(Smooth Jazz / Jazz-Pop / Piano Jazz) Joyce Cooling :: Discography (1989-2009) 7CD+1CDS [MP3.160-320kbps.CBR/VBR]

JOYCE COOLING Discography :: 1989-2009 :: 7CD+1CDS Genre: Smooth Jazz / Crossover Jazz / Guitar
Country: USA
Format: MP3, 320 kbps, CBR, Lame 3.98 from Lossless (за исключением указанных особо)
Joyce Cooling (Джойс Кулинг) - американская smooth jazz-гитаристка, вокалистка, композитор. Благодаря своей матери, преподавателю музыки, освоила азы музыкальной грамоты. Во время учебы в школе Джойс открыла для себя все великолепие джаза. Освоив фортепьяно, барабаны и перкуссию, Джойс переключилась на гитару, и со временем разработала свою уникальную технику звукоизвлечения. В середине 1980-х годов начала выступать в небольших клубах. В 1988 году знакомство и последующее сотрудничество с клавишником и продюсером Jay Wagner привело к появлению дебютного альбома гитаристки. Joyce Cooling и Jay Wagner в 1990 году собрали группу и последующие шесть лет активно выступали и записывали новые треки. Осенью 1997 года Джойс выпустила альбом Playing It Cool. С этого момента практически все ее альбомы достигали почетных мест в популярных smooth jazz чартах (Billboard и др.), а сама Джойс была удостоена ряда наград. Седьмой студийный альбом Global Cooling, вышедший в 2009 году, был признан альбомом года (Album of the Year) британской радиостанцией PhoenixFM. Joyce Cooling активно гастролирует по Северной Америке, Японии, Южной Корее, Колумбии, Мексике, работает на студии с такими известными музыкантами, как Al Jarreau, Lee Ritenour, Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd и др. Чаще всего гитара в руках девушки, выступающей на сцене, используется как предмет антуража (выглядит очень красиво - почти что эротично). Но здесь интересен сам факт - саксофонисток в smooth jazz достаточно много, а гитаристка практически одна. Само по себе явление женщины в джазе в амплуа гитаристки и певицы одновременно, да при этом еще и автора всех композиций - большая редкость. Некоторые характеризуют ее как Jeff Golub или Benson "в юбке".
Официальный сайт: www.joycecooling.com
Joyce Cooling - 1989 - Cameo [CD'2001 USA Group2] ::: CBR.320.Lame.3.96r
Original LP Release: 1988 There Records [#TR 0062], Nucleus Records [#NJ 441]
Audio CD Release: 2001 Group2 (October 1, 2001) [Original recording remastered]
Total Playtime: 00:36:32
01. [04:17] It's You
02. [05:19] The Way Out
03. [04:34] Voo Doo Chicken
04. [03:30] Ve
05. [04:59] Glad Rap
06. [04:04] It's Time I Go
07. [04:40] It's on You
08. [0] Dori [bonus track]
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Guitar – Joyce Cooling
- Drum Programming [Linn Drum] – Tom Mallon
- Drums – Rubens Moura Jr.
- Electric Bass [5-string] – Helio Garcia
- Keyboards – Jay Wagner
- Lead Vocals – Claudio Amaral (tracks #1,7), Joyce Cooling (tracks #4,7)
- Backing Vocals – Claudio Amaral (tracks #7), Jay Wagner (tracks #7), Joyce Cooling (tracks #1,7), Rubens Moura Jr. (tracks #7)
- Percussion – Kent Middleton
- Arranged, Producer – Jay Wagner, Joyce Cooling
- Engineer – Gary Mankin, Tom Mallon
- Executive-Producer – John P. Valentine
- Photography By [Back Cover] – Bob Rockefeller
- Photography By [Band] – Patrick Johnson
- Photography By [Front Cover, Back Cover] – Russ Fischella
- Liner Notes – Jerry Dean
- Mastered By – George Horn
Review: by Scott Yanow from allmusic.com
Years before she had success as a pop/jazz singer/guitarist, Joyce Cooling recorded Cameo, her debut. The music is Brazilian-oriented and is sometimes swinging, sometimes poppish. Cooling's warm voice is only heard on three of the seven numbers (singer Kitty Margolis wrote the lyrics to "It's You"), and the emphasis is more on her guitar and the instrumental playing of her sideman (including keyboardist Jay Wagner) than it would be in future years. An interesting historic set that contains some fine (if long lost) performances.
