(World fusion) Djabe /Hungary/ - 12 альбомов - 1996-2014, MP3, 320 kbps

(World fusion) Djabe /Hungary/ - 12 альбомов - 1996-2014, MP3, 320 kbps
Djabe - 12 альбома
Жанр: World fusion
Страна: Hungary
Год издания: 1996-2014
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 18:50:54
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
Djabe венгерская Jazz & World группа, образованная в 1996 году. Название Djabe произходит от африканского язика Акан и означает Свобода. Группа сочиняет свои произведения, в которых джазовый стиль смешивается с элементами венгерской и африканской музыки. Группа выступала на множество международных фестивалях. Кроме того, они работали вместе с такими музыкантами как Steve Hackett и Ben Castle. Записи группы публикует лейбл Gramy Records.
Djabe: New 2014 album presentation
1996 Djabe [320 kbps] - 01.07.03
1. Camel Run (1:50)
2. Leaving The Desert (10:10)
3. Late Night Drink (2:18)
4. Djabe (3:49)
5. Northern Adventure (4:32)
6. Sorcerer (4:02)
7. Deja vu (3:10)
8. Hagar Qim (5:36)
9. Hangover (4:21)
10. Chase (1:16)
11. November (6:50)
12. Demon (1:58)
13. Ocean (4:34)
14. Passage (3:08)
15. Venezia (1:59)
16. Waiting For A Distant Dance (6:25)
17. Djabe Part II (0:55)
- Andras Sipos / vocals, percussion
- Attila Egerhazi / guitar
- Tibor Karvaly / keyboards, violin
- Ferenc Muck / saxophones
- Tamas Barabas / bass guitar
- Judit Gesztelyi Nagy / flute
- Ferenc Kovacs / trumpet, violin
- Tamas Racz / guitar.
1998 Witchi Tai To [320 kbps] - 01.09.32
1. Coffee Break (7:20)
2. Ode (4:43)
3. Island (7:12)
4. Odyssey (5:24)
5. Visions After the Rain (5:06)
6. Early Morning Snow (6:26)
7. Visions Coctail (5:18)
8. Desert (9:29)
9. Visions (3:24)
10. Gallop (3:24)
11. Last Vision (4:13)
12. Witchi Tai To (6:51)
- Andras Sipos / vocals, percussion
- Attila Egerhazi / guitar
- Tamas Barabas / bass guitar
- Ferenc Muck / saxophones
- Bela Szaloki / flugelhorn
Special guest:
- Ferenc Snetberger / guitar
1999 Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya [320 kbps] - 01.06.30
1. Lay-O-Lay Ale Loya (7:19)
2. Caravan (5:34)
3. Memory of Bells (5:28)
4. Village of the Sun (6:05)
5. Bali Waves (4:07)
6. Wizard of Uxmal (4:16)
7. Djole (5:42)
8. Klunklung (3:11)
9. Underwater Sunlight (6:27)
10. Soundcheck (5:38)
11. Playground (1:29)
12. Above the Skies (3:37)
13. Bali Trees (3:00)
14. Final Word (4:34)
- Andras Sipos / voices, African, Arabic, South American and Indonesian percussion
- Attila Egerhazi / guitar, voices
- Tamas Barabas / bass guitar, synth programming, arrangements, sound engineer
- Ferenc Muck / soprano and tenor saxophones
Special guests:
- Judit Herczeg / vocals
- Judit Gesztelyi Nagy / flute
2000 Tour [320 kbps] - 01.18.40
1. Visions (3:37)
2. Memory of Bells (5:39)
3. Village of the Sun (6:09)
4. Caravan (5:38)
5. Distant Dance (6:10)
6. Camel Run (4:56)
7. Desert (9:12)
8. Gallop (3:50)
9. Witchi Tai To (6:44)
10. Above the Skies (3:39)
11. Ubud (3:32)
12. Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (6:49)
13. Visions after the Rain (3:48)
14. Final Word (4:41)
15. Djabe (4:06)
- Barabas Tamas / bass guitar
- Egerhazi Attila / guitar
- Sipos Andras / vocal, percussion
- Muck Ferenc / saxophone
Об альбоме
Djabe is one of the bright spots of Hungarian musical life. That year their achievements have been rewarded by public as well as professional circles, as it was awarded the so called 'Golden Giraffe' (the Hungarian Music Award) in the category of 'Jazz and world music'.
