(World Fusion, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova) Laurindo Almeida - Коллекция - 1953-1999 (15 альбомов) (w/ Bud Shank, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Charlie Byrd, Baden Powell), MP3, V2-320 kbps

(World Fusion, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova) Laurindo Almeida - Коллекция - 1953-1999 (15 альбомов) (w/ Bud Shank, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Charlie Byrd, Baden Powell), MP3, V2-320 kbps
Laurindo Almeida
Коллекция - 1953-1999 (15 альбомов)Жанр: World Fusion, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova
Аудиокодек: MP3
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Битрейт аудио: V2-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 10:19:15
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Огромное спасибо всем первоначальным релизерам.
Лауриндо Альмейда (Laurindo Almeida, 02.09.1917 - 26.07.1995) - бразильский классический, джазовый гитарист.
Стал известен в конце 40-х годов как участник оркестра Стэна Кентона. С 1974 по 1982 играл в группе The L.A. Four. Неоднократный лауреат музыкальной премии Грэмми.
Сотрудничал с Bud Shank, Baden Powell, Stan Getz, Herbie Mann, Ray Brown, Charlie Byrd и другими музыкантами.
Laurindo Almeida
During a long and uncommonly productive career, Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeida achieved a ubiquity in popular music that has yet to be fully recognized. Largely responsible for the Brazilian/North American "samba jazz" that would eventually catch on in the form of a musical trend known as bossa nova, he played behind dozens of well-known pop vocalists and improved the overall texture of many a studio production ensemble. One credible estimate states that Almeida contributed to no less than 800 film soundtracks (among them The Old Man and the Sea, How the West Was Won, and Breakfast at Tiffany's), as well as countless TV scores. He also authored a series of guitar instruction books that are still in use worldwide. A master improviser and a skilled arranger as well as a brilliant interpreter of classical repertoire, he left for posterity superb recordings of works by J.S. Bach, Fryderyk Chopin, Claude Debussy, and Joaqui'n Rodrigo as well as a host of Brazilian composers including Heitor Villa-Lobos, Radame's Gnattali, and Alfredo Vianna. Almeida's own chamber compositions include a concerto for guitar and orchestra.
Laurindo Jose de Araujo Almeida Nobrega Neto was born in the village of Prainha near the Port of Santos in the state of Sa~o Paulo, Brazil, on September 2, 1917. He received his first musical instruction from his mother, a classically trained pianist, and credited her fondness for the music of Fryderyk Chopin as a primary influence. After observing his sister being given guitar lessons, "Lindo" borrowed her instrument and retreated to a barn where he taught himself to play entirely by ear, transferring what he'd heard his mother play on the piano to the strings of the guitar. Many years later he would declare his preference for the direct intimacy of the guitar as opposed to the more percussive piano. By the age of nine he had become uncommonly skilled and was well on the way to becoming a guitar virtuoso; it was then that he lost his father to typhoid fever. At 12 he relocated to Sa~o Paulo with his brother. He joined the Revolutionary Army at 15 and was wounded in a civil conflagration. While recuperating in a hospital he met Garoto, a nationally respected guitarist who was visiting to perform for the patients. Within a few years, Almeida would perform and record extensively with Garoto.
In 1935 Almeida moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he teamed up with singer and tenor guitarist Nestor Amaral and began working in radio while becoming active as a songwriter, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist and performing regularly at the Casino da Urea. He composed folk songs, fox trots, sambas, choros, waltzes, and comedic airs, and worked with a broad range of artists including choro master Pixinguinha. He also collected 78-rpm jazz records, and was especially fond of the way Fats Waller played the piano. In 1936, at the age of 19, he got a job (playing banjo for the most part so as to be heard) for half a year on the Cuyaba, a cruise ship that docked in every country along the coast of Europe from Spain to Germany. While visiting Paris he was able to hear Django Reinhardt and Ste'phane Grappelli in person. In 1941 he played the Casino Copacabana, and switched over to the Casino Balneario da Urca the following year. It was there that he met a Portuguese ballerina named Natalia (Maria Miguelina Ferreira Ribeiro) in 1944 and married her shortly afterwards.