Joyce Cooling - 1997 - Playing It Cool [CD' USA Heads Up]
Original Release: 1997 Heads Up (USA) (July 29, 1997)
Audio CD Release: 1997 Heads Up (USA) [#HUCD 3040]
Total Playtime: 00:51:05
01. [04:10] Imagine That
02. [05:02] Savannah
03. [03:53] After Hours
04. [05:01] Another Time
05. [04:08] Almost Home
06. [04:28] South of Market
07. [04:15] On the Run
08. [03:53] Sleight of Hand
09. [04:33] Say You Will
10. [04:28] How Was I to Know?
11. [07:10] Firefly
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Gary Calvin, Joyce Cooling, Jay Wagner - Composer
Review: by Jim Gargas
Having always been a classic rocker, I am a new fan of smooth jazz. I recently started listening to it at work because I work in a basement office and the local smooth jazz station is really the only thing we can pick up with decent reception. After listening for a few weeks, it was Joyce Cooling's stuff that really started to stand out to me. There was just something unique there and it's not any of the cookie cutter stuff you hear a lot with the eventual sax solo. I recently bought "Playing It Cool" and I'm having a hard time taking it out of my CD player. Each song is well written and the musicianship is second to none. Joyce recently appeared at the local jazz fest and I've been sick over the fact that I didn't go. If you're ready to try smooth jazz, Joyce Cooling is a great place to start.
Every track on the CD is worth listening over and over again. Too bad it didn't last longer. Smooth Jazz fans especially those who like George Benson will not be disappointed. Joyce has a winner here!
Joyce Cooling - 1999 - Keeping Cool [CD' USA Heads Up]
Original Release: 1999 Heads Up Records (USA) (September 28, 1999)
Audio CD Release: 1999 Heads Up Records (USA) [#HUCD 3053]
Total Playtime: 00:38:46
01. [03:37] Callie
02. [00:29] Want to Coast? (Intro to Coasting)
03. [03:38] Coasting
04. [04:29] Ain't Life Grand?
05. [02:35] Out of a Movie
06. [04:39] Before Dawn
07. [04:03] China Basin
08. [03:33] Simple Kind of Love
09. [05:05] Little Five Points
10. [06:36] Gliding By
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Joyce Cooling - guitars/vocals
- Jay Wagner - keyboards/vocals/programming
- Garry Calvin - bass (tracks #9)
- Billy Johnson - drums (tracks #9)
- Peter Michael Escovedo - percussion
- Arranged By – Joyce Cooling
- Programmed By, Producer, Arranged By – Jay Wagner
- Executive-Producer – Dave Love
- Photography By – Michael Collopy
- Recorded at The Clubhouse, San Francisco, California.
- This is an enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
- All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.
