(Female Vocal, Folk, World Fusion) [WEB] Julia Ulehla & Aram Bajakian - Dalava - 2014, FLAC (tracks), lossless

(Female Vocal, Folk, World Fusion) [WEB] Julia Ulehla & Aram Bajakian - Dalava - 2014, FLAC (tracks), lossless
Жанр: Female Vocal, Folk, World Fusion
Год издания: 2014
Издатель (лейбл): Sanasar Records
Страна исполнителя (группы): USA
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 36:50
Источник (релизер): WEB (спасибо CryingLot66)
Наличие сканов: front
1. Ach, bože muj
2. Ej, lásko, lásko
3. A ty moja najmilejší
4. Aj, Jurenko
5. Mamičky
6. Nech je pán lebo kraál
7. Hory hučá
8. Lítala
9. Milá má
10. Vyšla devcina
11. Hájíčku zeleny
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FILE: 11 - Hajicku Zeleny.flac
Size: 21216573 Hash: 4F08B55D1171045EAAF77401F9274F24 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 5235E912252653B752078A9B0D1F3365B2AD5ED7
FILE: 10 - Vysla Devcina.flac
Size: 15569282 Hash: D80EE98DF123B4F57289828BF1E0B62D Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 42F91EDC941B6FEFDED197753949CB395BB16557
FILE: 09 - Mila Ma.flac
Size: 10127079 Hash: DE3BA8227F28E330CDB3C1274B89DF0F Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 98%
Signature: D4A6249B5AB84695103BB3DCC51A30C96A9E314D
FILE: 08 - Litala.flac
Size: 19485345 Hash: B201914EDCA5967AC47F57E90A2537D5 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 3EB11B9C5C6C509B53D116F23BEA38AE4C9BDA8F
FILE: 07 - Hory Huca.flac
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FILE: 06 - Nech Je Pan Lebo Kraal.flac
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Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 555674F3B7326015F6F4142BF3D881E21560469D
FILE: 05 - Mamicky.flac
Size: 13691850 Hash: 00E002958EAE80418CC117EDB4040C0E Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 79623BA59777FA9216D3788A3AA561F276F3B818
FILE: 04 - Aj, Jurenko.flac
Size: 17828978 Hash: 884FC64CFDD4AF5C6A771801E5512AD0 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: FA6C0E63FC6C62EDBA757C11A3EA17B8BC4B7342
FILE: 03 - A Ty Moja Najmilejsi.flac
Size: 16287092 Hash: 374B37B4500F7C527DF52FA9177E6D66 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 4DB14AA22E5059518F21959A5C2CF0F106F04023
FILE: 02 - Ej, Lasko Lasko.flac
Size: 25198157 Hash: 6AEC438CC5AD21C1D3BD3AECF3354170 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: D9EBE955568F31080C1AE80E1C064D3E8521B0EB
FILE: 01 - Ach, Boze Muj.flac
Size: 18210526 Hash: F9FAEA56E586D19196E1C7D613D43F56 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 0275B521475649FD90ABB3DAC514926DDFC2B55F
Скриншоты спектра частот
Об альбоме
Aram Bajakian sets himself apart from other guitarists, but not merely by playing the guitar differently, but looking far and wide for sources from the musical styles he brings to life. Both Kef and there were flowers also in hell found revelation in the Armenian folk music, Texas blues, afro punk, and Downtown improvised music, just to name a few. Now, he’s mining the sounds from a small enclave nestled in the middle of Europe from over a century ago, and he found the perfect partner to bring this forgotten music back to life.
Some five weeks ago we took a sample of Bahamian’s and vocalist Julia Úlehla’s unique take on this folk music with an advance listen of the track “Ej, lásko, lásko,” and in a few days brings the release of the entire album of this material. Dálava (October 14, 2014, Sanasar Records) is the modern-day interpretation of traditional music that sprung up in a community within the historic area of Moravia.
