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(Female Vocal, Soul, Funk) [WEB] The Mighty Sceptres - All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! - 2015, FLAC (tracks), lossless


(Female Vocal, Soul, Funk) [WEB] The Mighty Sceptres - All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! - 2015, FLAC (tracks), lossless

(Female Vocal, Soul, Funk) [WEB] The Mighty Sceptres - All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! - 2015, FLAC (tracks), lossless
All Hail
Жанр: Female Vocal, Soul, Funk
Год издания: 2015
Издатель (лейбл): Ubiquity Recordings
Номер по каталогу: UR338
Страна исполнителя (группы): UK/USA
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 46:23
Источник (релизер): WEB спасибо deep000
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Siren Call
02. I Found the Letter
03. Shy as a Butterfly
04. Just Didn't Mean It
05. Jerk Chicken
06. Nothing Seems to Work Right
07. Sting Like a Bee
08. You're Nothing but a Pack of Cards
09. Gentle Refrain
10. Land of Green Ginger
11. Krazy Kat
12. That Ol' Feelin'
13. We Got a Problem
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FILE: 13 - We Got a Problem.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 5859ABD35357FC6E41A72008E852BCF7F5447C9B
FILE: 12 - That Ol' Feelin'.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 34CB3FA9403A020FB4D8165ED1DF7C7572965730
FILE: 11 - Krazy Kat (feat. Ian Dunlop).flac
Size: 21047621 Hash: 2761A5DD5F0388D309EF427FBBE0A52D Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 62AD403A567A3D1718993E06FB081616C8A88D90
FILE: 10 - Land of Green Ginger.flac
Size: 28909311 Hash: 1949734E767C246DE45E869CA5F078CD Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 4439C19D053B3C630C5602A766C4D8FB73E33C78
FILE: 09 - Gentle Refrain.flac
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Signature: AB860CC9D64D8A4D2D5844F0BEA22E865BB60182
FILE: 08 - You're Nothing but a Pack of Cards.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 7455BC0425902C6B3316B47FEF3EC28E8DED78D5
FILE: 07 - Sting Like a Bee.flac
Size: 18708900 Hash: DEF02FDAB9D4C19AB9F14D713B9A0F67 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 1490E71104B4EF1497094B49F06F49BAE4921344
FILE: 06 - Nothing Seems to Work Right.flac
Size: 30630478 Hash: 70CF9F08CF5EBE20DB19B48BB56EEEDF Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: B0924CE03DAB5118F720A672D83C9011F7F8794F
FILE: 05 - Jerk Chicken.flac
Size: 20290864 Hash: AB3FF3280BA86663EBE0C6FB5A1C2DC3 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 99%
Signature: EEC380DDE29A7DE63EEC711795B6DB6C693720F2
FILE: 04 - Just Didn't Mean It.flac
Size: 22740204 Hash: E4E55DA54D4802E3C2074BEB80247D66 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 99%
Signature: 4B24CC8BA0DCBE2BE39B01F159A8CB4D5CF2347A
FILE: 03 - Shy as a Butterfly.flac
Size: 23995867 Hash: D38BA28D07E124AD5DBB889397A5EA33 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: AC603175D7F040EB5D1FE58849931A122E157F5F
FILE: 02 - I Found the Letter.flac
Size: 21512795 Hash: A208027B738CD011A904B275B937C49D Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 7BDC7F4BA0649204E472336FE0678E3F19ADEC52
FILE: 01 - Siren Call.flac
Size: 26683633 Hash: 42DEFBD070BB13DCB33DC054AFC84244 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 4CD9FC36582226190BC226757620F452D7CDF1E2
Об альбоме
All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! boldly announces the arrival of the band and is also the rightful title of their debut album. Nick Radford and Angeline Morrison have crafted an extraordinary collection of songs showcasing their love of all things “Soul”, from funk, R&B, jazz, and doo-wop with just a bit of rock, all informed by the sound and attitude of the ‘60s.
Already accomplished artists in their own right and having been guests on each others records, the “magic” between Nick and Angeline is fully manifested in “The Mighty Sceptres” as Angeline describes it,“The collaborative element of 'All Hail The Mighty Sceptres' has been really inspiring. Nick and I have had the chance to focus together on writing and arranging, and though we've co-written many songs previously, this was a new level of freedom and responsibility for us.”
Getting the "right sound", from the writing through to the recording, engineering, production, mixing and mastering, is of paramount importance to the music of The Mighty Sceptres. By enlisting the help of Chris Pedley (The Baker Brothers) as a producer who in turn brought in Benedic Lamdin (Nostalgia 77) to help him with the final mix of the album, they were able to achieve just that. According to Nick “I think we were all on the same page as far as 'the sound' we were after was concerned, coming from a similar place musically. From the recording (where Kryzsystof Oktalski helped out with signal chains and mic’ing things up), mixing down to tape in the remarkably well equipped Fish Market studios (using the same MCI desk Willie Mitchell used at Hi Records, and an EMT140 plate reverb, among other equipment), through to the final mastering by the well respected Lewis Hopkin; I don’t think we have ever used so much authentic equipment, never mind worked with such talent, in the creation of an album!
Stand out tracks include the killer funk stomper "I Found The Letter" and the string-laden, R&B uptempo ballad "Shy As A Butterfly".
British retro-soul band the Mighty Sceptres deliver an eclectic range of old-school sounds on their debut album. Led by guitarist Nick Radford and vocalist Angeline Morrison (who previously collaborated in the groups Frootful and Angeline Morrison & the Ready Cats), the Mighty Sceptres make it their business to capture an authentic tone. They don't skimp on the details -- from using period instruments and classic-style arrangements to hiring vintage recording equipment to replicate the timeless rhythm & blues sounds of the '50s and soul grooves of the '60s -- and add a dash of Jamaican rhythms for flavor. The group's singles earned them a reputation on the U.K. soul underground, and All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! offers a full dose of their passionate take on R&B and soul, buffered by Morrison's rich, sensuous vocals. (Mark Deming, AllMusic)

Angeline Morrison - vocals, glockenspiel, percussion, composer
Nick Radford - guitar, harmonica, percussion, piano, vocals (background), composer
Pete Judd - tenor & baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute
Matt Truen - alto sax
Josh Daniel - trumpet
Scott Baylis - Fender Rhodes
Lukas Drinkwater - el. bass, double bass, vocals (background)
Chris Pedley - bass
Craig Waite - bass
Tony Hilton - double bass
Harry Harding - drums, percussion
Richard Baker - congas, percussion
Dan Baker - strings
Ian Dunlop - vocals (11)
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