2000 -- Top Contemporary Jazz Albums -- 18
Review: by Jonathan Widran from allmusic.com
This slick electric guitarist seemed to come out of nowhere in 1997, becoming The Gavin Report's artist of the year based on the enormous reception of her radio smash "South of Market" and her Heads Up debut Playing It Cool (pun intended). In reality, she had been (and still is) one of the Bay Area's premier club and festival performers, trading off between straight-ahead jazz, Brazilian rhythms, and the funky, lighthearted kind of perfection we find on her even better follow-up (pun still intended and not quite yet wearing thin). Her precise, crisp, and relaxed style serves melodies that are instantly catchy throughout; she and her keyboardist/partner have emerged from years of playing more free-form music in clubs and have the smooth jazz hook thing down pat. What makes this so much more fun than the average genre guitar release are the varied trappings that reflect a myriad of influences. "Callie" bounces in with a retro-bluesy disco groove, Cooling blending her delightful wordless vocalizing and easy punch before giving way to Wagner's piano frolic. The title "Coasting" might imply "laid-back, bland, " but in this case, it finds her being spunky with a hypnotic lead riff over an artsy jazz piano groove. The irrepressible blues pieces "Ain't Life Grand" and "China Basin" give her a chance to show off her Stevie Ray Vaughn influence. When she's not being the queen of perky, Cooling simmers down on the meditative moods of "Out of a Movie" and "Little Five Points," which features her understated but still smart improvisation over Wagner's Rhodes harmony. While more a guitarist who sings than vice versa, the Brazilian-flavored vocal track "Gliding By" -- with just her voice and an acoustic guitar -- gives a fuller view of one of the genre's premier new talents. Kudos for also finally realizing that she can use her knockout looks and sex appeal in the packaging design.
Joyce Cooling - 2001 - Third Wish [CD' Russia Verve]
Original Release: 2001 GRP Records (USA) (September 11, 2001) [#314 549 850-2]
Audio CD Release: 2001 Verve (Russia) [#VERF-01112-2]
Total Playtime: 00:47:36
01. [04:41] Third Wish
02. [05:19] Tamba
03. [05:08] Mm-Mm Good
04. [05:54] Daddy-O
05. [04:07] Don't Mind if I Do
06. [05:23] Jelly on My Jacket
07. [03:54] It'll Come Back to You
08. [05:35] East Side
09. [04:18] Whenever the Rain Falls
10. [03:17] It's All Because of Loving You
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Joyce Cooling - Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
- Jay Wagner - Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Programming, Vocals, Whistle (Instrument)
- Gary Calvin - Bass
- Pete Escovedo - Percussion
- Al Jarreau - Guest Artist
- Billy Friday Johnson - Drums
- Helcio Milito - Guest Artist, Percussion
- Bill Ortiz - Trumpet
- Peter Welker - Flugelhorn, Guest Artist
- Emilio Conesa, David Denny, Raul Recinos - Technical Support
- Richard Corsello, Gary Mankin - Engineer
- Bud Harner - Executive Producer
- Rika Ichiki - Design
- Hollis King - Art Direction
- John Newcott - Release Coordinator
- Lisa Peardon - Photography
- Steve Sykes - Mixing
2001 -- Top Contemporary Jazz Albums -- 13
Review: by Mark Ruffin (Amazon.com)
One of the most refreshing guitar voices to come out of smooth jazz in the last five years, Joyce Cooling returns with her third album, her first for a major label. Cooling's instantly recognizable scat-guitar style is used prominently throughout: as a melody line on Brazilian-flavored "Tamba"; accompanying the bridge and second verse on the heavy groove "Jelly on My Jacket"; and to enhance her solo on the title track. Al Jarreau joins in on the wordless vocal fun with Cooling on the aptly titled "Mm-mm Good." The Grammy-winning singer is the only ringer on Third Wish. The guitarist and her partner, keyboardist-producer Jay Wagner, wisely continue to record with their working band, which adds to the cohesiveness of this upbeat 10-track effort. Guest trumpeter Bill Ovitz does give the lowdown and funky "East Side" a kind of Rick Braun-Jeff Golub collaborative vibe; otherwise, Third Wish shows the kind of originality and growth for Cooling and her band that is pretty rare in the derivative smooth-jazz world.