The fans of the band know it very well that the band is characterized not only by the high standard and the perfect quality of the music (the band makes its recordings in its own, modern studio), but their visual effects and the technical quality are also unique in Hungary. The tour in the spring of 2000 was completed with the Vari*Lite intelligent lighting system that made it possible to project animations and videos suiting the message and the mood of the tracks. With the Vari*Lite gobos designed for the tour and projected as background scenery the large audience had a visual experience of a higher standard than ever. Djabe recorded the concerts and compiled an 80-minute CD from the best moments of the tour, which splendidly reflects its atmosphere. At the same time - after the three studio CDs - this album is a selection of the best Djabe tracks, since such classicals can be heard like 'Djabe', 'Visions' and 'Witchi Tai To'. There is a brand new track as well, whose title is Ubud named after a small town in Bali. The cover of the CD has been made in the habitual, demanding way, as it is distributed with a 6-page DigiPack cover.
2001 Update [320 kbps] - 01.15.05
1. Update (0:20)
2. Flying (8:02)
3. First Step (6:40)
4. Lead Soldier (5:05)
5. Clouds Dance (5:04)
6. Erdo, erdo (5:06)
7. Desire (7:37)
8. Mayombe (6:10)
9. Winter Forest (4:30)
10. My Way (5:28)
11. Barraguira (4:58)
12. Colours (4:08)
13. Ya dellali (4:52)
14. Witchi tia to (7:01)
- Andras Sipos / vocals, percussion
- Attila Egerhazi / electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth, sound effects
- Tamas Barabas / bass guitars, synth programs, shaker, sound effects
- Ferenc Kovacs / trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, vocals
- Zoltan Kovacs / keyboards
- Szilard Banai / drums, cowbell
Special guests:
- Ben Castle / soprano and tenor saxophones, flute, bass clarinet
- Said Tichiti / vocals, gembri, karbakat
- Julia Lock / computer voice
Об альбоме
This is an excellent studio album of the renewed band in 2001. The Djabe music kept its original values, but the band made a further step on the road of improvement. The compositions and arrangement became more complex and are of a higher standard; new musicians made richer the already colourful palette of the sound. Ben Castle, the excellent, young British saxophone player, joined Djabe for the recordings and also for the tour. The professional judges gave an eMeRTon award for the album in 2001 as best album of the year in Hungary.
2002 Unplugged At The New Orleans 2CD [320 kbps] - 01.48.03
Djabe - Unplugged At The New Orleans (CD1) - 52.22
1. Summer in Zemplen
2. First Step
3. Ode
4. Sorcerer
5. Village of the Sun
6. Fug ennekhel
7. Witchi Tai To
8. Caravan
9. Passage
10. Venezia
Djabe - Unplugged At The New Orleans (CD2) - 55.40
1. Sheafs Are Dancing
2. Medley
3. Hamdussia
4. Ya Dellali
5. Clouds Dance
6. Djabe
- Barabas Tamas / bass
- Egerhazi Attila / guitar
- Sipos Andras / vocals, percussion
- Kovacs Ferenc / trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, vocals
- Kovacs Zoltan / keyboards
- Banai Szilard / drums
Special guest:
- Said Tichiti / vocals, gembri
Об альбоме
In 2002 Djabe gave concerts on various topics at the New Orleans Music Club in a way that on each night the program was totally different. Altogether the band played more then seven hours (!) of different tunes. On the last two nights unplugged concerts were held. Said Tichiti, the Moroccan musician who played on the Update album, joined the gig on the 19 of November.
The tracks on the CD covers the full career of the band from the first record of Djabe released in 1996, to Sheafs are dancing, as well as new adaptations and music tunes which have not been played at concerts - lasting in total more than two hours.
The first enhanced CD includes a 14 minutes video from the first performance of the six-member lime-up of Djabe, recorded in the Vasas Sportshall, Budapest in 2001.
