица Алла Ракхи и Закир Хусейна. Ее родители – выходцы из Индии. Ее отец – Suhas В. Patankar – известный индо-американский инженер-механик, пионер в области вычислительной гидродинамики и метода конечных объемов. С четырех лет Суфала обучалась музыкальному искусству, причем параллельно – игре на табла и на фортепиано. В ее работах классическая индийская традиция сочетается с современными аранжировками. Ее творчество изобилует неимоверным количеством различных жанров – от эйсид-джаза и фьюжна до нео-фолка и соула. Ее третий по счету альбом «Blueprint» был записан в студии, оборудованной в подвале дома Суфалы в Бруклине. На этом диске исполнительнице ассистируют многие известные музыканты – американская фолк-роковая певица Эди Брикелл, гитарист-виртуоз Вернон Рейд (один из основателей группы «Living Colour»), флейтист Ракеш Чаурасия (племянник и один из самых одаренных учеников легендарного Харипрасад Чаурасии), гитарист Харпер Саймон (сын знаменитого Пола Саймона) и другие.
P.S. В январе 2005 года Суфала была первой из артистов (и первой женщиной-музыкантом), выступившей в Афганистане после падения талибов.
Доп. информация: http://suphala.com
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Об исполнителе
Suphala is one of the most versatile young tabla artists making music today. Raised in the U.S. by Indian parents, Suphala began learning western classical music on the piano at age four, performing at age five, and as a teenager transferred her passion to one of the world’s most complex percussion instruments: the tabla. She combines an unparalleled technical command of her instrument with a playful sense of experimentation as she switches effortlessly between composing, producing and performing.
Suphala is a protégé of the great tabla masters Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain, whose constant inspiration compels her not only to dedicate herself to the study of Indian classical music but also to extend the reach of the tabla into an ever-growing variety of musical genres and cultural contexts. Her fluency in a diversity of musical traditions informs her unique compositions and her highly improvisational performances. The three albums she has released to date – Instru Mental (2000), The Now (2005) and Blueprint (2007) – go beyond the limits of genre and style while referencing such diverse influences as Western classical, Indian classical, jazz, folk and soul. But it’s not just her original music that is groundbreaking, her concerts provide an inspiring case-study in cultural diplomacy: she made history in early 2005 when she traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan as the first musician to play in public since the fall of the Taliban. According to the New York Times, "Kabul's badly depleted music scene received a welcome injection of excitement last week. [Her] arrival… caused a sensation in the war-torn country. ‘I have not played with a woman before,’ one Afghan tabla master said. ‘Our grandfathers do not even know of it.’”
Collaboration is one of the touchstones of her prodigious musical output: the musicians she has recorded or performed with include Norah Jones, Perry Farrell, Edie Brickell, Vernon Reid, Timbaland, Sean Lennon, 4Hero, Harper Simon, Yoko Ono, Vijay Iyer, Joan Osbourne, and Michael Bland among others. These artists have variously sought Suphala out to lend her talents to tours, her songwriting skills to specific tracks or her producing prowess to recordings. The artistic alliances Suphala forms -- including ensembles with vocals, strings, woodwinds, reeds and percussion -- are an integral part of her innovative approach to making music.
With her unique rhythmic and melodic vocabulary and production chops that are both rigorous and inventive, the next phase of Suphala’s evolving musical expression is bound to continue a trajectory rooted in a deep understanding of the proud legacy of the tabla and a passionate commitment to expand the scope of its expression and to communicate it to the wider world.
Об альбоме
With "Blueprint," Suphala's created a remarkable work marked by deft songwriting and arranging, and the conviction that the tabla can be the basis for music that can both inspire and entertain. Blueprint is an album that rewards close, and repeated listening. On "Blueprint," Suphala features a coterie of talented contributors including Edie Brickell, Vikter Duplaix, King Britt, Vernon Reid, Mazz Swift, Harper Simon and Rakesh Chaurasia.
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