Joyce Cooling - 2004 - This Girl's Got to Play [CD' USA Narada Jazz]
Original Release: 2004 Narada Jazz (USA) [#72435-97225-2-8] (March 23, 2004)
Audio CD Release: 2004 Narada Jazz (Russia)
Total Playtime: 00:45:42
01. [04:07] Expression
02. [04:12] Take Me There
03. [04:04] Camelback
04. [05:39] No More Blues
05. [04:21] Green Impala
06. [04:33] The Girl's Got to Play
07. [03:25] Toast & Jam
08. [05:52] Natural Fact
09. [05:11] The Wizard
10. [04:18] Talk
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Joyce Cooling - Arranger, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Rhythm), Vocals (Lider, Background)
- Jay Wagner - Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Mixing, Organ, Producer, Programming, Rhythm Track, Sax (Soprano), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
- Nicholas Beard - Vocals
- Nicolas Bearde - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
- Nelson Braxton - Bass, Rhythm Track
- Gary Calvin, Jon Evans - Bass
- Pete Escovedo - Drum Loop, Engineer, Percussion, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background)
- Alan Hall, Billy Friday Johnson, Richard Aguon - Drums
- Bill Ortiz - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
- Victor Owens - Technical Support, Vocals (Background)
- Karl Perazzo - Percussion
- Reggie Reg - Sitar
- Annie Stocking - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
- Steve Sykes - Mixing
- David Denny - Technical Support
- Connie Gage - Design
- Brian "Big Bass" Gardner - Mastering
- Roger Graham - Digital Editing
- Sheryl Schindler - Photography
- Poppy Cannon Reese - Stylist
- Gary Mankin - Engineer, Mixing, Technical Support, Vocal Producer
- Ray Obiedo - Arranger, Engineer, Guest Artist, Guitar (Electric)
2004 -- Top Contemporary Jazz -- 5
Review: by Rick Anderson
If you're one of those who immediately starts retching when the phrase "smooth jazz" is uttered, you might as well move on right now; there's nothing about the new Joyce Cooling album that won't make you roll your eyes and lunge for the off button. But if you actually enjoy funky jazz with great hooks and propulsive beats and aren't bothered by a nice, glossy sheen, you'll find plenty to enjoy on the latest album by this very fine guitarist, composer, and singer. Her sound isn't especially original — you'll hear powerful overtones of Wes Montgomery in her solos and of Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton in her production style — but her writing is inventive and hooky and her playing is expert and stylish. The album's less-than-stellar moments (a rather generic bedroom number called "Take Me There" and the quirky, quasi-autobiographical title track) are still quite enjoyable, and there are plenty of top-notch numbers to counterbalance the less inspired moments. These include the slow and deeply funky "Natural Fact," a fine vocal number called "No More Blues," and the subtly Latin bump of "Wizard." Very nice.
Joyce Cooling - 2006 - Revolving Door [CD' USA Narada Jazz]
Original Release: 2006 Narada Jazz (USA) (September 12, 2006)
Audio CD Release: 2006 Narada Jazz (USA) [#09463-44541-2-4]
Total Playtime: 00:46:06
01. [05:45] Mildred's Attraction
02. [05:15] Cool of the Night
03. [05:47] Revolving Door
04. [06:18] At the Modern
05. [03:57] I'll Always Love You (Ode to the Audience)
06. [05:44] Come and Get It
07. [05:04] Little Sister
08. [01:39] In Case of Rain
09. [04:27] Jesse's Bench
10. [02:00] One Again
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
- Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Joyce Cooling
- Guitar [Additional Rhythm] – Ray Obiedo (tracks #2)
- Bass – Jamie Brewer (tracks #1,3,4)
- Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Jay Wagner (tracks #2)
- Saxophone [Tenor] – Vincent Lars (tracks #6)
- Trumpet – Bill Ortiz (tracks #1,4,6)
- Drums, Percussion – Celso Alberti (tracks #2)
- Drums – Billy Johnson (tracks #1,4,7,9)
- Drums – David Garibaldi (tracks #3,6,7)
- Percussion – Peter Michael Escovedo (tracks #1,2,4,9)
- Percussion – Celso Alberti (tracks #8)
- Compilation Producer, Arranged By, Composed By – Jay Wagner, Joyce Cooling
- Mastered By – Brian Gardener
- Mixed By – Chuck Butter
- Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, California.