After touring north with Carmen Miranda, Laurindo Almeida moved to Los Angeles in 1947, and was able to do so because of royalties received from the sale of his tune "Johnny Pedlar," made famous as "Johnny Peddler" by popular acts like Jimmy Dorsey, Les Brown, and the Andrews Sisters. He performed in Laguna Beach with Nestor Amaral, Jose' Oliveira, and violinist Elisabeth Waldo and appeared in a variety show with vocalist Dennis Day and comedians Victor Borge and Red Skelton, and in movies with Jimmy Durante and Danny Kaye. What made Almeida so different from anyone else on the scene at the time was his practice of using only his fingers on the guitar strings; everybody else used picks. When asked who his favorite guitarists were, he gave an answer that was emblematic of his entire career: classical virtuoso Andre's Segovia and Oscar Moore of the King Cole Trio. Almeida's film production work brought him to the attention of bandleader Stan Kenton, who hired and featured him while absorbing stylistic elements of the northeast Brazilian baiao, the samba, and the choro. Kenton eventually composed "Lament" especially for the guitarist. Almeida's direct involvement with Kenton's orchestra lasted until 1952. His first album as a solo artist, Concert Creations for Guitar, was released in 1950 by Kenton's host label, Capitol.
Just as Machito, Dizzy Gillespie, and Chano Pozo had enlivened the scene with their Afro-Cuban jazz during the late '40s, Laurindo Almeida's session work during his first decade in the U.S. pollinated the modern jazz scene with rhythms and melodies from Brazil. During the years 1953-1958, he recorded several jazz samba albums with saxophonist Bud Shank that have since come to be regarded as precursors of the bossa nova trend of the late '50s and early '60s. In addition to steady session work with vocalists like June Christy, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Peggy Lee, Robert Mitchum, Connie Russell, Frank Sinatra, Martha Tilton, Mel Torme', Kitty White, and vocal groups like the Four Freshmen, the Hi-Lo's, and the Platters, Almeida collaborated with bandleader Ray Anthony, pianist George Shearing, multi-instrumentalist Herbie Mann, space age pop music's Juan Garcia Esquivel, Kenton's right-hand man Pete Rugolo, and Hollywood's master of movie music Henry Mancini.
Between 1960 and 1967 Almeida put out no less than nine pop-oriented albums for Capitol; these were in addition to at least as many "classical" titles for that label. When the bossa nova craze really set in, Almeida brought an authentic Brazilian presence to records by Stan Getz, Shorty Rogers, and Cal Tjader; he also assisted with a Harry Belafonte Christmas LP and cut an album with the Modern Jazz Quartet, touring with them throughout all of Europe. While continuing to work with Mancini, he practiced anonymity as a member of Guitars Unlimited and the 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett, sat in with bandleader Gerald Wilson, backed Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., and shared a session with trumpeter Rafael Me'ndez. In 1968 he played on the soundtrack of the film Charly, based upon Flowers for Algernon, a novel by Daniel Keyes.
In 1970 Almeida was one of the musicians backing Phil Ochs on his Greatest Hits album, produced by Van Dyke Parks, who invited the guitarist back to record the album Discover America in 1972. In 1974 Almeida and Bud Shank formed the L.A. 4 with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Shelly Manne (later replaced by Jeff Hamilton); this unit would eventually turn out at least eight albums, mostly for the Concord label, with which Almeida would be closely associated for the rest of his days. During the 1980s he performed with his second wife, Canadian soprano Deltra Ruth Eamon; he also recorded several albums with guitarist Charlie Byrd and led a trio at Disney World in Orlando, FL. In 1988 he formed a three-piece unit called Guitarjam with Sharon Isbin and Larry Coryell. Laurindo Almeida never failed to get behind musicians who earned his respect, and was especially supportive of other guitarists, including fellow Brazilian Baden Powell and classicist Paulo Bellinati. At the age of 74 he cut a live album (Outra Vez) with his trio at a club near San Diego, performing (in addition to his own compositions) works by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Enrique' Granados, Thelonious Monk, Ludwig van Beethoven, Irving Berlin, and Antonin Dvora'k. This intriguingly diverse selection was typical of Laurindo Almeida, who passed away on July 26, 1995, in Van Nuys, CA.
1953 - Brazilliance, Vol.1 (with Bud Shank)
Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank - Brazilliance, Vol.1
Год издания диска: 1991 (World Pacific CDP 7 96339 2)
Продолжительность: 48:12
01. Atabaque
02. Amor Flamengo
03. Stairway to the Stars
04. Acertate Mas
05. Terra Seca
06. Speak Low
07. Speak Low (alternate take)
08. Inquietacao
09. Baa-Too-Kee
10. Carinoso
11. Tocata
12. Hazardous
13. Nono
14. Noctambulism
15. Blue Baiao
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Bud Shank - alto saxophone
Harry Babasin - bass
Roy Harte - drums
Recorded on April 15-22, 1953 in Los Angeles.
