(Ethnic Jazz, Latin Jazz) Jan Johansson - Jan Johansson In Hamburg - 2011, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless

(Ethnic Jazz, Latin Jazz) Jan Johansson - Jan Johansson In Hamburg - 2011, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless
Jan Johansson / Jan Johansson In Hamburg
Жанр: Ethnic Jazz, piano, swedish
Страна-производитель диска: Germany
Год издания диска: 2011
Издатель (лейбл): ACT
Номер по каталогу: 9510-2
Страна: Sweden
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:52:40
Источник (релизер): сеть, спасибо moose
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи:web pictures
1.Visa från Utanmyra 3:12
2. Nature Boy 4:44
3. Emigrantvisa 3:49
4. Gånglek från Älvdalen 1:56
5. Sommar adjö 3:53
6. Polka från Jämtland 2:19
7. Visa från Rättvik 3:35
8. Yesterdays 6:59
9. Fem 3:40
10. Dimma i dag 4:15
11. Vals från Delsbo 4:00
12. 3,2,1 - go! 5:47
13. Här kommer Pippi Långstrump 4:31
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Jan Johansson / Jan Johansson in Hamburg
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5 | 13:42.36 | 3:53.34 | 61686 | 79194
6 | 17:35.70 | 2:19.55 | 79195 | 89674
7 | 19:55.50 | 3:35.44 | 89675 | 105843
8 | 23:31.19 | 6:59.03 | 105844 | 137271
9 | 30:30.22 | 3:40.23 | 137272 | 153794
10 | 34:10.45 | 4:15.49 | 153795 | 172968
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13 | 48:14.23 | 4:30.68 | 217073 | 237390
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Track 4 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [D29B971B] (AR v2)
Track 5 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [7B220CCE] (AR v2)
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Track 7 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [0E4D25B4] (AR v2)
Track 8 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [FE9D2F65] (AR v2)
Track 9 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [DF304607] (AR v2)
Track 10 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [0DE39D60] (AR v2)
Track 11 accurately ripped (confidence 2) [E6C76FFC] (AR v2)
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Содержание индексной карты (.CUE)
REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v1.0b3"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
TITLE "Jan Johansson in Hamburg"
FILE "Jan Johansson - Jan Johansson in Hamburg.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Visa frеn Utanmyra"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101500
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Nature Boy"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101501
INDEX 01 03:12:29
TITLE "Emigrantvisa"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101502
INDEX 01 07:56:43
TITLE "Gеnglek frеn Дlvdalen"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101503
INDEX 01 11:45:63
TITLE "Sommar adjц"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101504
INDEX 01 13:42:36
TITLE "Polska frеn Jдmtland"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101505
INDEX 01 17:35:70
TITLE "Visa frеn Rдttvik"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101506
INDEX 01 19:55:50
TITLE "Yesterdays"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101507
INDEX 01 23:31:19
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101508
INDEX 01 30:30:22
TITLE "Dimma idag"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101509
INDEX 01 34:10:45
TITLE "Vals frеn Delsbo"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101510
INDEX 01 38:26:19
TITLE "3 2 1 go!"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101511
INDEX 01 42:26:45
TITLE "Hдr kommer Pippi Lеngstrump"
PERFORMER "Jan Johansson"
ISRC DEA891101512
INDEX 01 48:14:23
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Доп. информация
: Recorded from 1965 - 1968, except #13 from 1973
Об исполнителе (группе)
Jan Johansson (16 September 1931 – 9 November 1968) was a Swedish jazz pianist. He is little known outside Scandinavia, and his records are not widely available, though Jazz på svenska (Jazz in Swedish) has sold more than a quarter of a million copies, and is the best selling jazz release ever in Sweden.
Johansson was a native of Söderhamn, in the Hälsingland province of Sweden. Studying classical piano as a child, he would also go on to master the guitar, organ and accordion, before turning on to swing and bebop as a teenager. He met saxophonist Stan Getz while at university. He abandoned his studies to play jazz full time, and worked with many American jazz musicians, becoming the first European to be invited to join the Jazz at the Philharmonic package.
The years 1961 to 1968 produced a string of classic albums, which would help define his style of re-imagining traditional European folk tunes via jazz and the avant garde. These included Jazz på svenska and Jazz på ryska (Jazz in Russian) which are both available in an expanded form on CD. Jazz på ungerska (Jazz in Hungarian) together with Danish Jazz violinist Svend Asmussen is the third album in that series. Jazz in Swedish comprises variations on sixteen Swedish folk songs with Georg Riedel playing acoustic bass. During this period, Johansson also made several recordings with Radiojazzgruppen.
The Grammy award winning albums Musik genom fyra sekler (Music from the past four centuries) builds on traditional Swedish melodies, but this time uses larger groups of musicians. There were also 300.000 and two trio sets, 8 Bitar and Innertrio, which have been reissued as a single CD.