2006 -- Top Contemporary Jazz -- 8
Review: by Sandy Shore
Ms. Cooling is nothing if not magical on her newest release REVOLVING DOOR, her 6th album. Along with her writing partner, Jay Wagner, Joyce has created many radio hits, and this new effort will not disappoint in that regard. The first single, the buoyant "Mildred's Attraction," is already getting airplay coast to coast (currently on the Smoothjazz.com Top 50 Chart). Other songs of note: "Cool of the Night," which offers a chilled vibe to this recording (currently in power rotation on SmoothLounge.com), the sophisticated and melodic, "Come and Get It," and the important sentiment of "Little Sister," one of three vocals on REVOLVING DOOR. Reaching out to women to consider the social ramifications of not living a conscious life: "We buy with zeal, a promising potion, all to heal the downward motion, I want to know, sister, who are we trying to please?" The San Francisco musician has developed a unique style of guitar playing that has endeared her to radio and festival audiences alike. I think her authentic demeanor is at the core of her appeal, and comes through in her writing and performance as it does in conversation and her enthusiasm for life and music. REVOLVING DOOR is one of my favorite releases of 2006 and an exceptional listen from start to finish.
Joyce Cooling - 2008 - It's Feeling Like Christmas [CDS' USA Group2] ::: CBR.160.FhG
Original Release: 2008 Group 2 Productions (November 5, 2008)
Audio CD Release: 2008 Group 2 Productions
Total Playtime: 00:03:16
01. [03:16] It's Feeling Like Christmas
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
Review: by joycecooling.com
"Destined To Become A Classic". 100% of the proceeds from the 2011 holiday season's downloads of "It's Feeling Like Christmas" went to my two favorite mental health organizations - NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and FHR (Fellowship Health Resources). Many thanks from all of us to all of you who purchased the song and donated to mental health. Thank you for spreading the holiday cheer!
Joyce and Jay have written a stunning holiday song called, "It's Feeling Like Christmas." This one is destined to become a Holiday Classic! Joyce's warm, engaging vocals over a gorgeous sound track really bring home the holidays.
Joyce Cooling - 2009 - Global Cooling [CD' USA Group2] ::: VBR.320.V0.Lame.3.93
Original Release: 2009 Group 2 Productions (USA) (March 15, 2009)
Audio CD Release: 2009 Group 2 Productions (USA) [#G2P GC-1001]
Total Playtime: 00:41:11
01. [04:12] Grass Roots
02. [03:38] Global Cooling
03. [04:15] Save This Dance for Me
04. [04:36] Cobra
05. [02:50] What are We Waiting For?
06. [04:21] Dolores in Pink
07. [03:05] We Can
08. [04:27] Rhythm Kitchen
09. [04:05] The Red Rose
10. [03:58] Chit Chat
11. [01:24] In the Streets
Cast | Credits | Awards | Review
2009 -- Grass Roots -- Smooth Jazz Songs -- 21
Review: Editorial Reviews
AVAILABLE APRIL 10, 2009 Joyce Cooling - soulful, funky, and always original - presents her seventh studio album, Global Cooling. Global Cooling features Cooling's signature, colorful, body-moving sound, blending funky contemporary jazz with flavors and vibes from around the world. "It's eclectic - you can dance to it, you can trance to it. It's up to you." Global Cooling is like taking a transcontinental flight, touching down in fun, exciting and beautiful places. "We were inspired to travel into uncharted territory, so we really stretched ourselves to get our passports in order! We played with a lot of new instruments and layered tablas, congas, bongos, sitar, berimbau and even accordion over funk, rock and jazz. It was a trip." Joyce Cooling and songwriting partner, Jay Wagner, have crafted a stunning collection of songs that embody places, feelings and thoughts. "Cobra" and "The Red Rose" paint sound-scapes of exotic lands. Other songs are born of ideas and concepts near and dear to Joyce. In particular, the title track, "Global Cooling," and "We Can" are driven by Cooling's optimism and love of things global and universal. "Jay and I wanted to make music in the spirit of that interconnectedness that I like to call our global neighborhood." Cooling, who is known for her eclectic and swinging style, is recognized as one of the most dynamic and popular contemporary jazz guitarists in the world. She invites her fans to join her on the fantastic Global Cooling trek. Global Cooling continues Cooling's advocacy and commitment to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Joyce will donate a portion of the proceeds from her CD sales to NAMI.
