[TR24][OF] Heads of State (Gary Bartz, Larry Willis, Buster Williams, Al Foster) - Search for Peace - 2015 (Bop)

[TR24][OF] Heads of State (Gary Bartz, Larry Willis, Buster Williams, Al Foster) - Search for Peace - 2015 (Bop)
Heads of State
Search for Peace
Год издания: 2015
Жанр: Bop
Издатель: Smoke Sessions Records
Продолжительность: 01:08:08
Наличие сканов: Sleeve

01. Impressions (5:46)
02. Uncle Bubba (4:32)
03. Search for Peace (11:41)
04. Capuchin Swing (7:28)
05. Soulstice (7:21)
06. Crazy She Calls Me (9:26)
07. Summer Serenade (7:23)
08. Lotus Blossom (6:56)
09. I Wish I Knew (7:34)

Контейнер: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Разрядность: 24bit / 96kHz
Количество каналов: 2.0

О релизе

Heads of State, featuring four of the most respected and admired jazz artists of our time, releases its first recording Search for Peace. A band over 50 years in the making, Gary Bartz, Larry Willis, Buster Williams, and Al Foster had performed together countless times in different combinations and contexts over their storied careers, but it wasn t until September 2014 that they appeared as a quartet. The occasion that night was a tribute to McCoy Tyner, and the results were so inspired and the response so overwhelming that they knew right away they had something worth keeping. As pianist Larry Willis puts it, I don t think there are any bands that are doing quite what we re doing right now. Now, their unique chemistry and musicianship is documented on Search for Peace. The album features selections by John Coltrane ( Impressions ), Jackie McLean ( Capuchin Swing ), Benny Carter ( Summer Serenade ), Billy Strayhorn ( Lotus Blossom ) and, of course, the moving title track by Tyner ( Search for Peace ). Gary Bartz contributes two compositions ( Uncle Bubba which Gary performed with McCoy and Soulstice ) and there are two standards ( Crazy She Calls Me and I Wish I Knew which Tyner famously recorded with Coltrane). It is a well-chosen and balanced set, but the selections are somewhat beside the point; this all-star quartet makes everything sound like magic.
Gary Bartz - Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Larry Willis - Piano
Buster Williams - Bass
Al Foster - Drums
Динамический диапазон
foobar2000 1.3.8 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2015-07-18 23:14:22
Analyzed: Heads of State / Search for Peace
DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR8 -0.01 dB -9.42 dB 5:46 01-Impressions
DR10 -0.01 dB -12.10 dB 4:32 02-Uncle Bubba
DR10 -0.01 dB -12.74 dB 11:41 03-Search for Peace
DR8 -0.01 dB -10.58 dB 7:28 04-Capuchin Swing
DR9 -0.01 dB -11.68 dB 7:21 05-Soulstice
DR9 -0.01 dB -12.63 dB 9:26 06-Crazy She Calls Me
DR9 -0.01 dB -11.16 dB 7:23 07-Summer Serenade
DR9 -0.01 dB -10.89 dB 6:56 08-Lotus Blossom
DR9 -0.01 dB -10.92 dB 7:34 09-I Wish I Knew
Number of tracks: 9
Official DR value: DR9
Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2868 kbps
Codec: FLAC
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