Besides the video a full band biography and discography can be found also on the enhanced CD. The visitors of the Unplugged concerts can recall the concerts with a photo album, which contains 50 pictures.
This unplugged album is more word than jazz music again, and was nominated to the “Best Hungarian world music album of the year”.
"I am convinced that one who sits down to listen to a Djabe CD with the expectation of hearing a very special and unique musical experience has never been let down. We would think that they have already shown everything that could be known about the music of the XXI. Century, and that it could not be further improved upon, but they proved us wrong with their Unplugged at the New Orleans double record. Unplugged is a cruel genre as there is no possibility to cover mistakes, contingencies with technical tricks. However, this is not necessary at these concerts.
The musicians prove individually that they are in perfect harmony with their instruments and together the performance is more than simply a summary of pieces. This "chamber" concert has proved that the band is on the right track when it integrated new members in 2001. With this new line-up Djabe managed to bring new sounds even into those compositions, which can probably be heard at every concert. The aim, which was to sound their musical ideas live, and also, to those which were already set at that time, was surely reached with this record.
In our musical life where there are crowds of groups being formed with only business intentions in mind, it is rare, but I hope despite all appearances, not unique what Djabe represents. Not being distracted by fashion, they are going forward on the road they have started, and on which expressions are sign posted such as quality, humbleness towards music, endless preciseness and spontaneity based on sheer hard work. Only those who are completely sure in their own performance can afford to work together with such different music characters as Steve Hackett, Ben Castle or Said Tichiti, making it authentic for the audience what they do on stage. It is not without danger when a band is so consequent in following their set aims, but I hope that the stratum, which recognizes and expects quality, within the audience has become stronger, and I am convinced that Djabe has taken a big part in making this happen."
Neltz Janos /Hungarian Radio/
2004 Sheafs are Dancing (DVDA) [320 kbps] - 01.15.34
01. Tancolnak a kazlak (Sheafs are Dancing)
02. Tajak (Scenes)
- A. Lengyelorszag felett (Above Poland)
- B. Alkony a tengerparton (Sunset at the Seaside)
03. Hajduboszormenyi utcaresz (Street Scene of Hajduboszormeny)
04. Haz a dombteton (The House on the Hill)
05. Teli hortobagy (Hortobagy at Winter)
06. Hoviharban (In the Snowstorm)
07. Fatyol mogott (Behind th Veil)
08. Beszelgetok (Talkers)
09. Szemrehanyas (Reproach)
10. Thierachei emlek (Reflections of Thierache)
11. Gyimesi hegyek (The Mountains of Gyimes)
12. Repules (Flying)
13. Jegvilag (Iceworld)
14. Viragcsendelet (Flowers Stillness)
- Tamas Barabas / bass guitars, shaler, synth programming, chimes, Turkish bells, Hungarian cow bell
- Attila Egerhazi / acoustic and electric guitars, mbira,
- Andras Sipos / percussion, vocals
- Ferenc Kovacs / trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
- Zoltan Kovacs / piano, keyboards
- Szilard Banai / drums
- Judit Herczeg / vocals (2, 4, 14)
Guest musicians:
- Steve Hackett / acoustic and electric guitars (11)
- Ben Castle / soprano saxophone (3, 7)
- Peter Szalai / tabla (3)
Об альбоме
The outstanding Hungarian representative of jazz/world fusion music has this time mainly taken inspiration from the treasure of Hungarian music. Barabas Tamas's and Egerhazi Attila's compositions were inspired by the paintings of the recently departed painter, Egerhazi Imre. The Alfold, Hortobagy, the Transylvanian scenery and the other motives of Egerhazi Imre has won a music interpretation. In a new step, among the writers we can find the names of the pianist, Kovacs Zoltan along with the violin and trumpet player, Kovacs Ferenc. Sipos Andras, one of the founders of the band, brings new colourful sounds on his percussions. Banai Szilard, the young, talented jazz drum player fits more and more maturely to the face of Djabe. Kovacs Zoltan, once again, proves his exceptional music knowledge, this time on an acoustic piano instead of on synthesizers. And in the case of Kovacs Ferenc his violin skills shine on this record. His characteristic, Hungarian, "Rustic Baroque" play vitally determines the style of the CD. He is great on the trumpet, too, as Archie Sheep claims: "... he plays the trumpet like Miles Davis, while he is one of the best violin player of the World." Besides the excellent bass guitar playing of Barabas Tamas we must praise his writing, arranger and sound engineering works as well. Egerhazi Attila assembled the vision in a genuine manner together with Barabas. His compositions and guitar playing has been fundamental again in the case of this 2003 Djabe production.