Биография from art-jazz.ru (рус.)
Joyce Cooling (Джойс Кулинг) — американская smooth jazz-гитаристка, вокалистка, композитор.
Родилась в музыкальной семье. Детство и юность провела в Нью-Йорке и Нью-Джерси. Благодаря своей матери, преподавателю музыки, освоила азы музыкальной грамоты. Музыкальный вкус Джойс формировался под влиянием классических произведений Брамса, Рахманинова, Бетховена, а также лучших образцов рок-культуры конца 1960-х — начала 1970-х годов: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa.
Во время учебы в школе Джойс открыла для себя все великолепие джаза, слушая пластинки таких признанных мастеров жанра, как Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock.
Joyce Cooling — гитарист-самоучка. Освоив фортепьяно, барабаны и перкуссию, Джойс переключилась на гитару, и, со временем разработала свою уникальную технику звукоизвлечения.
После окончания школы Джойс много путешествовала по стране. Перебравшись в Сан-Франциско в начале 1980-х годов, посещала мастер-классы, обучаясь игре на этнических барабанах Ганы (джембе, бугарабу, дагомба). В это время Joyce Cooling продолжала совершенствовать мастерство игры на гитаре, добавляя к своей музыкальной палитре полиритмические мотивы североафриканской музыки.
В середине 1980-х годов Joyce Cooling начала выступать в небольших клубах Нью-Йорка и Сан-Франциско. В 1988 году знакомство и последующее сотрудничество с клавишником и продюсером Jay Wagner, участником группы Viva Brasil, привело к появлению дебютного альбома гитаристки — Cameo, изданного на инди-лейбле. Альбом был благоприятно воспринят слушателями радиостанций Сан-Франциско и удостоился благоприятных отзывов критиков.
Joyce Cooling и Jay Wagner собрали собственный музыкальный коллектив в 1990 году и последующие шесть лет активно выступали и записывали новые треки. В 1996 году новый материал с рабочим названием Person2Person привлек внимание продюсеров лейбла Heads Up International, подписавших контракт с музыкантами на выпуск двух альбомов. Добавив к имеющемуся материалу 4 новых трека, осенью 1997 года Joyce Cooling выпустила альбом Playing It Cool.
Альбом, а также сингл South of Market покорили вершину хит-парадов New Adult Contemporary Radio & Records и Gavin Report chart, продержавшись на первой строчке на протяжении 5 недель. Синглы After Hours и Imagine That также отметились пребыванием в Top-10 радиочартов.
Вышедший в 1999 году альбом Keeping Cool повторил успех предыдущей работы. В Top-10 радиочартов отметились композиции Callie, Coasting и Before Dawn. Успех очередного альбома не прошел незамеченным: Joyce Cooling была удостоена награды Best Jazz Guitarist of the Year Gibson Guitar Award, а также номинирована на Oasis Award в категории Best Female Artist of the Year. Помимо этого исполнительница была удостоена звания Best New Talent по итогам опроса читателей Jazziz Magazine.
Вышедший в 2001 году альбом Third Wish принес очередной успех гитаристке, а композиции Mm-Mm Good (записанная при участии Al Jarreau) и Daddy-O стали радиохитами.
В 2002 году Joyce Cooling была удостоена номинаций на награды Smooth Jazz Awards в категориях Best Female Artist of the Year и Best Guitarist of the Year, а также California Music Awards в категории Best Jazz Artist.
В 2003 году Joyce Cooling начала сотрудничество с известным лейблом Narada Jazz, на котором изданы This Girl’s Got To Play (2004) и Revolving Door (2006).