1958 - Brazilliance, Vol.2 (with Bud Shank)
Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank - Brazilliance, Vol.2
Год издания диска: 1991 (World Pacific CDP 7 96102 2)
Продолжительность: 63:14
01. Simpatico
02. Rio Rhapsody
03. Nocturno
04. Little Girl Blue
05. Choro in 'A'
06. Mood Antigua
07. The Color of Her Hair
08. Lonely
09. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
10. Carioca Hills
11. Harlem Samba
12. North of the Border
13. Sunset Baion
14. 'Round Midnight
15. Toro Dance
16. Serenade for Alto
17. Xana-Lyn
18. Blowing Wild
19. Gershwin Prelude
20. Waltz Frio y Calor
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Bud Shank - alto saxophone, flute
Gary Peacock - bass
Chuck Flores - drums
Recorded in March 1958 in Los Angeles.
1962 - Viva Bossa Nova!
Laurindo Almeida - Viva Bossa Nova!
Год издания диска: 2010
Продолжительность: 28:15
01. Naked City Theme
02. Lazy River
03. Ramblin' Rose
04. Maria
05. Petite Fleur
06. Teach Me Tonight
07. Lollipops and Roses
08. Moon River
09. Desafinado
10. Mr. Lucky
11. One Note Samba
12. Theme from "Route '66"
Laurindo Almeida - guitar, cavaquinha
Howard Roberts, Al Viola - alternating on second guitar
Shelly Manne, Milt Holland, Chico Guerrero - percussion
Jimmy Rowles - electronic organ
Max Bennett - bass
Bob Cooper - tenor saxophone
Don Fagerquist - trumpet
Justin Gordon - flute
1963 - It's a Bossa Nova World
Laurindo Almeida - It's a Bossa Nova World
Год издания диска: 2011
Продолжительность: 29:46
01. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
02. I Will Follow Him (Chariot)
03. Sukiyaki
04. Say Wonderful Things
05. Misirlou
06. Song of the Islands
07. Danke Schoen
08. Till Then
09. Lisboa Antigua
10. More
11. Rio Bonito (Beautiful Rio)
12. Hava Nagila
Laurindo Almeida - gut guitar, 12-string guitar, cavaquinha
Howard Roberts - electric guitar
Jimmie Rowles - electronic organ
Max Bennett - bass
Shelly Manne, Victor Feldman, Chico Guerrero - percussion
Don Fagerquist - trumpet
Justin Gordon - flute
Bob Cooper - tenor saxophone
1964 - Guitar from Ipanema
Laurindo Almeida - Guitar from Ipanema
Год издания диска: 2011
Продолжительность: 30:01
01. Girl from Ipanema
02. Manha de Carnaval
03. Sarah's Samba
04. Winter Moon
05. Izabella
06. Choro for People in Love
07. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
08. Old Guitaron
09. Um Abraco no Bonfa
10. Twilight in Rio
11. The Fiddler's Wolf Whistle
Harry Klee, Justin Gordon - flute
George Fields - harmonica
Laurindo Almeida, Al Hendrickson - guitar
Jack Marshall - guitar, whistling
Djalma Ferreira - organ
Fafa Lemos - violin
+ rhythms
Irene Kral - voice
Recorded in Los Angeles on September 1-3, 1964.
1967 - A Man and a Woman
Laurindo Almeida - A Man and a Woman
Год издания диска: 2011
Продолжительность: 31:58
01. A Man and a Woman
02. Call Me
03. Michelle
04. 'Cause I Love Her
05. Bluesette
06. Here's That Rainy Day
07. Secret Love
08. Distant Shores
09. Soft Mood
10. Goin' Out of My Head
11. Mas Que Nada
Laurindo Almeida - guitar with Strings & Horns
1968 - The Look of Love
Laurindo Almeida - The Look of Love
Год издания диска: 2011
Продолжительность: 30:08
01. Windy
02. Angel Eyes
03. I Love You
04. Up, Up and Away
05. Don't Sleep in the Subway
06. The Look of Love
07. When I Look in Your Eyes
08. Alfie
09. A Beautiful Friendship
10. Simplicidade
11. My Own True Love
Laurindo Almeida - guitar with Strings
1977 - Virtuoso Guitar [LP]
Laurindo Almeida - Virtuoso Guitar [LP]
Год издания диска: 1977 (Crystal Clear CCS 8001)
Продолжительность: 24:39
01. Yesterday
02. Jazz-Tuno at the Mission
03. Late Last Night
04. Gnatalli: Guitar & Cello Sonata: 1. Allegretto comodo
05. Gnatalli: Guitar & Cello Sonata: 2. Adagio
06. Gnatalli: Guitar & Cello Sonata: 3. Com espirito
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Chuck Domanico - bass (#1-3)
Clare Fischer (#1-3) - acoustic piano, electric piano
Chuck Flores - drums (#1-3), percussion (#4-6)
Emil Richards - vibes, marimba (#1-3)
Aime Maurice Vereeck - percussion (#1-3)
Frederick Seykora - cello (#4-6)
Recorded at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA in November-December 1976.
