(Latin Jazz, Mainstream Jazz) Harvie S & Eye Contact - New Beginning (feat. Michael Brecker) - 2001, APE (image+.cue), lossless

(Latin Jazz, Mainstream Jazz) Harvie S & Eye Contact - New Beginning (feat. Michael Brecker) - 2001, APE (image+.cue), lossless
Harvie S & Eye Contact - New Beginning Жанр: Latin Jazz, Mainstream Jazz
Год выпуска диска: 2001
Производитель диска: USA
Аудио кодек: APE
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 60:52
01 - New Beginning
02 - En la Batalla
03 - Chump Change
04 - Luna Romantica
05 - African Heartbeat
06 - A bright moment
07 - From the ashes
08 - Tres mundos
09 - Mothership
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Harvie Swartz / New Beginning
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Рецензия на альбом для англопонимающих
On his recent work titled "New Beginning", New York based musician, bassist Harvie S and his band Eye Contact offer one of the best examples of modern Latin Jazz which is rising to prominence within mainstream Jazz in the new Millennium. Harvie is no stranger to Jazz circles having performed on hundreds of recording as a sideman and over two dozen recordings as a co-leader with a slew of notable Jazzmen--including: Michael Brecker, John Abercrombie, Kenny Barron, Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Art Farmer, David Samborn, Grover Washington Jr., and many others.
Talk about a multifaceted musician, Harvie's songwriting skills have been well documented, having written over sixty original composition which have been recorded by various artists, including a 14 year association with vocalist Sheila Jordan which have set a standard for bass and voice duos. Along with his performance endeavors, Harvie S has also carved an impressive career as a Jazz educator at the Manhattan School of Music since 1984, as well as conducting Jazz clinics worldwide.
Lately, Harvie has taken a keen interest in Latin rhythms thereby enhancing his musical arsenal. Along the way he has performed with Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers, Annette A. Aguilar & Stringbeans, Paquito D' Riviera, Bobby Ramirez and other local Latin Jazz bands in New York. Already, Harvie has released his debut Latin Jazz CD on the Bembe Records label titled "Havana Manana" which received excellent reviews. On his latest CD "New Beginning", bassist Harvie S takes another giant step forward in solidifying his place in modern times as a paramount musician.
This CD boosts a crew of musician which perform as part of his band Eye Contact--including guitarist Bruce Arnold, pianist Daniel Kelly, drummer Adam Weber, and percussionist Renato Thoms. Adding to this excellent lineup of top-notch musicians are special guests saxophonist Michael Brecker, Ray Vega on trumpet, guitarist Haru Takauchi, and violinist Gregor Huebner. Except for track 5, all compositions were written by Harvie S.
Right from the onset, Harvie S establishes his bold acoustic bass sound on the title track "New Beginning." The rhythm is a contemporary groove with opening solos by guitarist Arnold and nothing less than a monster solo by Brecker. Things get really heavy on the next track "En La Batalla" as the band starts to cook some sabroso Latin Jazz grooves with Harvie displaying enormous agility on his acoustic bass solo. Daniel Kelly also explodes with a great solo that swings. Next, the band switches gear and touch on swing rhythms on "Chump Change." There's a most interesting part to this tune where the drums maintains a Jazz swing beat while Harvie interposes a Latin tumbao groove on the bass. This sounds amazing and innovative especially when Renato adds an intense solo on the bongos; clearly one of the best tracks on the CD.
The next track "Luna Romantica" has a slow bolero feel and features some nice interaction and harmonies by violinist Gregor Huebner. Also worthy of mention is the great brush work by drummer Adam Weber--very tasty. Towards the end of the composition the beat turns into a cha cha guajira groove; then enters trumpeter Ray Vega with a fine trumpet solo.
"African Heartbeat" has a 6/8 Afro-Cuban Jazz beat featuring great counter-melodies carefully overlapping a towering bass groove, as well as another intense violin solo, and climaxing almost like a rock symphony of Afro-Cuban Jazz polyphonic rhythms. Pianist Daniel Kelly demonstrates some impressive Latin Jazz chops on "A Bright Moment" amidst an impeccable groove by Harvie and his rhythm section.
Brecker and Vega return to interact and trade solos on "From the Ashes." Percussionist Thoms adds some colorful nuances that highlights a slow guaguanco Afro-Cuban groove in "Tres Mundos." The session ends with a tune that has a hard Rock new age musical texture sounding more like a "Jimmy Hendrix Experience" meets Afro-Cuban rhythms, a nearly ten minute odyssey titled "Mothership."
This CD is undoubtedly on the cutting edge of Latin Jazz in today's music scene. Not only is Harvie S an amazing technician on the bass, performing with power, passion and poise, also demonstrating unparallel command of the Latin grooves; but, his compositions show extraordinary authenticity within the genre of contemporary Latin Jazz. All of the musicians, especially the rhythm section, are well versed on the intricacies of Latin rhythms and execute their parts with great passion, evenly and with precision.
Drummer Adam Weber sounds tight and in the pocket along with percussionist Renato Thoms. Pianist Daniel Kelly shows great character and depth adding some fantastic solos--definitely a talent to watch.
But clearly, the cornerstone of this CD is Harvie's fearless acoustic bass sound--always there and everywhere holding all of the pieces together, the catalyst that sets the wheels in motion, a massive unsinkable vessel navigating in deep uncharted water exploring the outer boundaries of Latin Jazz. From start to finish, this CD is a smooth and pleasant listening experience. As evident on this CD, Harvie S has a clear musical vision of the future direction of Latin Jazz. "New Beginning" with Harvie S & Eye Contact is well recommended--a must-have for music fans of Latin Jazz.
review by John Davis
Шикарный альбом яркого представителя современного латин-джаза, басиста и композитора Харви Шварца и его группы "В глаза смотри!". В записи первого и седьмого треков поучаствовал Майкл Брекер. А в четвёртом проникновенно трампетит Рэй Вега.Приятных впечатлений!
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