Седьмой студийный альбом Global Cooling, вышедший в 2009 году, был признан альбомом года (Album of the Year) британской радиостанцией PhoenixFM.
Joyce Cooling активно гастролирует по Северной Америке, Японии, Южной Корее, Колумбии, Мексике, работает на студии с такими известными музыкантами, как Al Jarreau, Lee Ritenour, Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd и др.
Музыкальные темы в исполнении Joyce Cooling (впрочем, как и многих других contemporary jazz-музыкантов) часто используются в качестве сэмплов, джинглов или фоновой музыки на радио и телевидении. В эфире российской радиостанции Радио Джаз 89,1FM можно услышать джингл с фрагментом композиции Coasting.
Joyce Cooling занимается общественной и благотворительной деятельностью, активно сотрудничая с организацией National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). В 2009 году Joyce Cooling и Jay Wagner основали программу концертов и мероприятий Music for the Mind, осуществляющую дополнительную поддержку NAMI.
Biography by Ed Hogan from allmusic.com (eng.)
One of the Bay Area's premier guitarists and most popular performers for over a decade, Joyce Cooling's Playing It Cool is a dazzling showcase of her eclectic approach to music. Drawing upon a wide palette of influences ranging from acclaimed Brazilian guitarist/singer/songwriter Joao Bosco to outstanding Texas bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan, a typical Cooling performance usually combines jazz, pop, funk, and R&B with a smattering of worldbeat.
Playing It Cool, her Heads Up International debut album, produced and co-arranged with her longtime musical partner, keyboardist Jay Wagner became a favorite of smooth jazz world enthusiasts. The first radio single, "South of Market," soared to number one in the country on both the Gavin Report's and Radio & Records' smooth jazz charts holding the position for five consecutive weeks. Cooling was nominated for the Gavin Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year, named the Jazz Trax Debut Artist of the Year, and was voted Best New Artist in the smooth jazz category of a Jazziz Readers Poll. Playing It Cool, which is an enhanced CD has several standout tracks: the chugging "Carrie" that sounds similar to a Paul Hardcastle track; the snappy "Coasting"; "Aint Life Grand" with an acoustic bass tone that has rumbling stride similar to the bass line on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"; with solid blocked piano chords and bluesy, Wes Montgomery-like guitar lines, "Before Dawn" is in the same vein; and Cooling takes a turn at vocals on "Simple Kind of Love," which has a Michael Franks flavor.
Considering the great variety of music, her large family surrounded her back East in the New York City area, Cooling couldn't help but have such a wide love of different types of music. Her mother was a classical buff, one brother was a hard rocker, a cousin was into funk and pop. She dabbled in keyboards and percussion before settling on guitar. Her mind made up in part when she heard Wes Montgomery's solo on "If You Could See Me Now." A glance at Cooling's massive record collection would turn up everyone from Bill Evans to Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery to Joao Gilberto.
While music was a passionate part of Cooling's life, a career as a musician only took root after she moved to California and began hanging around outside an African drumming class taught by C.K. Ladzekpo, a renowned Ghanaian percussionist. She was entranced by the intricate polyrhythms, being an enthusiastic student, while she worked at every kind of part-time odd job in order to be able to be a musician. Her introduction to Jay Wagner, a keyboardist on San Francisco's Brazilian circuit, gave her the energy that her developing chops needed; before long, she was playing that circuit herself and working with Wagner on a full-time basis.
Becoming a top attraction on the festival circuit, Cooling appeared at the JVC Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival ,the Stanford University Jazz Festival (a tribute concert with Stan Getz), and cities throughout the world including the Phillippines, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Colombia, and with such jazz giants as Joe Henderson, Airto, and Charlie Byrd.
Cooling released her first independent album Cameo in 1989, receiving high critical praise and a huge amount of regional airplay, including spins on 94.7 the Wave in Los Angeles and Bay Area stations KKSF and KBLX.
Also included on Playing It Cool are Cooling's bandmates, bassist Gary Calvin and drummer Billy Johnson.
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