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(Free Jazz, Avant-Garde, Free Improvisation, Modern Jazz) Jason Robinson (Liberty Ellman, Drew Gress, George Schuller with Marty Ehrlich, Rudresh Mahanthappa) - The Two Faces of Janus {Cuneiform Rune 311, USA} - 2010, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless

(Free Jazz, Avant-Garde, Free Improvisation, Modern Jazz) Jason Robinson (Liberty Ellman, Drew Gress, George Schuller with Marty Ehrlich, Rudresh Mahanthappa) - The Two Faces of Janus {Cuneiform Rune 311, USA} - 2010, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless
Jason Robinson (Liberty Ellman, Drew Gress, George Schuller with Marty Ehrlich, Rudresh Mahanthappa) - The Two Faces of Janus
Жанр: Free Jazz, Avant-Garde, Free Improvisation, Modern Jazz
Страна-производитель диска: USA
Год издания: 2010
Издатель (лейбл): Cuneiform Records
Номер по каталогу: Rune 311
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 01:16:02
Источник (релизер): Собственный рип с оригинального фирменного диска (Darkman)
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
01. Return to Pacasmayo 10:22
02. The Two Faces of Janus 10:57
03. The Elders 6:14
04. Huaca de la Luna 3:50
05. Tides of Consciousness Fading 10:17
06. Cerberus Reigning 8:11
07. Persephone's Scream 9:25
08. Paper Tiger 3:40
09. Huaca del Sol 4:02
10. The Twelfth Labor 9:04
Recorded on December 11 and 12, 2009 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY.
Recording engineer: Michael Brorby
Mixed and mastered in March 2010 by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Sound, Burbank, CA.
Jason Robinson -– tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto flute
Liberty Ellman – guitar (all tracks except 4, 8 and 9)
Drew Gress – bass (all tracks except 4 and 9)
George Schuller – drums and percussion (all tracks except 4 and 9)
Marty Ehrlich – alto saxophone and bass clarinet (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9)
Rudresh Mahanthappa – alto saxophone (tracks 2, 5 and 7)
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Jason Robinson / The Two Faces of Janus
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5 | 31:23.61 | 10:17.14 | 141286 | 187574
6 | 41:41.00 | 8:10.58 | 187575 | 224382
7 | 49:51.58 | 9:24.56 | 224383 | 266738
8 | 59:16.39 | 3:39.56 | 266739 | 283219
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PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
TITLE "The Two Faces of Janus"
FILE "Jason Robinson - The Two Faces of Janus.flac" WAVE
TITLE "Return To Pacasmayo"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "The Two Faces of Janus"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 10:22:22
INDEX 01 10:22:37
TITLE "The Elders"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 21:17:22
INDEX 01 21:19:40
TITLE "Huaca de la Luna"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 27:31:72
INDEX 01 27:33:43
TITLE "Tides of Consciousness Fading"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 31:22:10
INDEX 01 31:23:61
TITLE "Cerberus Reigning"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 41:39:18
INDEX 01 41:41:00
TITLE "Persephone's Scream"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 49:50:50
INDEX 01 49:51:58
TITLE "Paper Tiger"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 59:15:36
INDEX 01 59:16:39
TITLE "Huaca del Sol"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 62:54:56
INDEX 01 62:56:20
TITLE "The Twelfth Labor"
PERFORMER "Jason Robinson"
INDEX 00 66:55:22
INDEX 01 66:57:73
All About Jazz
Jason Robinson: The Two Faces of Janus (2010)
By TROY COLLINS, Published: October 25, 2010
Currently serving as Assistant Professor of Music at Amherst College in Massachusetts, multi-reedist Jason Robinson originally obtained his Ph.D. in music from the University of California. A promising new arrival to the East Coast scene, Robinson's academic background imbues his episodic writing with an organically cohesive sensibility, while his years spent co-leading the longstanding bicoastal ensembles Cosmologic and the Cross Border Trio lend his focused improvisations a warm, economical lyricism.
The Two Faces of Janus, Robinson's Cuneiform Records debut as a leader, is an exceptional example of modern jazz that looks to the past and future for inspiration—lending credence to its symbolic title. Robinson calls upon the singular talents of some of New York's finest musicians to interpret his engaging compositions, employing a rotating roster of personnel that ranges from duo to sextet, including saxophonists Marty Ehrlich and Rudresh Mahanthappa, guitarist Liberty Ellman, bassist Drew Gress and drummer George Schuller—all renowned bandleaders in their own right.
Robinson seamlessly blends historical and stylistic precedents into a forward-thinking aesthetic built upon the unorthodox structural foundations of linear narrative development, polyphonic counterpoint and modulating rhythm cells. Such confluence can be heard in "Return to Pacasmayo," the chimerical hybrid of angular funk, swaggering blues and ebullient post-bop that opens the album. The sinuous be-bop-influenced lines of "Persephone's Scream" and the rich Ellingtonian voicings of "Tides of Consciousness Fading" invoke timeless jazz traditions, while Ellman's heavily amplified fretwork on the opener and the variable time signatures of "The Elders" push the proceedings headlong into the future.