Djabe invited several guests once more to bring The Sheafs are dancing to life.
From among the outstanding contributors:
Steve Hackett’s guitar style adds an interesting colour to the soundscape of this recordings.
Ben Castle uplifts the standard of the recording with his soprano saxophone. He was previously a determining musician in the recording of Update and Flying (DVD).
For the very first time the tabla apperead by Szalai Peter in Djabe recordings. Herczeg Judit is also a returning guest to the Djabe album as a vocalist.
The CD is released in a very decorative, paper case packaging. On the album, not only can we "listen to" the 14 paintings, but we can also admire them in the small booklet, which goes along with it.
This album was nominated to the “Best Hungarian jazz album of the year”.
"What does Hungarian jazz sound like? Take smooth jazz played by seven guys who look like truck drivers and dump a couple of buckets of paprika on them. Add a little Eastern European folk sensibility, particularly that gypsy fiddle. A packed RIJF Big Tent ate it up."
Jeff Spevak, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"It's not hard to figure out why Djabe is the leading jazz-fusion band of Hungary. The group's music is filled with lush textures and appealing melodies. Group member Kovacs Ferenc, who has worked with David Murray and Archie Shepp, is an excellent soloist on trumpet, flugelhorn, and violin."
Rochester Citynews
"I enjoyed Djabe's music and the packaging for Sheafs are dancing is superb."
Jim Simpson, Birmingham International Jazz Festival
2005 Slices of Life [320 kbps] - 01.17.25
1. Doromb
2. Message from Iceworld
3. Sigh
4. Omachule
5. Rush for Menes
6. Waterfall
7. Slices of Life
8. City of Habi
9. Children's Room
10. Indian Experience
11. Night in Kolkata
Barabas Tamas - bassguitar
Egerhazi Attila - guitar, percussion
Sipos Andras - percussion, vocal
Kovacs Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Kovacs Zoltan - keyboards
Banai Szilard - drums
Ben Castle - tenor and soprano saxophone
Echo string quartet
2008 Take on - Djabe (DVDA + DVD) [320 kbps] - 02.04.26
1.Take on DVDA - 01.12.50
1. Take on (7:02)
2. Kilinama (7:42)
3. Then and Now (7:59)
4. Butterfly (5:36)
5. At Night (6:16)
6. Los Sipos (homage to Sipi) (5:48)
7. Crazy Morning (6:30)
8. Afro Dance (5:53)
9. Wind and Bell (8:48)
10. Sarika (5:20)
11. End of a Beautiful Day (5:56)
2.Concert Debrecen Jazz Days (07.09.07) - 51.35
1. Intro
2. Clouds Dance
3. Omachule
4. Djabe
5. Shepherd's song
6. Bass solo
7. Distant Dance
8. Witchi Tai To
Sipos Andras - vocal, percussion
Banai Szilard - drums
Barabas Tamas - bass guitar
Egerhazi Attila - guitars
Kovacs Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Kovacs Zoltan - piano
Ben Castle - tenor and soprano saxophone
John Nugent – tenor saxophone
Malik Mansurov – tar, oud
Budai Sandor and his gypsy band
Об альбоме
The new album of Djabe is a worthy continuation of the band’s traditions and the values represented by them so far.
The composing ability of Tamas Barabas integrates all the talent of the members of the band, creating a new quality by that. The compositions are fresh, unique, still sound familiar. World music form Hungary, Azerbaijan, approaching jazz from different ways in a specific execution. The members of the band play in their finest fettle. This album is the final work of Andras Sipos, singer and percussionist, since he almost entirely finished the recordings before his death. His singing misses from three songs...
As we could get used to, great guest artists regularly participate on the Djabe albums. Herewith there are even two sax-players perform on the album. One of them is Ben Castle from England, who is a regular participant of the Djabe albums, and John Nugent from USA, who plays together with the band for the first time.
