2023 Anthony Wilson - Collodion {Colorfield} [WEB]

2023 Anthony Wilson - Collodion {Colorfield} [WEB]
Дата издания диска:
11 августа 2003
Издатель (лейбл):
Тип рипа:
FLAC (*.flac)
Битрейт аудио:
Наличие сканов:
только обложка

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01. Star Maiden  01:02
02. Planetary Glide  04:10
03. Keeping  03:37
04. Arrival at Kanazawa  03:36
05. Divine One  00:55
06. Far Growing Nearer  05:04
07. Dream Oracle  04:10
08. Heart Whispering  03:22
09. The Daughters of Night  04:08
10. Collodion  03:09
11. Muse of Joy  01:00


Produced, engineered, and mixed by Pete Min
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
All songs by Anthony Wilson © Goat Hill Music BMI
Songs published by Goat Hill Music BMI / Carpet Frog Music ASCAP

Photographs by Ron Jude
Design and layout by Miles Wintner

Anthony Wilson: all guitars, all keyboards*, bass guitar, Autoharp (1, 11),
drums (2, 6, 8), Morfbeats (3), kalimba (8), Octobans (7, 2)
Mark Guiliana: drums and percussion (4, 9)
Anna Butterss: double bass (7, 9)
Daniel Rotem: tenor saxophone (1, 4, 7)
Julien Knowles: trumpet (4, 11)
Jonah Levine: trombone (4)

Strings on “Collodion” (10) arranged and performed by Rob Moose

*Keyboards used on this album: grand piano (A3, A6, B4), upright piano (A6), Tom Thumb piano (B1), pump organ (A5, A6), Wurlitzer electric piano (A1, B5), Moog modular synthesizer (A6, B1, B2, B3), Moog Mini Moog (B4), Moog Memory Moog (A4, B2, B3), Omnichord (B1), Yamaha CS60 (A2, B1,B2), Roland Jupiter 8 (B1), Roland Juno 60 (A4, B3), Soma Pulsar 23 (A2, A6), Arp 2600 (A2, A6), Linn Drum (B2), EMS Putney (A5), PPG Wave 2.3 (A5, A6, B4), Buchla Easel (A4)

Deep gratitude to Pete Min, Todd Dahlhoff, the Colorfield Records team, and my dear friends who contributed their incredible artistry and art to this album.

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