Запись с пластинки.
1978 - Chamber Jazz
Laurindo Almeida - Chamber Jazz
Год издания диска: 1978
Продолжительность: 40:13
01. Dingue le Bangue
02. Unaccustomed Bach
03. Odeon
04. Bourree and Double
05. Melissa
06. You and I (Voce e Eu)
07. Claire de Lune Samba
08. Chopin a la Breve
09. Turuna
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Bob Magnusson - bass
Jeff Hamilton - drums
1979 - New Directions [LP]
Laurindo Almeida - New Directions [LP]
Год издания диска: 1979 (Crystal Clear CCS 8007)
Продолжительность: 25:46
01. Stuff Like That
02. Feels So Good
03. Just the Way You Are
04. Copacabana
05. Tomorrow
06. You Needed Me
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Chuck Flores - drums
Abe Most - clarinet
Dante Varela - percussion, piano
Bill Hitchchock - conductor
B.J. Baker, Deltra Eamon, Chris Grant - background vocals
Запись с пластинки.
1983 - Artistry in Rhythm [V2]
The Laurindo Almeida Trio - Artistry in Rhythm
Год издания диска: 1983
Продолжительность: 37:45
01. Chariots of Fire
02. Astronauta
03. Andante
04. Te Amo
05. Artistry in Rhythm
06. Always on My Mind
07. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
08. Up Where We Belong
09. Almost a Farewell
10. Liza
11. Puka Shells in a Whirl
Laurindo Almeida - guitar
Bob Magnusson - bass
Milt Holland - drums, percussion
1989 - Music of the Brazilian Masters (with Carlos Barbosa Lima, Charlie Byrd)
Laurindo Almeida, Carlos Barbosa Lima, Charlie Byrd - Music of the Brazilian Masters
Год издания диска: 1989 (Concord CCD-4389)
Продолжительность: 64:46
01. Escorregando
02. Ainda Me Recordo
03. Rosa
04. Baia
05. Didi
06. Retratos: Pixinguinha
07. Retratos: Ernesto Nazareth
08. Retratos: Anacleto Madeiros
09. Invocation to Shango
10. Veleiro
11. O Boto
12. Valsa de Esquina, No.8
13. Modinha
14. Vou Vivendo
15. Weekend Cruise to Catalina
16. Promises
Laurindo Almeida, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Charlie Byrd - guitars
Larry Grenadier - bass
Michael Shapiro - drums
Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA in May 1989.
1994 - Dance the Bossa Nova
Laurindo Almeida - Dance the Bossa Nova
Год издания диска: 1994 (Sarabandas CD 62055)
Продолжительность: 44:23
01. Lisbon Antigua
02. Meditation (Meditacao)
03. O Barquinho (Little Boat)
04. More
05. Danke Schoen
06. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
07. Satin Doll
08. Heartaches
09. I Will Follow Him (Chariot)
10. Recado Bossa Nova
11. Hava Nagila
12. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
13. Rio Bonita (Beautiful Rio)
14. Till Then
15. Sukiyaki
16. Say Wonderful Things
17. What Kind of Fool Am I
18. The Alley Cat Song
1998 - The Concord Jazz Heritage Series
Laurindo Almeida - The Concord Jazz Heritage Series
Год издания диска: 1998 (Concord CCD-4823-2)
Продолжительность: 59:34
01. Dingue le Bangue
02. Liza
03. Carioca
04. Te Amo
05. Chopin a la Breve
06. Jalousie
07. You and I (Voce e Eu)
08. Danza Five
09. Invocation to Shango
10. Slaughter on the Tenth Avenue
11. Unaccustomed Bach
12. Escadoo
13. Adios
14. First Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra: Moderato
1999 - Brasil Guitar Magic!: The Gold Collection (with Baden Powell)
Laurindo Almeida & Baden Powell - Brasil Guitar Magic!: The Gold Collection
Год издания диска: 1999
Продолжительность: 60:35
01. Samba Medley
02. O Barquinho
03. The Busy Bee
04. Canto Do Ossanha
05. Samba Triste
06. Escadoo
07. Air on a G-String
08. Dorival
09. Garota de Ipanema
10. Berimbau
11. Euridice
12. Deve Ser Amor
13. Choro Para Metronome
14. Berceuse a Jussara
15. Adagio
16. Prelude
17. Samba en Preludio
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