A particular variety is the play of the world-famous master of tar-player, Malik Mansurov from Azerbaijan in the tune Kilinama. The composition Wind and Bell converts into Gipsy music at the end. Sandor Budai and his band represents a surprising turn in the world of Take on.
The album summarizes all the knowledge that Djabe have learned and showed from music for 12 years.
The DVDA format of the album contains the whole music in Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1
Video extra is: 50 minutes concert footage, recorded at the Debrecen Jazz Days in Hungary. That was the last performance of Sipi with the band, just before a week before his unexpected death.
„Unexpected, unique and fun!” (Jeff Spevak, Rochester City News, USA)
2009 Sipi Benefit Concert - Djabe & Steve Hackett 2 DVD[320 kbps] - 04.13.45
1.Sipi Benefit Concert (part 1) DVD1 - 01.14.04
1. Djole (Sipos) 7:24
2. Seafs are dancing (Egerhazi - Barabas) 6:36
3. Doromb (Barabas) 9:42
4. Clouds Dance (Barabas - Egerhazi) 7:44
5. First Step (Barabas - Egerhazi) 11:03
6. Reflections of Thierache (Barabas) 7:32
7. Acoustic Medley (Steve Hackett) 11:07
8. Above the Skies (Egerhazi - Barabas) 4:11
9. Iceworld (Barabas) 7:42
2.Live at the Nisville Jazz, Serbia 2007 DVD1 - 01.18.01
2.Sheafs are dancing,
7.Shepherd’s song,
8.Djabe reprise,
9.Clouds Dance,
10.Bass solo,
11.Behind the veil
3.Sipi Benefit Concert (part 2) DVD2 - 01.41.40
1. In memoriam Balogh Elemer (Balogh Kalman)
2. Blessings from Somogy (Kovacs Ferenc)
3. Band intro
4. Omachule (Barabas)
5. Reproach (Barabas - Egerhazi)
6. Street scene of Hajduboszormeny (Barabas - Egerhazi)
7. Angklung - Sipi
8. Distant Dance (Egerhazi)
9. Behind the veil (Barabas - Egerhazi)
10. Without words – credits
Egerhazi Attila - guitar, percussion
Barabas Tamas - bass guitar, derbouka
Kovacs Ferenc - trumpet, violin, vocal
Kovacs Zoltan - keyboards
Banai Szilard - drums
Steve Hackett - guitar (бывший игрок гитары Genesis' a)
Dresch Mihaly - soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
Balogh Kalman - dulcimer
Said Tichiti - vocal, gembri, djembe, derbouka
Budai Sandor - violin
Nemeth Ferenc - vocal
2013 Down And Up [320 kbps] - 01.10.36
1.Down And Up
2.Take A Deep Breath
3.Awakening City
4.No Chance For Dance
5.Almi & Kitti
6.I Remember
7.Dark Soup
8.Five Months Later
9.Hills Of The Valley
10.Tears For Peace
11.Camino Royale (Bonus Track)
Послушайте семпли
Tamas Barabas - bass guitar, synths, guitar, percussion
Ferenc Kovacs - vocal, trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Attila Egerhazi - guitar
Zoltan Kovacs - keyboards
Szilard Banai - drums
Special guests:
Steve Hackett - vocal and guitar
Malik Mansurov - tar
John Nugent - tenor sax
Kalman Balogh - cimbalom
Peter Bede - shepherd flute
Judit Herczeg - vocal
Gabor Veress - flute
Roger King - keyboard
Об альбоме на англ. яз.
The compositions, arrangement and studio recordings of Down And Up extol mainly the talent and exigency of Tamas Barabas. Naturally, some tunes referring to the world of some earlier Djabe recordings written by Attila Egerhazi and Ferenc Kovacs on the album. A special feature is that the last song of the album, Tears For Peace, was written by Joanna Hackett, wife of Steve Hackett. Here we must mention that the famous Genesis guitarist, who can almost be considered a Djabe member, is in five compositions on the album, moreover, he sings the track Tears For Peace.