Taking full advantage of the three-horn frontline, Robinson peppers the stirring title track with an intricate latticework of serpentine lines, framing a turbulent alto excursion from Mahanthappa with coiling sheets of sound. The cinematic "Tides of Consciousness Fading" follows a similar, albeit more introverted approach, as Ellman's reverb-laden guitar and echoing horns provide understated support for Ehrlich's mournful, show-stopping bass clarinet lament.
Balancing the session's heavily arranged set-pieces with a handful of small scale works, Robinson engages in a pair of intimate contrapuntal duets with Ehrlich that essay subtle nuances in timbre and technique ("Huaca de la Luna" and "Huaca del Sol"). The brief but swinging "Paper Tiger" alludes to a revered tradition, spotlighting Robinson's muscular tenor tone and pneumatic phrasing in a stripped-down trio setting.
Proving his mettle as a magnanimous leader, the vivacious "Cerberus Reigning" and the ambitious finale "The Twelfth Labor," focus on the core quartet, casting Robinson's probing ruminations and Ellman's nimble cadences against Gress and Schuller's dramatic rhythm changes and quicksilver tempo shifts—bringing to a close one of the year's most compelling modern jazz recordings.
"Tenor saxophonist Jason Robinson marries intellect to seat, brains to bawdiness, narrative to sidetrack, straight line to detour, familiarity to surprise–the dualities peppering this long, exciting disc go on. The tunes shift meter, texture and voice...the nine tracks here roil, burn and involve. Parsing each track would spawn an article far longer than a magazine can bear. To appreciate its ambition, daring and execution, listen to Robinson's ambitious, boundary-busting album. Then listen again. Modern, oracular and communal, it stretches the limits of improvisation." – JazzTimes
"The ensemble that Robinson assembled for the session is composed of several of modern jazz's most individualistic players...Robinson's compositions manage to draw a straight line through bop, Duke Ellington, Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy straight into the modern day with acute-angle swing, blues-bluster and memorable themes that seem to scratch at the back of the mind with familiarity without resorting to quotation or imitation....Robinson's pieces straddle the timeline in a way that sets each musician off on his own exploratory path." – Downbeat
The Two Faces of Janus - one face looking at the past, one face looking towards the future. Borrowed from Greek mythology, Janus is an apt metaphor for the latest release by accomplished reedist and composer Jason Robinson. Robinson first appeared on Cuneiform with the long-running collective ensemble Cosmologic. Now he steps forward with a solo album that features a stellar band, all of whom are distinguished figures in jazz and improvised music as well as all being top-drawer bandleaders in their own right.
The music is angular, expressive, emotional and virtuosic. Using Robinson's compositions as a base, all the players dig in and with their solos and ensemble interplay raise the stakes to make an outstanding contemporary work. The album seam­lessly moves from hard swinging grooves to beautiful ab­straction and features great work from all of these great players. Robinson’s playing and composing embodies the duality of the Janus metaphor; his music draws from the rich historical and modern traditions of jazz and he creates a decidedly modern and unique musical vision. The Two Faces of Janus also positions Robinson – originally from the West Coast – within New York’s most innovative community of creative and visionary jazz musicians. With the release of this modern classic, Robinson has arrived!
“…the saxophonist himself has a warm expressive tone, occasionally dipping into freer realms yet always staying true to the structure of his compositions.”– Signal to Noise
Customer Reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars - Contemporary jazz - December 12, 2012
By: O. Alessandro
Having loved the recent Tiresian Symmetry, this cd is a great start for Jason Robinson music. Henry Threadgill music is clearly close. Is a pleasure to listen to drummer George Schuller in such demanding contexts, with these great players.
5.0 out of 5 stars - Impressive...... and Enjoyable - March 10, 2011
By: David Conklin
Although it's still early in the year, I expect this will be one the best jazz releases of 2011 (it actually came out in late 2010). It could loosely be described as a blend of freebop and avant-garde. The Editorial Review above mentions "an emotional intensity that keeps things at the boiling point." I might temper this statement by mentioning that I don't consider this music to be in any way overbearing or overly intense--there's little in the way of `screeching cats' or the sort of intensity that turns many listeners away from the avant garde. Overall, the music is tasteful, harmonically complex, stimulating, cutting-edge, virtuosic, pleasing to the ear--and soul. The liner notes describe a melding of east and west coasts jazz styles/influences. The disc is a generous 76 minutes long, and all 10 tracks are strong--tracks 5 and 9 are two of the most compelling I've ever heard in this genre. Four tracks with the core group of Robinson (reeds), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Drew Gress (bass), and George Schuller (drums); and six others which include Marty Ehrlich and/or Rudresh Mahanthappa (reeds). Two of the latter are splendid Robinson/Ehrlich saxophone duets. I enjoy Ellman's guitar here at least as much as on the recent Henry Threadgill PI releases (don't miss those, either), and Gress has never sounded better to me. All original compositions by Jason Robinson (8 tracks) and Robinson/Ehrlich (2 tracks). If you're at all serious about your jazz, don't hesitate to pick this up.
5.0 out of 5 stars - Es difícil sacar un disco FRESCO hoy en día - February 10, 2011
By: Mondongo
JASON y su fantástica cohorte de músicos-amigos crean una obra personal y que logra ser novedosa, algo realmente complicado a estas alturas.
Las composiciones tiene un nivel medio excelente y las interpretaciones son magníficas.
Sería un placer escuchar a este grupo en directo.
Sin duda, una compra muy recomendable.
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