With his career including film & TV music, Johansson is also best known as the composer of "Here Comes Pippi Longstocking" ("Här kommer Pippi Långstrump"), the theme song of the famous Swedish TV series, Pippi Longstocking. With lyrics by character/series creator Astrid Lindgren and sung by the series' young star Inger Nilsson, it would also be one of Johansson's last works.[1]
In November 1968 Jan Johansson died in a car crash on his way to a concert in a church in Jönköping, Sweden. His sons, Anders Johansson and Jens Johansson, run Heptagon Records which keeps their father's recordings available. American hip hop group, Non Phixion, sampled "Bandura" for their song, "Skum."
Об альбоме (сборнике)
The small number of posthumous releases in the 42 years since the death of Swedish jazz pianist/composer Jan Johansson at the age of 37 remains something of a mystery. Johansson—who pianist Esbjorn Svensson described as being "a very, very big influence"—has also been an inspiration for pianists Bobo Stenson, Tord Gustavsen, Andreas Ulvo and Jan Lungdren, and Swedish jazz-electronic duo, Koop. Composers/arrangers Bob Brookmeyer and Gil Evans were also admirers of Johansson, as was saxophonist Stan Getz, who hired Johansson to tour in the late 1950s, captured for posterity on Stan Getz at Large (Verve, 1960).
Yet, despite Johansson's enduring importance, few posthumous recordings have seen the light of day. 300,00 (Megafon, 1971)—Johansson's final recordings—and Spelar music på sitt eget (Megafon, 1973) were practically all that came out of Johansson's 1960s heyday. And apart from a couple of compilations of early recordings, with saxophonist Arne Domnerus on Younger than Springtime 1959-1961 (Megafon, 1973) and with bassist Gunnar Johnson on Gunnar Johnson Quintet 1957-1959 (Dragon Records, 1999), there was precious little for Johansson fans to cheer about until Live in Tallinn—released on LP in 1978—made it onto CD 16 years later on Heptagon. That recording, dug up from Estonian radio archives, documented Johansson with long-time associates, bassist Georg Riedel and guitarist Rune Gustaffson, in fine form at the Tallinn Jazz Festival in 1966. So, previously unreleased performance material surfacing in 2011 is something to celebrate.
The recordings—featuring Johansson's closest musical collaborator, bassist Riedel—document Johansson's forays in Hamburg, Germany at the invitation of the NDR between January 1964 and June 1968. Several cuts from 1965 feature Johansson and Riedel as a duo, interpreting music from Jazz på Svenska (Megafon, 1964), the groundbreaking reworking of Swedish folk songs. This is the Johansson best known to several generations of Swedes and a recording which has sold 400,000 copies. Four selections feature Johansson at the heart of the NDR studio band, while four intriguing recordings show Johansson at his best---with some of Sweden's finest jazz musicians—in special NDR "workshops." A bonus track, "Här kommer Pippi Långstrump"—an unfinished demo at the time of Johansson's death—was recorded by Riedel, Domnerus and Gustaffson in 1973.
It's a treat to hear "live" performances of the quartet of Swedish folk songs. Johansson and Riedel—whose counterpoint is a delight—remain faithful to the core melodies of "Visa från Utanmyra," "Emigrantvsia," "Gånglek från Älvdalen" and "Polska från Jåmtland," though the real interest lies in the very personal articulation of Johansson's solos, full of intriguing rubato, flowing Arabesque runs and blue sonorities. Blues pianist Champion Jack Dupree was another fan of Johansson's playing, unsurprising given that the blues touched practically everything Johansson played. Another track from Jazz på Svenska, "Visa från Rättvik," sees Johansson lead a ten-piece ensemble of his Swedish contemporaries. Reeds and woodwind color a compelling arrangement. The clatter of a music stand falling during the piano and bass intro attests to the in-the-moment nature of these NDR workshop recordings.
Two NDR workshop performances are in front of a live audience; Johansson and Riedel's imaginative arrangement of the Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach standard "Yesterdays" sees contrasting moods created by a bass and woodwind intro and a lovely combination of reeds and brass. Johansson lifts the piece with a mazy solo—accompanied by drummer Egil Johansen on brushes—and guitarist Gustaffson impresses with a tasteful solo. The cream of Sweden's jazz show its collective chops on Johansson's bebop-inspired "3,2,1—go!" Trombonist Eje Thelin takes a fine solo, as does Johansson, whose blistering pace reveals the influence of pianist Art Tatum. "Vals från Delsbo"—for a 13-piece ensemble—is a Gil Evans-influenced arrangement of another Swedish folk tune. Johansson's bluesy solo—all right hand—develops over an atmospheric reed drone.
Jan Johansson / piano
Georg Riedel / bass
Rune Gustafsson / guitar
NDR-Studioband - NDR Jazzworkshops
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