While listening to the album we take part in the usual fresh and colourful music journey of Djabe and the band once more shows its new faces through ten new tracks portraying the moods and expressions of past experiences – downs and ups.
Tamas Barabas is a world renowned bass player. On Down And Up he actually plays a lot of instruments on the album, from which we can highlight his brilliant guitar performance. Few people are probably aware, that he started his career as a solo guitar player.
Szilard Banai has grown into one of the best drummers on the horizon in the past few years, which is also proved by his international acknowledgments. His unique rhythmical and musical approaches add an enjoyable sense of colour to the compositions.
From the very beginning, Attila Egerhazi’s guitar texture has been the basic characteristic of the Djabe sound. On this album, this essence is represented by Awakening City and Hills Of The Valley.
Ferenc Kovacs brings his special musical ability on the trumpet and violin. The text he wrote for song The Dark Soup is of outstanding in its depth, and he performs it in his characteristic singing style.
Zoltan Kovacs’s piano and keyboard playing have become an ever increasing important element of Djabe’s music wonderfully confirmed throughout this album.
Guest artists enrich this album with special colours through being exceptional musicians and through the musical instruments themselves. Steve Hackett (UK) plays the guitar and sings, John Nugent (USA) plays the tenor saxophone, Malik Mansurov (AZ) plays the ancient tar. From among the Hungarian musician friends Kalman Balogh plays the cimbalom, Peter Bede plays the shepherd flute, Judit Herczeg is doing backing vocals and Gabor Veress plays the flute.
In November 2012 the double vinyl and CD version released and now the 5.1 version is released, with many extras.
2014 Forward [320 kbps] - 01.04.10
1. Forward (8:16)
2. Lava Lamp (5:50)
3. Hang Out (8:20)
4. Twin Pines (6:28)
5. Mr. East (6:44)
6. New Words (8:50)
7. Life Spirit (8:34)
8. Wind Tale (5:02)
9. My Day (6:06)
Banai Szilárd - dob
Barabás Tamás - basszusgitár, szintetizátor, gitár
Égerházi Attila - gitár, gitárszintetizátor, ütõhangszerek
Ferenc Kovács - hegedû, trombita, ének
Kovács Zoltán - billentyûs hangszerek
Malik Mansurov - tar
Steve Hackett - gitár
Gulli Briem - hang drum, ütõhangszerek, vokál, berimbau
John Nugent - tenorszaxofon
Mótyán Tibor - tabla
Herczeg Judit - vokál
Kaszás Péter - vokál
Kovács Sára - didgeridoo
Égerházi Sára - csörgõ, chimes
Ron Stackman - beszéd
Sipos András - konga, esõcsináló, csörgõ, fa xilofon (2004-es archív felvételekrõl)
Tóth Viktor - alt szaxofon, bambusz fuvola (2004-es archív felvételekrõl)
Miskolci Szimfonikus Zenekar
Настоящий состав
Barabás Tamás - bass guitar
Égerházi Attila - guitar, percussion
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, vocal
Banai Szilárd - drums
Kovács Zoltán - piano, keyboards
1996 Djabe CD
1998 Witchi Tai To 2 CDs (enhanced), LP – The best Hungarian World Music album
1999 Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya CD, LP
2000 Tour 2000 CD
2001 Update CD – eMeRTon Award
2002 Flying – Live in Concert DVD
2003 Táncolnak a kazlak CD, DVD audio – Surround Music Award nomination, Los Angeles, USA
2003 Unplugged at the New Orleans 2 CDs (enhanced)
2004 Gödöllô, 2001. június 23. CD
2005 Slices of Life/Életképek CD, DVD audio
2006 Táncoltak a kazlak DVD
2007 Message From The Road 2 CDs+DVD
2007 Köszönjük Sipi! CD
2008 Take On CD, DVD audio
2009 Djabe/Steve Hackett: Sipi emlékkoncert – Sipi benefit concert 2 CDs, 2 DVDs
2011 Djabe special guest Steve Hackett:In The Footsteps of Attila and Genghis 2 CDs
2011 Djabe 15 – 15th Anniversary Concert2 DVDs
2011 Update 2011 Reissue DVD audio, 2 DVDs
2012 Down and Up CD, DVD Audio-Video, 2LP
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