(Soul, funk, bossa, folk, gospel) Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Bárbaro - Look Around The Corner - 2012, MP3 [WEB], 320 kbps

Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Bárbaro / Look Around The Corner
Жанр: Soul, funk, bossa, folk, gospel
Страна: Колумбия, Великобритания
Год издания: 2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 52:41
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
Релизёр: nihilate / junodownload
01. Look Around The Corner
02. Here Again
03. Travelling Song
04. Magdalena
05. I'll Keep My Light In My Window
06. Una Tarde En Mariquita
07. Interlude
08. Su Suzy
09. Boogaloo 33
10. Road To Islay
11. Similau
12. I'd Cry
13. Magdalena (Reprise)
14. Look Around The Corner (Reprise)
Об исполнителе (группе)
Producer, musician, DJ and composer Quantic and singer/songwriter Alice Russell are two of the UK’s best loved independent artists. Through their respective solo projects and various acclaimed collaborations over the last decade, they have become leading lights of the international funk, soul and alternative dance music scene.
The two all-time biggest selling artists on Tru Thoughts records, the label that brought them together, Quantic and Alice Russell have each captured the World’s imagination not just for their natural born talents but for their unique and refreshingly passionate take on their craft, with an authentic yet creative approach. They both played a pivotal role in the UK’s funk and soul resurgence of the early 2000s (out of which sprang which spawned the hits of the likes of Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse and Adele). With ever-growing international fanbases, sell-out tours, and coverage across the World’s music and cultural media they are now well established artists; Quantic released a critically acclaimed ‘Best Of’ compilation last year, celebrating 11 years and 14 albums on Tru Thoughts, while Alice Russell regularly plays to thousands both at home and abroad, and is recording her fifth longplayer.
2012 sees the release of ‘Look Around The Corner’, the first ever full collaborative album from these two musical soulmates. The sound of this intoxicating record mixes sweet soul and blues with overtones of folk and gospel, and the inimitable swing of Quantic's world-renowned outfit the Combo Bárbaro, who form the core band. Recording at Quantic’s Sonido del Valle studio in his adopted home city of Cali, Colombia, producer/musician Quantic and singer/songwriter Russell had the space and time to revel in their creative chemistry, revisiting and building on the spirit of their previous collaborative tracks which have peppered the last decade (big hitters include “Pushin’On” for Quantic Soul Orchestra and “Sweet Calling” for Russell’s solo project). For legions of hopeful fans around the World, this is the culmination of a tense will-they-won’t-they storyline, and ‘Look Around The Corner’ proves good things come to those who wait.
Об альбоме
The lead track lights the touch paper, and the album abounds with melodies and momentum from there on in; brimming with big, classic-sounding yet fresh and original songs including the simply irresistible funky stomp of “Magdalena” and the close harmonies, Latin rhythms and bouncing melody of “Su Suzy”. There’s a taste of vintage rock ‘n’ roll on “Boogaloo 33”; and a modern take on seventies soul ballads in “I’d Cry”, on which Russell’s heartfelt candy-laced vocals play a bittersweet game of call-and-response with gypsy-folk violins and the dancing piano keys of Alfredito Linares, one of the musical stars of the record.
“Travelling Song” and “Similau” see the duo reinterpret a classic folk song from the English movement and one from its equivalent in the West Indies. You’ll also find an inspired version of the soul standard “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window”, one of Russell’s all-time favourite songs which has scarcely sounded better than in this current incarnation, on which she exercises her famed powers as a classic soul vocalist. The band take centre stage in instrumental numbers including “Una Tarde In Mariquita” and “Road To Islay”, showcasing the sheer wealth of talent running through the outfit, not to mention the compositional skills and broad church of influences for which Quantic (aka Will Holland) becomes ever more greatly revered with each release. The closing flourish – a Reprise of “Look Around The Corner” – is a compelling invitation to hit the repeat button.
Tru Thoughts Recordings are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated collaborative album by Quantic and Alice Russell, the label's two all-time biggest selling artists, is now finalised for a 2012 release.
Entitled 'Look Around The Corner', the album will be released on CD, double gatefold vinyl and digital on 2nd April; preceded by the lead single - the title track - out on deluxe 10” vinyl and digital on 20th February.
'Look Around The Corner' sees the duo of Quantic and Alice Russell revisiting the spirit of their hugely popular previous collaborations (with the Quantic Soul Orchestra, for example) but this time backed by Quantic's world-renowned Combo Bárbaro and recorded in Quantic's adopted home city of Cali, Colombia.
The combined talents of singer Alice Russell and producer/musician Will Holland (aka Quantic) have always been a match made in heaven, and the vibrant sound of this beautiful album is a fresh blend of pure sweet soul and blues, with overtones of gospel and folk music and the added Latin swing of the Combo Bárbaro.
Pushing the concept of their previous work together, they wanted to have a Latin undertone to the style. Rather like the soul records made in Miami and New York in the 70s, or the disco from the Bronx, it has the accent of Latin players but still a lot of the blues and soul sound; Chicago's Chess label was a big influence from a production aesthetic.
The record features Mike Simmonds (Alice Russell's regular strings guru who joined them in Colombia from London for the recording), as well as the revered pianist Alfredito Linares, bassist Fernando Silva and conga player Freddy Colorado, all from the Combo Bárbaro. Wilson Viveros, from coastal town Buenaventura, was an invited drummer - more known for playing timbales for Guayacan, Fruko and Joe Madrid, he is also an incredible kit drummer. Also on drums for some songs was Larry Joseph, a talented Jazz drummer who resides and plays in Cali. Alfredito is the instrumentalist star of the show, sprinkling his magical and charismatic brand of bluesy, boogaloo piano over the album.
Quantic and Alice Russell will be touring 'Look Around The Corner' extensively throughout the USA in March - April, followed by Europe and the UK in April - May; with a hand-picked band comprising members of the Combo Bárbaro and musicians from Alice's own band.
Both Alice Russell and Quantic have built up immense Worldwide followings for their solo projects, with over 400,000 record sales between them; and 'Look Around The Corner' is guaranteed to be met with excitement, surprise and delight by music fans from all corners of the globe.
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