Moravia makes up most of the eastern region of the Czech Republic, where the Carpathian Mountains taper off into the sedimentary basins of the Morava and the Dyje rivers, and the musically rich village of Strážnice is the source for the material for Dálava. Julia’s great-grandfather, biologist and ethnomusicologist Vladimir Úlehla, applied his scientific acumen to painstakingly transcribe this music prior to World War I, ensuring that it would not die out. Not just notes, lyrics and measures, mind you, but the full spirit of these songs. Úlehla justified his efforts when wrote at the time, “The measure count, the meter, the time duration for the delivery of individual notes or rhythm, and finally the emphasis and length of syllables—all of this combines into one integrated whole.”
So much of the discriminating nuances of the culture that went into this music have been preserved by Dr. Úlehla, which in itself makes this an intriguing project, but that’s not where the intrigue ends, because Bajakian and the younger Úlehla add idiosyncrasies of their own. That’s probably just as much out of necessity as it is by intent: intent; Julia’s great-grandfather may have transcribed the music but he didn’t record it, and so much more detail in music can be picked up by ear that notation can’t (imagine, for example, what Mostly Other People Do The Killing’s audio re-enactment of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue might have sounded if all they had to go on it was a score).
Joining Bajakian — who also plays glockenspiel — and Úlehla for this endeavor are Tom Swafford and Skye Steele (Anthony Braxton) on violins and Shanir Blumenkranz (John Zorn, Yo Yo Ma) on standup bass and gimbri. But don’t be fooled by this mostly baroque assemblage of instruments. A haunted background of the glockenspiel and wandering violins that are these days usually created by electronics effects simmer behind Úlehla’s accurate vocal sung in Czech on “Ach, bože muj,” and her nuanced inflections here and throughout makes her voice another instrument, making the fact that nearly all listeners won’t understand the lyrics a superfluous point.
Bajakian’s ingenuity extends into the way he prepares his guitar for some of the piece, as we already witnessed on “Ej, lásko, lásko,” and he sneaks in blues feeling within his brief solo for “A ty moja najmilejší.” His guitar feedback is the primary foil to Úlehla’s voice during “Nech je pán lebo král,” matching the melancholy air in her delivery. Punk-jazz enthusiasts will find much to like about Bajakian’s growling guitar pushing back against the tame waltz of “Hory hucá.” Also dig how he conforms surf rock to this Moravian music (“Vyšla devcina”).
The abrasive confluence of the violins, Bajakian’s distorted guitar competing with Blumenkranz’s taut bass line reconstructs the odd-measured “Mamicky” in a way the Moravians couldn’t have imagined, but the spirit of this tune couldn’t have existed with them, either. A 5/4 meter is applied to “Litala,” where Blumenkranz’s lute-like gimbri adds to the ghoulish sounds emanating from Bajakian and the roiling strings. They also recognize when not as much instrumentation is needed; only a violin accompanies Úlehla for “Milá má” and that’s just fine.
The idea of a jazz artist recasting the traditional music of central and eastern Europe isn’t a new one, but Aram Bajakian and Julia Úlehla have combined the richness of the old with the freshness and boldness of the new like no one else has done before. This is why Dálava cannot be dismissed as another exotic music genre exercise. (S. Victor Aaron, somethingelsereviews)

Julia Úlehla - vocals
Aram Bajakian - guitars, glockenspiel
Shanir Blumenkranz - bass, gimbri
Tom Swafford - violin
Skye Steele - violin
Спектры, конечно, не внушают... но уж больно альбом примечательный! Весьма своеобразные интерпретации чешско-моравских народных песен, исполняют муж и жена (в компании еще трех музыкантов) гитарист Арам Баджакян - звезда нью-йоркской даунтаун-сцены, один из птенцов "гнезда Zorn'ова" (помимо самого Зорна работал также с Diana Krall, Marc Ribot, Lou Reed и мн.др.) и вокалистка Юлия Улехла - начинала как оперная певица, затем стала членом экспериментального итальянского театра The Workcenter, кроме того она является правнучкой Владимира Улехлы - известного ученого из Брно (собирателя моравского музыкального фольклора, в числе прочего), что во многом и послужило отправной точкой при создании этого альбома.
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