2022 Samuel Mösching - Ethereal Kinks {Samuel Mösching} [WEB]

2022 Samuel Mösching - Ethereal Kinks {Samuel Mösching} [WEB]
Дата издания диска:
18 февраля 2022
Тип рипа:
FLAC (*.flac)
Битрейт аудио:
Наличие сканов:
только обложка


01. No Dancing feat. Renda "Victoria" Jackson  02:59
02. Beauty and the Beast Roleplay  03:32
03. Disconnect  05:26
04. Mental Illness  04:09
05. Modesta feat. Juan Pastor  04:05
06. Strict Dancer  01:26
07. Winnemac feat. Jeremiah Hunt, Reuben Gingrich  03:14
08. Indigenous  04:27
09. Melanie  02:05
10. Better Than Me  02:01
11. The Belief in Magic  03:41

  • Guitars, basses, drums and synths played by Samuel Mösching exept on
  • No Dancing — bass by Victoria 'Renda' Jackson
  • Modesta — drums by Juan Pastor
  • Winnemac — bass by Jeremiah Hunt, drums by Reuben Gingrich

Compositions, mixing and mastering by Samuel Mösching.

Special Thanks to:
Monica for the inspiriation for several compositions on the album
Melanie, Hans-Ruedi (Indigenous)
Dominik, Karin, Ramiro, Aadam, Connie, Stephanie
Wesley Morgan for the help with the mix
Caroline Davis for the musical idea that led to Disconnect
Paul Hindemith (Channel for Better Than Me)
Renda, Juan, Jeremiah and Reuben
Peter Manheim and Mike Harmon for helping me arrange Modesta
Daniel Wirz, Jonas Tauber, Gustavo Cortiñas, Ken Lelugas for the guitar
Kenny and Bucky for being around while I recorded this music.

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